150 000 euros à se partager : FTX offre des récompenses pour l’arrivée du stablecoin EUROC

150 000 euros à se partager : FTX offre des récompenses pour l’arrivée du stablecoin EUROC

To celebrate the new possibility to deposit and withdraw the EUROC stablecoin on its platform, FTX is offering €150,000 to the community. The cryptocurrency exchange specifies for this that it is enough to deposit 100 euros to be eligible for part of the reward.

FTX allows EUROC deposit and offers 150,000 euros to the community

The cryptocurrency exchange FTX now supports Circle stablecoin EUROC deposits on its platform. To celebrate the occasion, 150,000 euros in prizes have been assigned and will be shared among users:

It’s still not strictly speaking an asset list. Indeed, the latter is not yet redeemable on FTX and is only possible to deposit or withdraw for now.

This promotional operation, which began last Friday, will end on August 12 at 4:00 p.m. Paris time. To participate, just deposit 100 euros in fiat or euroc in your FTX account. However, be careful, it is specified that it is necessary to go through the web version of the site, the mobile application FTX.App and FTX.US are not eligible for the event.

The 150,000 euros will then be shared equally among all eligible participants within 14 days of the transaction. If there are, for example, 1,000 participants, it will cost 150 euros per person.

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The timid beginnings of the EUROC stablecoin

Unveiled last June, Circle’s new stablecoin has yet to make its way into the ecosystem. If we refer to its smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, its capitalization currently amounts to little more than a million euros.

Therefore, most of this capitalization was incorporated in julybecause the June audit report, present on the Círculo’s website, only attested to an offer of 2,186 euros.

Therefore, the EUROC should be listed on FTX very soon after this trade. At the moment, it is available on platforms such as Bitstamp, Binance.US, Bitpanda or on Uniswap in a decentralized way.

So what the dollar dominates the stablecoin market by farit will be interesting to watch the behavior of Circle’s newborn in the years to come.

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The exchange that has the wind in its sails⭐

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