Pyrénées-Orientales : Cherche médecin désespérément pour un octogénaire impotent, gravement malade et isolé

Pyrénées-Orientales : Cherche médecin désespérément pour un octogénaire impotent, gravement malade et isolé

For two months at the bedside of Jacques, 89, the former Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque locksmith, his son and daughter-in-law have been absent with a heavy heart. The couple is forced to return to their home in Nantes, leaving the octogenarian alone until the end of August, when the spouses will go down to pick him up to take him to an Ephad, near them. However, until then, the sick old man no longer has a doctor to call in an emergency. His family doctor retired. And he doesn’t find any new ones.

Lying on a medical bed installed in his house in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque, Jacques Jamesse-Lejeune stares at his son Pascal with a tender gaze that we can once guess steel blue. The throbbing, relentless, excruciating pain that racks him despite powerful painkillers and antibiotics narrows her weary eyes at him. And then, even if he doesn’t complain, if he never complains, Jacques has understood that Pascal and his wife Anne-Marie will soon have to leave.

Then you will find yourself almost alone with your fan in hand. “On a tout prévu. An infirmière comes to us all the days for the soins and the medicines, a help at home also, des repas lui seront portés et une voisine a promis de lui rendre une visita quotidienne afin de s’assurer qu’il va right…”, lists his daughter-in-law. She posted on the walls all the instructions to observe during the three weeks of his absence. Everything except the phone number of Jacques’s treating doctor to contact. For good reason, the 89-year-old octogenarian no longer has one. It’s like these more and more patients in the Pyrenees Orientales to see his family doctor putting the caduceus under the door. Lack of replacement or successor. This side of the Salanque, his relatives sadly point out, becomes a medical desert. However, Laurentin’s state of health would really require a local doctor.

“The confinement has weakened him enormously, he is malnourished and, last May, he underwent surgery for a subdural hematoma linked to his multiple falls”explains Pascal. Hospitalized until June 20, Jacques was able to return to his house specially fitted out by his family for his new disability. Physically handicapped, the old man barely gets up, at the risk of falling, he has lost the autonomy that encouraged him in the past. Furthermore, on July 18 he sank into more unbearable suffering. “He was writhing in pain from a large ball under his left arm”his son was alarmed.

Faced with unbearable suffering, a vain and unbearable career for doctors

The couple immediately called SOS Médecins who “I didn’t have an appointment available. We also tried with the liberals of the sector, none could attend to it. So we mark the 15”. The spouses are referred to the hospital’s medical center, which refers them to the Emergency Service. Grandpa leaves her at night with “a suspected lipoma of subacute evolutionIn other words, a large soft tissue tumor and two prescriptions. The first for an ultrasound to be performed in seven days and the other for a stomatology appointment in fifteen days. “And here we go again for the medical career. I called all the radiology departments, the only possible appointment was September 7”, despair Anne-Marie and Pascal Jamesse. Those who are not at the end of their sentence.

The galley reappears in fact to find a general practitioner who must prescribe a wheelchair to Jacques. Despite the efforts of the CPAM mediator who alerts them as soon as she has a clue for a doctor who is less overloaded than the others, and of the DAC 66, a medical support and coordination device that follows and guides them, they do nothing. It is not in not. The solution will finally come from the pharmacist to whom the couple takes Jacques for his anti-Covid vaccine reminder. “When she saw him in this state, she ran to the doctor’s office across the street and exceptionally got us a consultation.” The octogenarian receives morphine and antibiotics.

Exhausted, despondent, Anne-Marie and Pascal offer him “a retirement home here. He refused, he prefers an establishment in Nantes near our house where he can finally see his two grandchildren and his five great-grandchildren., breathes his daughter-in-law. After making a hundred phone calls in search of a doctor who agrees to complete the essential medical file for admission to the nursing home, “a miracle that happened on July 28”the spouses will take advantage of his temporary return to Nantes to find him a place in a cozy nest. “We left equally upset. We hope that his lipoma does not evolve or worsen in our absence”, regret his relatives who promised to call him tomorrow, afternoon and night. Heartbroken to leave him alone, without a GP to alert. A situation that unfortunately tends to spread to all the territories of France.

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