PSG : son départ, Messi, Mbappé, Madrid… Pochettino sort du silence

PSG : son départ, Messi, Mbappé, Madrid... Pochettino sort du silence

However, he was criticized at PSG for his terseness. But now released from his obligations as coach of the rojiazules, Mauricio Pochettino has regained the taste for speaking. The Argentine coach granted a long interview to the Argentine media InfobaeBarcelona where he lives waiting to find a bench.

First he returned to the circumstances of his departure from the club, which ended very late, on the day of the resumption of training for the Parisians and his successor Christophe Galtier. “I am calm, I accept the circumstances that we had to live. Everything ended quite late, and it is clear that at the moment it is difficult because all the projects are closed. I adapt to the new circumstances and I always have in mind to progress and above all to analyze everything that has happened in the last 18 months at Paris Saint-Germain and, as we always say, experience must be used to progress. »

The elimination in Madrid and ‘the factors that cannot be controlled’

“I think it was very positive, he assured, considering his 18 months in Paris. Sportingly we have won the Cup, the Super Cup and the Championship in a year and a half, but it is clear that PSG’s project is to win the Champions League and not winning it can always be considered a failure. In any case, it is a failure of fifty years, not only of the last season, because PSG, especially in the last ten, eleven years, with the arrival of the new owners, has the goal of winning the Champions League and I think it will be achieved because the resources are there. But sometimes in football there are factors that cannot be controlled. »

On these “uncontrollable” factors, Mauricio Pochettino obviously returned to PSG’s elimination against Real Madrid and these last 30 minutes out of time at the Bernabéu. “I think that Benzema’s foul on Donnarumma existed and if it had been reviewed by VAR, today we would be talking about Madrid’s elimination. But it was a trigger that gave Real Madrid a lot of faith, another energy in their field, but that’s the way it is. football and it should not be analyzed beyond football. »

Is Messi the best, Mbappé his successor?

It notably evokes the idea that has been rumored in recent days, of including a psychologist or a psychological cell in the first team squad. “In this case, we would have to put a psychologist in Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool and therefore, if we go back to the last European Cups, we would have to put a psychologist in all the teams that played against Real Madrid,” he said. he said jokingly. It is a game in which the luck factor often influences and obviously the emotional factor, but I do not think it is such an obvious or detectable problem that you need to call a section specialist, let’s say, a psychological one to work on it. ”

Among the many issues he raised, he also talks about Kylian Mbappé, who believes that “PSG did everything possible to retain Kylian and I also agree with that, but I don’t think Kylian is the one who designed the new project either.” Regarding the Frenchman, he continues to believe that “Leo Messi is the best in the world. No doubt. Later, it is clear that Mbappé is a candidate to receive this crown. “He also returns to the arrival of the” flea “, a “surprise” for him: “It was a bit unexpected. I thought it was difficult for me to go to Barcelona and I thought he was going to finish his career there, so there will be few coaches who have the opportunity to handle him. So that was a nice surprise. »

The one who played for PSG, was the captain and finally the coach finally felt that “in himself, the essence of the club is still there.” “The fans, what Paris is, what these colors convey, this shirt, for me one of the most beautiful there is. I remember that twenty years ago we had Ronaldinho, Anelka, Okocha… There have always been great players. The only thing that has changed a bit now is the expectation, that is, the Champions League, the Champions League and the Champions League. »

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