Pokémon : voici les meilleurs starters de chaque génération (partie 1)

Pokémon : voici les meilleurs starters de chaque génération (partie 1)

Pokemon is possibly the License that has accompanied the largest number of players in the world with Maria. she was successful in federative a whole public of fans wishing to do battle in heated debates about which is the best pokemon. These are always ranked by preference, attachment, flavor, type, and of course potency. And in almost every case, the “starters” hold a special place in our hearts. This is normal, since they are the ones who are our first meeting or our first companion during the adventure. But today we are here to put them in competition and present among the 24 companions of each generation which are the best for each region. Of course, it is often difficult to classify them. Here, we’ll prefer to focus on individual power for 6v6 Smogon-type fights, as well as adventure progression.including mega evolutions that have a chance to go back to 9G, if they exist at all.


The first generation is the one that destroys the fans the most, since it is present literally everywhere. The fight is tough between Charizard and Venusaur, as Tortank has trouble keeping up with the competition, mega evolution or not. Venusaur is undoubtedly the best Pokémon to start the adventure and roll in the first arenas, as well as being a defensive monster. In combat, without considering mega evolution, obviously it is the type of plant that wins. But with the Mega, the game changes and Charizard, with his two forms, becomes more powerful and difficult to face, forcing the opponent to wonder which version they will be facing. As usually happens in the Pokémon that we will present to you here, the versatility of a Pokémon will be what makes it strong. The more different options you have, the better it is. Other, you had better excel in your field to be considered really good.


The choice in second generation is much faster since the type of plant, Meganium is consistently cited as one of the worst Pokémon in any game. It’s slow, doesn’t learn any heavy attacks, and basically doesn’t do anything once on the field. Typhlosion isn’t particularly better (we do not take into account the Hisui form) and above all he has much less offensive options than Aligatueur, certainly slower but much more annoying. thanks to his No Limit talent, increasing the power of attacks with a secondary effect. And there are many of them, with for example Aqua-Breche, Fist-Ice and Chew! By equipping it with a Life Orb, your opponents’ HP will melt like snow in the sun. Oh, and did I mention the fact that he can power up with Draco Dance?


There are double debate on the power of third generation chokes, and for the first time, it will be very difficult to decide. As with the first generation, check the starters without and with mega evolution. Except that Braségali exists. When the fire type generation got their hidden talent, received the turbo talent, which, with each turn, increases its speed by one step. This is an extremely powerful talent. Braségali (especially his Mega version) became so powerful that in Smogon, the reference site that allows you to compete in 1v1 battles with 6 Pokémon in the teamwas expelled from the Over-Used. A format where the cream of the best Pokémon in the game competes, in addition to the legendary Pokémon and really too powerful for the health of the game. lagoon that without Braségali’s turbo talent it would be the most powerful Pokémon of this generation, while exploiting the latter in a duel, and that it’s still best for adventuring as it’s both powerful and durable, with its immunity to Electric typing.


Sinnoh starters are much easier to present than Hoenn starters. Torterra is like too many times with the grass types the last good thing on his team, and if Empoleon fought to the best of his ability during the fourth generation, it quickly turned out that simiabraz was the best of all. Why ? Because it is the most versatile Pokémon of the trio. He’s just as powerful with physical attacks as he is with special attacks, has very good support abilities, and has boosts to increase his power like Scheming and attacks of several different types to make sure he hits his opponents’ weaknesses. while crushing mouths with his powerful fire/fight offensive duo.

Headlines always get a lot of ink flowing when they are revealed., this also applies to the next generation, and the truth is that not everyone will like it. In the meantime, see you next week for the rest of this article!

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