Test Roidmi Eva : un aspirateur-robot efficace, mais peu minutieux

Test Roidmi Eva : un aspirateur-robot efficace, mais peu minutieux

convenience of use

The Eva makes us think of a small futuristic tank. Made of black and white plastic, topped off with an imposing bumper, this mech is ready to fight some dust. And for this, a laser rangefinder installed on its hood allows it to move in its environment and detect obstacles in its path. This turret, on the other hand, makes it reach 10.6 cm in height, which can be difficult to get under certain furniture, unlike the 7.7 cm of the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro.

Under its hood hides a dust collector with a capacity of 300 ml, to which a HEPA filter is hung. For comparison, it’s half that of the Dreame L10 Pro, which tops out at 600ml. Therefore, the robot vacuum cleaner is forced to multiply the comings and goings to empty this collector into the dust bag located on the base. These back and forth movements are also necessary to moisten the Eva’s mops, since the robot does not carry any water tank. Along with the dust bag, the station has two buckets of 4 l each: one filled with clean water and another that is responsible for recovering dirty water after cleaning.

To collect waste, a large brush is placed on the Roidmi’s belly. Made with rubber and nylon bristles, it’s effective on all surfaces, but we’ll come back to this when we look at our suction test results. A small side brush is also installed on the side of the device and is responsible for carrying the dust towards the central brush.

Two mops can be installed under the robot vacuum cleaner. The Chinese manufacturer informs us that they make 180 revolutions per minute and exert a pressure of 12 N on the ground. They are attached to the device with two magnets and are separated from the support to go to the machine. The user therefore does not have to wash them by hand, unlike the pads of the Dreame W10, for example.

Finally, three buttons sit on top of the robot to start a full or targeted clean, or even ask it to return to the station. Others stand on the latter and order the Roidmi Eva to empty her collector, moisten her mops, return to her base, or launch a cleaning. The station also houses a screen that alerts the user in the event of a maintenance problem. The icons appear in particular when the dust bag is full, as is the waste water tank, or when the battery is low and there is a shortage of clean water. But the robot vacuum cleaner offers much more options when the user goes through the Roidmi mobile application.

Connectivity and application

The robot pairing procedure is very simple. You need to select the device from the list of offered products, then connect the vacuum cleaner to wifi. The Eva then appears on the home screen and we immediately have access to its battery level and a summary of the cleaning session in progress. The manufacturer offers four suction powers, as well as different cleaning modes: wash and vacuum, wash only or vacuum only. Namely, that when the mops are installed, the robot cannot help but wash the floor. In fact, he can’t lift his two skates and will therefore have to go around the mats.

As with most robot vacuum cleaners, the user can define the area to be vacuumed. Select one or more rooms of the house, draw a specific area or restrict the space to be cleaned. An option called Point is also available, redundant and unhelpful admittedly, which automatically draws an area of ​​1.6 x 1.6 m.

There are several options available when you click Next, such as routines, multi-stage, or device component status. The app then alerts the user when the sensors need to be cleaned or the filter changed.

From left to right: the parameters available by clicking Next, the multi-stage option, and the health status of the robot components.

From left to right: the parameters available by clicking Next, the multi-stage option, and the health status of the robot components.

For our test, we installed the Roidmi app, but you should know that the user has the choice between it and Xiaomi Home. The latter is preferable for people with other connected objects in the Xiaomi ecosystem, because it allows you not to multiply the apps on your mobile. Above all, the Xiaomi app is much more comfortable than the second: the menus are more intuitive, as are the main controls. In fact, the Roidmi app deserves some improvements to make it easier to find the options and functions of the robot.

Editor rating: 4 out of 5


As mentioned above, the docking station empties the robot’s dust collector, even if it is possible to disable this option through the app. Therefore, the user does not have to worry about this step; he simply has to change the dust bag once it is full.

This configuration is all the more convenient as the collector is not very easy to remove and the debris contained inside sometimes falls into the robot. Note that debris can also be strewn around the docking station, on the way back from the Eva. To correct this defect, Roidmi allows you to unhook the inner tray of the station to clean it with water and prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

This gray tray can be detached for easy washing.

This gray tray can be detached for easy washing.

Finally, we wanted to test the filtration performance of the robot vacuum cleaner. Remember that it is equipped with a HEPA filter located in the dust collector. To do this, we spread 20 g of cocoa on the ground and ask the device to swallow them. Having completed his task, he naturally returns to his base to empty his dust container. Then we weigh the filter again and what a surprise to discover that there is no more cocoa residue. Although Roidmi’s filtration performance is excellent, it does not exempt the user from having to clean the filter with clean water when it is too clogged.

Editor rating: 4 out of 5

Navigation system

From the first cleaning sessions we noticed that the Eva returned to its base very easily. Each time, she starts by going around the room, then covers the rest of the surface in zigzags. Her movements are fluid and her trajectory without hesitation.

To better understand your navigation system, we sprinkled mounds of sawdust in several strategic places: under the radiator, in the corner of the room, next to the trash can, under the table, under a curtain, and even in the middle of the room. laboratory environment. The Eva begins her career and we let it operate alone in our laboratory. After a few minutes we return and unfortunately find that most of the stacks are still there.

In fact, the robot considers the curtains as walls and therefore does not bother to push them, even slightly, to vacuum behind them. Despite its side brush, we also found a lot of sawdust in the corner of the room and under a piece of furniture; a place that didn’t seem particularly difficult to clean. Finally, the stripes are evident around the base and even in the middle of the room…

Now we observe the behavior of the Eva in the face of certain obstacles. Roidmi notably claims that her robot is capable of overcoming 20mm to 15mm obstacles when equipped with mops. We confirm the Chinese manufacturer’s statements as the vacuum cleaner easily passes over chair bars, as well as over large cables. However, she decides to swallow the finer ones, at the risk of blocking her brush.


  • Very complete docking station.

  • Decent suction performance.

  • Good resistance.

Weak points

  • Medium surface coverage.

  • Low washing performance.


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Editor rating: 4 out of 5

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With its Eva, Roidmi promises an almost autonomous robot vacuum cleaner. In fact, the device vacuums and washes the floor, while her station takes care of emptying her dust collector, moistening her two mops and washing them after the cleaning session. Equipped with a laser rangefinder, the Eva navigates methodically. On the other hand, it has a hard time sucking in corners and under certain furniture, and its pads are not very effective.

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