Après Ghost of Tsushima, ce nouveau jeu se déroulant à l’époque du Japon féodal est à surveiller de très près

Après Ghost of Tsushima, ce nouveau jeu se déroulant à l'époque du Japon féodal est à surveiller de très près

At the beginning of the month, we presented this new video game. The Wizardannounced by the famous Polish studio CD Projekt Red, which however should not please everyone. And recently, it seems that a new game is also in the sights of quite a few gamers, following the announcement of a new study very promising.

an inspiring project

Years ago the era of feudal Japan serves as an inspiration for the development of video games. Early fans of the genre will surely remember Tenchua series of stealth games with ninjas, or even nioh (2017), where players took on the role of William Adams, considered to be the first samurai of Western descent. And lately there have also been Ghost of Tsushimathe latest license from the famous developer Sucker Punch Productions.

However, a website recently put online tells us that a new project is in development and that it will be based on the theme of feudal Japan. If we still don’t know the name of this next game, however, we do know the name of the studio in charge: Dark Passenger.. If the name doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s completely normal, since this independent study has just been created. Founded by former CD Projekt Red employeeswho worked in the witcher 3 as much as cyberpunk 2077the Polish studio arrives with a very ambitious first project.

Dark Passenger thus promises us a multiplayer game, emphasizing cooperation within the same team, but also in the competitive aspect. Also, it would seem that this next game stands out a one-of-a-kind “locomotion system” :

Our movement system will allow players to perform incredible feats, such as running over arrows fired by other players, rapidly climbing vertical surfaces using shuko claws, or using a yari spear as a pole to jump over obstacles.

Furthermore, the game should also allow for an extremely high degree of customization., both for the characters that the players will embody, and for their weapons and armor. More importantly, in the interest of constantly renewing the games, each will ask players to review their approaches, thanks to advanced procedural solutions.

If few details have been communicated at the moment, it seems that the developers are aiming for a simultaneous launch on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X & S. But wait, here is the description of the game which can be found on the Dark Passenger website.

A dark time is coming for the Land of the Rising Sun as nameless conquerors overthrow the titular Shogun and take the throne. All those who dared to oppose him not only failed, but also joined his ranks, against his will. As the usurper’s army grows stronger, his actions are carefully watched by the cunning lords of the shadow world. To learn the origin and motivations of the aggressor, the secret houses of the assassins send their warriors in search of the artifacts that belong to them and that hide extraordinary power.

Assuming the role of shinobi and kunoichi, players will have to face the usurper’s henchmen, but also other shinobi searching for the same treasures. As they traverse these dark lands, players will be able to jump over rooftops, hide under hut floors, scale pagodas, and sneak into shrines or temples. The verticality of the terrain will provide unlimited possibilities for movement and the dynamic weather will surprise players, with sudden rain showers, strong dusty winds or dense fog.

Players will encounter many social classes, from simple villagers and beggars to nobles and high-ranking samurai. However, their goal is to remain invisible and always be vigilant against threats, which can come from all sides.

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