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Warner Bros. Interactive’s game has been making waves for a while. The open beta version of MultiVersus was released on July 26, and some people had restricted access prior to that date. The fighting crossover game was generally well received and is considered a multi-console version of Super Smash Bros.

MultiVersus is loved for its hugely diverse cast of characters, including Batman, Sammy, and LeBron James. Many more characters are planned throughout Season 1, but the price of each character may vary. Many characters already appear to be very powerful, while others may have weak gameplay.

S-tier characters


bug bunny – Bugs Bunny acts like a mage in Multiversus, which means he’s great at ranged combat. A skilled player can keep opponents at bay and use their ability to teleport to escape sticky situations. A nerf was planned for Bugs, given the difficulty of countering this type of character.

bat Man – The hero carves out a place for himself in the S-Tier, thanks to his mobility, combo potential, and melee abilities. Some players are unhappy with this character, who has been nicknamed “Bat Spam”, but that is precisely what makes the character so easy to play. Batman’s mix of combos, his grappling hook and his Batarang can be really hard to dodge.

He also has a fast recovery time, although many players tend to agree that the character is more effective in 1v1 situations.

arya stark – Arya Stark, just like in Game of Thrones, is an assassin, who is most effective by being cunning and against big opponents like the iron giant. Arya can attack quickly and has a speed advantage when she dodges. But she is much more fragile than most of the other characters.

Arya manages a diverse crew, though she was called the Harley Queen without the projectiles. She is a decision-oriented character.

A-tier characters


harley queen – Harley Queen takes on the role of an assassin, which is an optimal character for those who like to control their speed and perform calculated attacks, while remaining offensive. Some players don’t think she’s easy to learn at first, but mastering her is a good thing, because her specs are very powerful, even though her specs aren’t diverse.

Harley Queen’s air attacks are the most effective, as she can rack up an insane amount of damage while performing endless combos.

Sammy – MultiVersus has canonized “Ultra Instinct” Sammy, much to the delight of fans. He is an ideal character for beginners, and by using the special button he will generate “Zoinks” that will allow you to charge his rage. Once charged, allies around him will gain a rage buff and Sammy will regain health.

Sammy was compared to Captain Falcon or Goku due to his reach and the power of his punches. One of his best abilities is his KO potential: he can deal a lot of damage while preventing his opponents from recovering.

you will see – Vera, a bespectacled Scooby-Doo character, also entered wrestling as a supporting character. Although her attacks are less direct and her main goal is to keep her allies alive, she can be deadly in the hands of a professional. She struggles in close combat, but has some satisfying combos.

It can temporarily reduce teammates’ cooldowns, which can quickly turn a fight around. She also has the ability to damage opponents on the other side of the field, though the downside is that players must keep their distance from Bruisers and Tanks.

Tom and Jerry – The cat and mouse duo fall into the category of wizards and can be difficult to master. However, if played correctly, Tom and Jerry can be optimal, as they specialize in long-range attacks and wield unconventional abilities that are difficult to predict. Once detached, Jerry is a smaller target but can be fired as a projectile.

The projectile ability is strong, after players overcome the learning curve. Being separated means that Tom and Jerry can split up and dominate the field, but many of their special attacks are situational, so they can’t be used often.

Tier B Characters


Lebron James – The first real-life person to join MultiVersus. LeBron James is a Bruiser who could be A-Tier if his skill ceiling was a little weaker. His combos aren’t obvious and can take him a while to master, but the character excels in close and long range combat due to his ability to throw basketballs at enemies.

These balloons work well for his defensive abilities, because they are effective at protecting him from a lot of damage. However, the character’s biggest flaw is that he can only catch one balloon at a time and cannot call another until his neutral spin recharges. He is a high risk, high reward character.

mug – While not particularly popular on the MultiVersus Roster, Taz has made a splash with his super powerful and unpredictable tornado. During the alpha and beta, Taz frustrated many to the point that his tornado was changed to be shorter lasting, no longer multi-hit, and deal less damage.

Still, Taz is a solid pick, as Bruiser can deal a lot of damage up close. His “Tasty” debuff is one of his strongest abilities, as he can hit the enemy and, over time, turn them into roast chicken. If the chicken takes damage, it drops food that can heal Taz and his teammates.

Finn the human – Finn can be quite strong in the hands of a skilled player, but the Adventure Time character has limits because he can be left vulnerable and helpless. He is similar to Taz in playstyle, although his projectile is slower than Tornado. Finnish players often use the Backpack Attack ability conservatively while saving their coins to make their final hit stronger. These buy skills can greatly increase your stats.

James the dog – Jake, who is also an Adventure Time character, can use spread attacks that can counter characters like Taz. He is capable of dealing a large amount of damage and can secure a killing blow by swallowing low-health opponents.

Unfortunately it is his only ability that is really reliable and his combos are predictable which can be fatal for him as he is quite light for a Bruiser. However, Jake is a good character thanks to his good range and his small hitbox.

C-tier characters


reindeer – Reindog is an original character created by Warner Bros. Interactive for MultiVersus only. Although the character is cute and has a long bio in the game, he is a support character who excels at healing his allies. He’s at a disadvantage up close, but he’s great at punishing those who play Finn and abuse his hitbox.

His combos are generally appreciated, although his fireball projectiles are quite slow and predictable. If the projectiles hit, they set opponents on fire. One of his best assets is his ability to draw his allies away from impending danger.

Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman is a tank, although in reality the superhero is half support and half tank that can take a lot of damage, though her cooldowns are frequent enough to keep her somewhere between tiers B and C. Best assets from Wonder Woman is her protective abilities, which make her difficult to kill.

The character must be methodical, as applying her down special generates a shield that protects her allies, meaning players must stay close to her teammates and she maintains armor when attacking. She is powerful against projectiles.

Garnet – While Bruisers are often considered the best characters, Garnet is too slow to maneuver, which has left players quite unsatisfied. She is limited in the level of her combos, which is good enough for casual play, but not for ranked play. Garnet moves slowly, but if she gets close, her attack is powerful and she can charge up for maximum damage.

Unlike other Bruisers, she has more projectiles, making her dangerous up close and from a distance. His projectiles are quite predictable and slow, which reduces his potential.

Tier D Characters


The iron Giant – It is an easy target to hit due to the immense size of its hitbox. His size and inability to dodge make up for the high damage, as long as he can get close to the enemy. This Tank is very good if it stays on the field, especially if it is able to crush its opponents with its low air special.

Off the field, he struggles to recover, despite his ability to fly. His beams and his rage meter are the robot’s best mechanics, as the former acts as a shield, while the meter empowers him for a brief period.

Superman – In MultiVersus, Superman is a tank who suffers in 1v1. Its durability and recovery are very high, but it is not very effective in a fast environment because it is slow and predictable. Competitive players are likely to take down this character quickly because of this.

Clark Kent can do a lot of damage with his standard attacks, but he has to charge them up. His laser eyes are good at controlling terrain, but too slow to take an enemy by surprise.

steven universe – This is not the first appearance of Steven Universe in a video game, but it is his first time as a secondary character. Steven is meant to be a defensive character, but he doesn’t work when the game gets faster and he usually needs to stick with his allies.

Steven doesn’t offer much with his kit, as he’s really there to protect others. He can’t take much damage before being defeated, however, he excels when he saves allies from him by deploying platforms and a shield.

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