Le plan de la LFP pour mettre fin à la violence dans les stades

Le plan de la LFP pour mettre fin à la violence dans les stades

RMC SPORT INFO – Scenes to forget. After the ultraviolent season in the stands of the French championship, Ligue 1 restarts in the hope of a moment of calm. Last season was tumultuous, between throwing projectiles or invading the field, the LFP had opened its disciplinary sanctions panel to tackle the situation. Unsuccessfully. RMC Sport reveals the League’s plan to try to end violence in French stadiums.

“We have to get criminals out of the stadiums”, the phrase of Vincent Labrune, president of the LFP, marked the mood at the end of June during the General Assembly of the French Federation (FFF). The will of the League is shown: to regain control over the security of the championship. On the club side, we also want a reduction in tensions with the fans. At the beginning of June, the LFP had already started a challenge with the appointment of the criminologist Alain Bauer, responsible for a report on the excesses of the fans that punctuated the Ligue 1 season. The conclusions are expected in September. Prior to the publication of this document, the clubs and the League tried to take the lead.

A protocol for risk matches

According to our information, the LFP has implemented what was decided at the interministerial meeting on violence in stadiums in December 2021. This meeting with the three ministries (Interior, Sports and Justice) had given rise to several reforms and lines of thought for the future. For example, the clubs had to have anti-projection safety devices (safety nets) and anti-intrusion (grilles, plexiglass, barriers, pits) that could be removed and activated on the recommendation of the prefect or the National Division for the Fight against Vandalism (DNLH) .

In fact, for this new season the security protocol is reinforced. The body asks the clubs to join the security measures already established, particularly in matches considered risky. The League also asked the 40 members of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 to add anti-intrusion barriers and protective netting for these meetings. La Liga left the choice to the clubs: a cage, a modular net, more marshals, accordion barrier system or with ropes “Wembley system”, plexiglass protection in the corners.

In the specifications there is nothing mandatory for each league match. For example, a Ligue 1 club is not required to install a network permanently. On the other hand, the devices must be mobilized at the minute if necessary. Or if the game is classified as risky, the prefects can ask for the device to be activated and therefore the club must be ready.

Referent policemen and the end of the bottles

Clubs must also make up for years of underinvesting in security. At the beginning of the year, no club in Ligue 2, for example, had protective nets. For this reason, for a few days nets have been installed in the stands, in most cases in the visiting sectors of the championship. “You don’t have to believe it, but the clubs invest a lot in the security of the stadiums, without even the order of the LFP”, confides a president of Ligue 1. The image of the “cage” mounted on the promoted Ajaccien impressed football fans in social networks. The LFP has also included in its regulations the prohibition of plastic bottles in the stadiums. These could be used as projectiles, like last season. The millions of euros injected by the CVC investment fund in the French championship should also allow the clubs to invest in these infrastructures.

According to our information, several other new features will also see the light of day. At the beginning of July, during the LFP seminar with the security managers of the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 teams in Toulouse, the clubs reviewed all the possible scenarios with simulated crisis meetings (launching projectiles, invasion of land…). Since the end of June, a dozen clubs in the championship must now deal with a reference policeman (like in Paris or Saint-Etienne), an idea launched in 2019 in several French clubs. He is an officer in contact with the actors of a party, in charge of dialogue. It must also reduce tensions and facilitate decision making. Finally, a path that requires political intervention is being studied by the LFP. The creation of specialized delegates. These private security personnel, specially trained to intervene in the championship stadiums, could have League accreditation. The objective is simple: to have competent personnel with a perfect knowledge of the premises.

A little reassuring preseason

“Scenes in Nice or Rennes during pre-season friendlies don’t allow you to have a sense of security before the start of the season,” confesses an intelligence police officer. We will have to keep an eye on the first days of the championship, they will surely set the tone for this new season in France.” Last season, a match was stopped on the first day between Montpellier and Marseille after a projectile was thrown at a player. of the O.M.

The last friendly matches between Ligue 1 clubs and certain foreign clubs still make fear the worst. In recent days there have been clashes between various groups of supporters. During the friendly match between OGC Nice and Torino, a dozen ultras of the Italian club were arrested on the sidelines by the police. The latter wanted to attack the OGCN supporters right in front of the Allianz Riviera. English Aston Villa fans were attacked by Rennes fans just after the friendly match between the Breton club and Aston Villa. Result: two injured.

The supporters back at the center of the game?

It is not yet a victory for the fans, just a first step. At the start of the season, the authorities, the clubs and the LFP seem less closed to dialogue with fan groups. It remains to be seen whether France will again exceed the 150 travel bans in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 this season. Fan representatives want to obtain a reduction in the collective sanctions imposed by the LFP disciplinary committee.

“We had very regular exchanges with the LFP during the summer, trusts Kilian Valentin, spokesman for the National Association of Supporters Clubs. We will continue these exchanges in the coming weeks. But the League is focused on this season with the desire to make people forget” . Pictures from last season. There are still many files to discuss, things are moving forward with the discussion. At the moment, we have not yet received any comments from the fan groups about the nets and cages installed in the stadiums, but it will be a topic for discussion.

The Bauer report in the process of being drafted

At the time of writing these lines, the DLNH note has not yet been published. It often sets the tone for the season. The drafting of the report requested by the LFP from Alain Bauer is still underway. The conclusions are expected by the end of September, at the moment the interviews with the different players of the championship are underway. For Kilian Valentin, spokesman for the ANS, the man “is not appropriate” to write this report.

According to our information, the criminologist looks for solutions adapted to local problems. The report must provide solutions with the presence of prior agreements between the LFP, the clubs and the local authorities before its publication. This report should also highlight the points of agreement and the points of divergence between the different parties.

By Nicolas Pelletier, Arthur Perrot and Xavier Grimault

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