ATHLE.FR | Championnats du monde juniors : les réactions du lundi

ATHLE.FR | Championnats du monde juniors : les réactions du lundi

Find the statements of the French athletes who competed in the first day of the U-20 World Cup in Cali (Colombia).

Léa Mauberret, tied for 1st in the pole vault qualifications at 4.05m, qualified : “ The competition went very well: I was well above my marks, everything was perfect with my polo shirts and I had a lot of fun, no pressure. In the final, the objective will be the same: to have fun and put everything into it so as not to regret anything. It’s my first major championship – it’s pretty impressive to see all these nations, but it’s even more motivating, and the other girls are super nice! »

Elise Russis, 10th in pole vault qualifications at 4.05m, qualified : “ It wasn’t the ideal contest, with a first cross on the third attempt, which was a bit stressful. I didn’t run very well, even at 4.05m. But I managed to leave my mark for the final, where the counters will be reset. In the final, I will have to let go and run hard, and like all the qualified girls, I will go for the gold medal. »

Erwan Konaté, 3rd in the length qualifications with 7.80 m, classified : “ They asked me to measure 7.80 m. [marque à réaliser pour se qualifier directement en finale, NDLR], And that’s what I did. She had a pretty “cold” jump approach, and she did it, even though she was behind the board. In the final, I will put a lot more energy into my jump. I will jump to win the title again, but mostly for myself, to have fun. Performance will come with pleasure. »

Marie-Josée Bovele-Linaka, 10th in discus qualifications with 48.82m, classified : “ Qualifying is always a bit stressful, whatever the competition. It was a bit rough there: my first jet entered the cage. Then on the second pitch I had to be sure, but I managed to free myself up a bit. But I couldn’t give it my all on this reel, nor on the third one. It will be difficult to reach the final. [Le second concours de qualification avait lieu après le sien, NDLR.]


Jeff Erius, 2nd in his 100m series in 10”56, classified : “ What mattered was qualifying for the semifinals. I started badly, because it was difficult for me to put pressure on the starting blocks, but I came back at the end. with favorable wind [il était de -2.9 dans cette course, NDLR]i think i might have beaten my personal best [10”24 cette saison, NDLR]. Now the goal is to qualify for the final. »

Oscar Dugue, 4th in his series of 110 m hurdles in 13”95, classified : “ I got off to a good start, jumped in and then did what I knew how to do. But I’m still two tenths off my record [13”74, NDLR]when I wanted to beat him. [Puis, après avoir appris sa qualification au temps pour les demi-finales, NDLR.] It’s a good surprise! The goal was to at least advance to the semifinals. From now on, I will start from scratch and the goal will be to reach the final. »

Joad Martinho, 20th in the 5000m final in 15’04”13 : “ It was difficult for me as soon as there was acceleration. Then I found myself in the wind, which hurt me, and I didn’t know how to react as I should, holding on, when I wanted to finish in the top twelve. Before the race, I was excited to compete against other world-class athletes. But when I see the difference in level, I tell myself that there is still a lot of work to be done. I hope to show a better face in my next races. »

Pierre Blaecke, 13th in the decathlon with 3824 points at the end of the first day : “ Not bad for the first day. I broke my record in the 100m [11’’26, NDLR] and in length [7,12 m, NDLR], where I jumped for the first time beyond 7 meters. The weight wasn’t too bad. [13,49 m, NDLR]and in height, I did not lack much to cross 1.90 m [il a effacé 1,87 m, NDLR]. Finally, in 400 m, I am almost at the level of my record. [50’’44 contre 50’’42, NDLR]. For the second day, I would like to go down from 15” in the 110m hurdles, throw more than 40m in the discus… Otherwise, the stadium is super nice, and it’s nice to speak English! »

Sacha Rifflart, 9th in the decathlon with 3868 points at the end of the first day : “ In the sprint it went very well [11”12, record personnel, NDLR]. In length, it was not what she expected, because she wanted to jump around 7.30 m. [6,85 m, NDLR]. In weight I did what I had to do, 6 cm from my record [14,81 m, NDLR]. But at the height, my heating was rotten, I didn’t feel where I was [1,84 m, NDLR]… I am disappointed, because with this jump, I go from a possible podium to a spectator. But I managed to do it again during the 400m. [49’’94, NDLR] : going below 50” is great! Taking part in a major championship is more pressure than usual, but at the same time, you get to play with the crowd, which is good! »

Gabriel Timba, 12th in his 1500m series in 4’03”35, eliminated : “ I was well placed at the end of the 800m, but already from the 500m on, it was hard on the legs. Afterwards, I no longer had any resistance. I ended up in the mind. I didn’t have the level I expected, which would have allowed me to go further in the competition. But he was in no condition to do anything today: since June, he had a low ferritin level, therefore a great lack of strength and energy. I took some supplements but that was not enough to get my levels back. It was an experience today, in the longer term, I am preparing for the 2028 Olympics. »

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