La touche Windows a une utilisation secrète. La plupart des gens ne savent pas s’en servir

La touche Windows a une utilisation secrète. La plupart des gens ne savent pas s’en servir

On your computer keyboard, the cult logo represented by a stylized window is not just about displaying the “start” menu. So, without further ado, here are Windows key manipulations, which are likely to make the experience on our workstations easier.

The Windows key combined with other keys can greatly simplify things when it comes to using our computer efficiently while giving us considerable time savings. Note that the key combinations below take into account the currently most used operating system, namely Windows 10.

use of a computer

Using a computer – Source: spm

The many uses of the Windows key that many people ignore

We spend most of our time in front of our workstations, be they desktops or laptops, and because of that it is more practical. know a good part of the shortcuts of the keyboard The Windows key combined with other keys allows you to override common actions by performing them more quickly, and sometimes by rendering them immediately. Discover the list of keyboard shortcuts that revolve around the “Windows” key. Let’s start with the easiest:

Windows key: You open the Start menu. Most of us use this menu to put the computer to sleep, shut it down, or lock it. Also find out how to properly shut down your Windows 10 computer because many people do it the wrong way.

The Windows key represented by the logo

The Windows key represented by the logo – Source: spm

Win key + A: Opens the notification center in Windows 10. There you can manage notifications while quickly accessing operating system settings.

Win+B : Select the first highlighted icon with the “Enter” or “Enter” key and then use the arrow keys to switch from one software to another.

Win+D : Shows the desktop screen while minimizing all previously open windows. All this with this single simultaneous manipulation.

Win+E : For versions prior to Windows 10, this operation gives you access to Windows Explorer which shows the contents of your folders and your hard drive. Only in Windows 10, Win + E opens the launch bar default.

Win+G: You have access to the bar assigned to the games.

Win+K : Opens a menu to access wireless audio and display devices.

Win+L : Immediately switch to the user selection and blocking page.

Win+M : Minimize all open windows.

Also take advantage of this knowledge to find out why the letters on your keyboard are not in alphabetical order.

win + Shift+M : open previously minimized windows.

Win+P : A window appears offering you different image projection modes. This feature exists in Windows 7 and later operating systems.

Win+Q : Open the Cortana assistant in Windows 10.

Win+R : Opens the Run dialog box.

Win+T : Allows you to quickly move between all your open windows from the taskbar. This feature is only available from Windows 7 and later operating systems.

Plan azerty keyboard keys of a laptop

Plan on azerty keyboard keys of a laptop – Source: spm

Win + U : Allows you quick and easy access to various settings through which you can make customizations while trying out other features.

Win+W : Opens a small bar at the bottom right that offers you tools that allow you to take screenshots and other professional features. In Windows 10 precisely, it is above all a function dedicated to those equipped with a stylus.

For screenshot, it’s even easier to press win + ready scr because it will be instant. It will then be automatically saved to your images folder.

Win+X : Opens a small window that allows you to quickly access various functions. You can even use it for log out or shut down the computer.

Thanks to this selection of key combinations, you will make operating your computer more intuitive than ever.

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