Pokémon Écarlate Violet : Région, mécanique inédite, scénario et nouveaux spécimens… Les nouvelles infos !

Pokémon Écarlate Violet : Région, mécanique inédite, scénario et nouveaux spécimens... Les nouvelles infos !

game news Pokémon Scarlet Violet: Region, new mechanics, stage and new specimens… The new info!

Announced earlier this year, Pokémon Scarlet/Purple will mark the beginning of the ninth generation of Pokémon. This means the discovery of new pokémon, a new region, new characters, spinoffs in all directions, cards, and an anime. And now we know more about this new work, which is expected on Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet: A still very mysterious 9th generation

On Pokémon Day, Nintendo and Game Freak presented Scarlet/Purple Pokémon, as well as the game’s three starters: Poussacha, Chochodile and Coiffeton. These were very successful among players, but we had little information and images. A second trailer, released a few weeks ago, highlighted the new region, cooperative and open world dimension of the gameas well as new Pokémon, including two Legendaries, Koiraidon and Miraidon.

At his side, we learned of the existence of Gourmetimmediately transformed into an icon, Pohm and Olivini. Olim, Turum and Menzi were also introduced, who are, respectively, the two masters of the game and our future rival. After several leaks, more or less credible, it was time for the developers. officially present thingsand say more about the mechanics of these new versions, expected on November 18.

Welcome to Paldea!

It all starts with a trailer that lets you discover several environments and that evokes a treasure hunt. In reality, the player characters they are students of an academy (Orange or Raisins depending on the version) directed by Mr. Clavel, with a biology teacher, Mr. Jacq, in addition to Olim and Turum, already presented previously. Therefore, the players will be sent on an after-school trip with Menzi, Pepper or Paniaa shy student, and you will be able to discover the region, now called paldeaas they want and following three different plots.

The first, the only one presented today, is the one of the sandswhich is to collect 8 badges in the order you want and become a master, in particular beating Grusha, ice-type champion. During their adventures, players will be able to obtain the Legendary Pokémon. Koraidon and Miraidon, which, predictably, are actually mounts ! It is on their backs that we can move faster on land, navigate the waters and observe Pladea from the air!

Pokémon Scarlet Violet: Region, new mechanics, stage and new specimens... The new info!Pokémon Scarlet Violet: Region, new mechanics, stage and new specimens... The new info!

Lots of returning Pokémon and new creatures revealed!

The trailer and the images of the game that were presented allowed us to discover some of the Pokémon that will be present in the title. The leaked number of 400 has not been confirmed, but we have already seen many pokemon from previous generations such as Caninos, Arcanin, Passerouge, Pomdepik, Motisma, Girafarig, Héliatronc, Polagriffe, Cabriolaine, Chevroum, Vivaldaim, Nymphali or even Cizayox.

But we also find new creatures, like Pâtachioa sweet little canine, a regional poisonous axolotl either balbaleze. Speaking of Pokémon, we learn that Embrylex and Dolman will be exclusive to Pokemon Scarletwhile Draby and Ice Cube will meet in Pokémon Purple.

We were also hoping to learn more about the mechanics of the game, to find out if it was really a 4-player co-op, if the rumor of a crystal type was founded and if the raids would return or not. First of all, yes, thanks to the Union Club and the Poké Portal, three other players will be able to join the trainers on their adventures, but the restrictions on progression within the stage are still unknown. On the other hand, the Portal and the Union Club will allow exchanges of trainers and battles.

The new mechanics of teracrystallization

Pokémon Scarlet Violet: Region, new mechanics, stage and new specimens... The new info!

But the most important thing is that, yes, there is Well, a mechanic linked to the glass in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: teracrystallization. In an animation based on the basics of Dynamax, players will be able to make Pokémon “shimmer like gems.” All pokemon are affected, and some can even change type thanks to this mechanic. Creatures will in effect have their normal type, and its type of teracrystal.

Pokémon Scarlet Violet: Region, new mechanics, stage and new specimens... The new info!

For some Pokémon, the two will be identical, but others may have a different type than the basic one. For example, Eevee can remain a normal type or become a water or grass type.. It’s up to players to search for Pokémon with a rare type of Teracrystal! Suffice it to say that with 18 types, the combinations will be numerous. Furthermore, the mechanics of teracrystallization could vary the form of certain pokemon.

Finally, Game Freak indicates that teracrystallized Pokémon will be entitled to a benefit of their type and their abilities. To conclude on the mechanics, Game Freak announced the return of the raids, which this time will use the mechanics of teracrystallization. But unlike last time, there will obviously be no more need to wait for your turn to act!

Pre-order bonuses

Players Preserving Pokémon Scarlet and Purple will receive a special Pikachu capable of using flying-type and flying-type teracrystals. This is the only way to get this Pikachu, which will be available until February 23, 2023. Additionally, players will receive the Adventure Pack, which will contain 10 Potions, 4 Full Heal Potions, 3 Boosters, 3 Oils, 1 Super Candy, and a nugget. Finally, players who pre-ordered the Duo Pack will receive a code for 100 Pokeballs.

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