Coverd : voici enfin une assurance pour AirPods à tout petit prix

Coverd : voici enfin une assurance pour AirPods à tout petit prix

After smartphones, Coverd now insures AirPods at a low price. Enough to provide all the necessary peace of mind to the users of these small headphones that we are used to carrying everywhere, even to the beach.

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AirPods are clearly the most important Apple products of recent years, as they are regularly seen in the ears of passers-by. The reason for the success? Ease of use and compactness that allows them to be adopted without obstacles. But lo and behold, the small size of these headphones means they can easily be dropped into water or sand and damaged. An inconvenience that the Coverd insurance company allows you to get rid of.

Already known for its insurance for smartphones like the iPhone 13, Coverd is expanding its service by offering to cover your AirPods as well. The startup has the advantage of offering a 100% digital service that is easy to use and understand, all at an attractive price. In fact, Coverd insurance for AirPods and AirPods Pro costs only 1.90 euros per month, with no time commitment.

What does Coverd AirPods insurance cover?

Whether through clumsiness or malicious intent, Coverd covers many claims. The insurance also allows you to see very clearly in your offer, by clearly explaining what is covered or not. These are the damages covered by Coverd:

  • oxidationcaused by rain or an unfortunate fall into the pool, for example
  • microphone or speaker malfunction due to breakage or oxidation
  • volume control or broken charging port
  • a damaged charging casebroken or cracked (only if noticeable to the touch)

covered airpods insurance

Finally, an option against theft for only one euro can enrich the offer. With it, your AirPods are replaced in many cases of aggression, including bullying without physical violence. Finally, only the loss of your headphones or theft of your home without breaking and entering are not covered.

No commitment or franchise: simplified insurance

Unlike traditional insurance, Coverd insurance is without commitment or frankness. This provides some flexibility to its users. For example, you can only subscribe for a few months, in the case of risky outdoor work, for example.

Another advantage, Coverd insurance will not ask you for excess when taking care of a claim on your AirPods. That is, you will not have to pay anything when you send your headphones for repair. The only thing you have to pay is the monthly membership fee.

How does handling a claim with Coverd work?

No paperwork or long minutes waiting on the phone: that’s the Coverd promise. The startup offers a 100% digital service that allows you to declare a claim directly from its website. It is from this location that you can submit your supporting documents in digital format.

Covered Claims
These are the 3 stages of a declared loss in Coverd

Once the claim is declared, Coverd undertakes to take care of your AirPods within a maximum period of 24 hours, at no cost. You have two options:

  • A prepaid box is sent to your address. All you have to do is put on your headphones and return them to Coverd.
  • Have your headphones repaired yourself at an Apple Authorized Store or Center. Costs must be up front, but Coverd will reimburse you within 48 hours of receipt of supporting documents.

In the first case, the AirPods are sent to an Apple authorized repair center. If repair is not possible, the insurer sends you a like-new Apple headset. Coverd reports claim processing time is 4-7 business days, including transportation period. A quick delay that won’t leave you without music for long.

A small price without compromise: the magic formula of Coverd

By offering a low-priced, no-obligation formula, Coverd goes against traditional insurance. To secure the AirPods or AirPods Pro, the start-up only asks for 1.90 euros per month (option against theft at 1 euro). This is a very small counterpart to extend the life of your headphones. Above all, it is quite possible to try the service only for a few months and then withdraw at no cost. Enough to form your own opinion before insuring your smartphone, for example.

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