Le bouclier anti-inflation de Leclerc a déçu ces clients mais il fallait s’y attendre

Le bouclier anti-inflation de Leclerc a déçu ces clients mais il fallait s’y attendre

Twitter A receipt from E. Lerclerc and his delivery of the “anti-inflation shield”.


A receipt from E. Lerclerc and his delivery of the “anti-inflation shield”.

INFLATION – “We defend your purchasing power”the company claims on its website. “Keep Prices Low”, says another slogan. Since the announcement of its anti-inflation shield on May 2, retail giant E. Leclerc has presented itself as a bulwark against rising food prices, the fallout from crop failures and skyrocketing energy prices linked in part to the war in Ukraine.

At the beginning of the operation, the general director Michel-Édouard Leclerc himself went to the television sets to detail this offer addressed to “pamper its 18 million customers” facing the crisis. “We will protect prices. Let’s make an inflation shield. We start with 120 items, the most consumed in France. If they exceed these prices, we compensate in the form of a ticket (on the loyalty card)”, explained the businessman on BFMTV. Since then, the measure has been extended to 234 products.

But after paying, the discount that appears at the bottom of the ticket is sometimes disappointing, as evidenced by many comments and photos posted by customers on social media in recent weeks.

“I just made my purchases at Leclerc, I received more than €167 and on the ticket. I see “ANTI-INFLATION SHIELD” and below I see the amount: €0.10. Thank you Leclerc, with you I don’t feel the inflation”, tweets a client sarcastically. “Words fail me…I am overwhelmed with joy,” joked another at a 5-cent discount. A joke shared thousands of times on Twitter. “What will I be able to buy with these 3 cents saved thanks to Leclerc’s anti-inflationary shield? asks a puzzled consumer.

Among the dozens of messages of this type observed on Facebook and Twitter, the discounts hardly exceed a few cents, even in large shopping baskets of 100 or 200 euros. Figures far from filling food inflation, which is close to 7% in July, according to INSEE.

A very limited list of products.

How to explain these discounts considered disappointing by some consumers? contacted by the huffpost, E. Leclerc simply remembers his calculation method. “The amounts credited to the card in each box correspond to the increases observed in the products on the anti-inflationary shield list purchased by customers. Therefore, they vary depending on the number of affected products and the increases observed in these products., explains the company. According to the brand, the reference prices have been “determined by the bailiff” initially, compensation is then calculated “in real time” to establish the amount of the discounts.

With a limited list of 234 “protected” products, out of the tens of thousands of product references in a supermarket, it would not be surprising if certain invoices were little or not affected by the discount offer. It is also important to note that this selection is based more on the popularity of the products (“the most common consumed in France”, according to the company’s CEO), less than its importance in a healthy daily diet. For example, there are few vegetables, but a lot of processed foods (cookies, chips), sweet drinks (sodas, beer) and other low-diet products that are consumed mainly as snacks.

“Since May 4, 120 shield products have seen their sale prices increase. On average, the increase is +4.5%. To date, almost 6 million E.Leclerc cardholders have benefited from the anti-inflation shield”, prepares the balance of E. Leclerc on the operation since its start-up.

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