Découvrez cette astuce ultra simple pour reconnaître une voiture à radar mobile à coup sûr !


Surely you know that feeling of frustration when you receive a ticket forspeeding. Mobile radar cars are more and more numerous on French motorways. In this article we give you the clues that will allow you recognize with certainty these unmarked cars.

What is an embedded mobile radar?

For several years, the government has installed speed cameras on highways to control Traffic on the road. Its purpose is to penalize motorists for speeding.

Since 2013, a new type of radar appeared on the roads. Is about’on-board mobile radar. As its name suggests, this radar can be placed on board a vehicle and discreetly monitors traffic.

This radar is on unmarked cars. Unlike fixed speed cameras, this speed camera can measure the speed of another car while it is traveling on the roads. The cars have an infrared camera that allows discreetly display a car speeding.

How does a mobile speed camera work?

Before 2017, they are law enforcement. in uniform who drove these cars on our roads. Now, private companies can also use these cars without identification in order to monitor excesses. This privatization aims release the police so they can focus on something else.

As we have just explained, these radars are on the edge of a car without identification. At the wheel, there will be police or private agents. these cars move discreetly on the roads to check compliance with speed limits. That is the built-in camera on the vehicle that captures the car number so that the car can be fined.

The clues to recognize them?

Those of us with heavy feet would still like to see these cars de-identified. Needless to say, it won’t be that obvious. Vehicles that have these radars still have some special features. Although they are not easy to detect, there are some clues allowing them to be recognized with certainty.

The first thing to consider is a big black box found on the dashboard of some cars. In fact, it is in this box that the camera and the infrared are located, allowing the other passing cars to flash.

In the rear window, there is also a small box that allows verbalize cars in reverse. However, their relatively small size makes them difficult to notice. Another clue also allows them to be recognized.

In fact, the models of these cars without brands are beginning to be known. Usuallythese cars are Citroën Berlingo, Dacia Sandero, Ford Focus or Peugeot (208, 308 and 508).

On-board radar penalties

Vehicles captured by mobile radars incur the same penalties than those with fixed radar flashes. Violators will receive a letter with the fine they must pay.

In the city, driving at less than 20 km/h is still penalized with 135 euros. The fine will be reduced to 68 euros if the driver circulates outside the city with a withdrawal of one point. When the excess is between 20 km and 30 km, the fine is also 135 euros. However, the driver lose 2 points.

Between km 30 and km 40 he loses three points with a fine of 135 euros. For excesses between 40 km and 50 km, the penalty is always 135 euros, but here lose 4 points. Once the driver exceeds 50 km, he will be fined 1,500 euros with six points lost.

It is observed that withdrawal of points It is one of the most feared penalties by motorists. If we lose a point, we recover it after six months if we keep up. When you no longer have points, you will have to get your driving license again. The only way to avoid these problems is lift your foot.

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