ATHLE.FR | Championnats du monde juniors : des Bleuets plein de promesses

ATHLE.FR | Championnats du monde juniors : des Bleuets plein de promesses

The 19th edition of the U-20 World Cup got off to a good start for Les Bleuets on Monday in Cali, Colombia’s third largest city. Most got off to a good start in the competition, with long jumper Erwan Konaté, pole vaulters Elise Russis and Léa Mauberret, and discus thrower Marie-Josée Bovele-Linaka qualifying for the final. Not to mention the good performances of the decathletes.

the declare

“He had a pretty ‘quiet’ jump approach, and he did it, even though he was behind the board”

Going back to his entry into the race in the length ratings, erwan konate he used an anglicism usually more typical of drinks on the terrace on a mild summer afternoon than of athletics tracks. But it is calmly that he overcame the first hurdle of the competition. Highly anticipated in Cali, after his world title won in Nairobi last year, the long jumper from Amiens UC handled his debut in the competition to perfection, as it only took him one jump to qualify directly for the final. Without making use of his reserves, he fell back to the sand at 7.80 m (+0.8), exactly the mark requested to go to the final, placing third in the classification dominated by the Cuban. Alejandro A. Parada with 7.95 m (personal best). During the big explanation, this afternoon at 4:16 p.m. local time (11:16 p.m. in France), Robert Emmiyan’s student listens ” put more energy into [son] jump
“, and that ” please ” first of all.


Well Thrown Decathletes

pierre blaecke He had a magnificent first day, with two personal records broken, or rather busted. Over 100m, where he clocked 11”26 despite the headwind (-0.9), or 16 hundredths better than his old benchmark. And in the length, where he surpassed the 7 meter barrier for the first time by falling to 7.12 m (+0.5), while his record until then was 6.88 m. The EA Grenoble 38 athlete was also very close to his best performance in height (1.87m) and over 400m (50”44), while achieving the best throw of his season in weight (13.49 m). ” Not bad for the first day. “, he breathed, modestly, at the finish of the 400 m.
Second Frenchman to participate in this decathlon, sasha rifflart He also improved two of his records, in the 100m in 11”12 (+0.3) and in the 400m in 49”94. One last race at the end of which he remained lying down for long minutes in the mixed zone, exhausted. Close to his best level in length (6.85m with +0.8), although he would like to ” looking for a performance in the 7.30m “, and especially in weight (14.81 m, 6 cm from his record), however, he experienced a difficult height contest, only managing to erase 1.84 m, when he had already exceeded 2.01 m in 2021.
He arrived in Cali with the fifth and fourth best performances of the entrants, sasha rifflart Y pierre blaecke They will try to move up in the classification on the second day, which they will approach respectively in positions 9 and 13 with 3,868 and 3,824 points. After five events, the Dutch Gabriel-Emmanuel leads the debates with 4276 units.

The promises

Mauberret and Russis in the final

Perfect contract for the pole vaulters during qualifying, despite a little scare for elise russis, runner-up in the U-20 world last year in Nairobi. I arrived in Colombie with the troisième performance des engagées (4.30 m), she was contrainte de s’y prendre à trois reprises pour franchir sa première sweeps, at 3.95 m, avant d’effacer 4.05 m au deuxième trial. She tall enough to advance to the final, which will take place on Wednesday, where “ counters will reset and where will he go for the gold. ” I’m gonna have to let it go and run full throttle “, assured the member of the Stade Sottevillais 76 confidently. Lea Mauberret He also managed to reach the final, having perfectly managed his qualifying competition for his first international selection, with three crossed bars at the first attempt: 3.80m, then 3.95m and 4.05m. ” The competition went very well and I had a lot of fun, no pressure. In the final, the goal will be the same: have fun and be at the top so you don’t regret anything. “, he indicated.
Another promise: the sprinter jeff erius he qualified for the 100m semifinals by crossing the finish line in 10”56. A time below her usual times – her record for him is 10”24 – but achieved with an unfavorable wind of -2.9 m / s. ” If it had been favorable, I think I could have beaten my record. breathed the one who had won the silver medal in the Europa Juniors last year, when he was still a cadet. See you for the semi-finals at 15:40 local time (22:40 in France), and, in case of good news, at 17:55 (00:55) for the final.

And also

Satisfaction by Bovele-Linaka

In the puck area, nothing was gained by Marie-Josée Bovele-Linaka Y Princess Hyman, credited with engagement performances 16 and 21, respectively. But the first managed to get out of the game, sending his machine to 48.82 m, tenth qualifying jet, which will allow him to play in the final on Wednesday. On the other hand, the competition stops there to Princess Hyman, the youngest member of the team of France: at 46.03 m, he had a whirlwind manqué deux meters to join the top 12. two years. Still young, she won silver at the European Under-18 in Jerusalem in July.

Dude on the wire

Over time 29 of the innings, Oscar Dugue nor was he necessarily one of the favorites to advance to the next round in the 110m hurdles. Fourth in his heat, while only the top three qualified directly for the semi-finals, he initially thought he had missed out, not hiding his disappointment at the end of his run, completed in 13′ ’95 (-0.3), 21 hundredths of his record. This was before he found out about his time rating: ” It’s a good surprise, because my goal was to at least reach the semi-finals. “, he finally let go, finding his smile.
In the middle distance, gabriel timba finished in 12th position with 4’03”35 of the second series of the 1500m, in a race dominated by the favorite of the test, the Kenyan Reynold Kipkorir Cheruiyot (3’40”96). ” I didn’t have the level I expected, but I didn’t have the condition to do anything today. “he said, confident that he had a low blood ferritin level” since June “. Twentieth in the 5000m final in 15’04”13, and also disappointed, joad martinho
promised to show a better face ” in the future. ” In the middle distance it is never easy at a world level, and they were more or less in their place, in terms of hierarchy “, estimated however pierre friteyreresponsible for the youth teams of France.

In Cali, Chloé Lauvergnier for
Photos: © Thomas Windestam/FFA

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