Hack géant en cours sur Solana : 4 mesures de sécurité prioritaires à prendre

Hack géant en cours sur Solana : 4 mesures de sécurité prioritaires à prendre

A wind of panic blows over the Solana Network from about 2 am French time. It was around this time that what appears to be a massive, coordinated attack was launched, targeting thousands of wallets and emptying them of their contents. While the circumstances of this attack are unclear, we recommend that you take some precautionary steps now to keep your assets safe.

Hack in progress at Solana

At the time of writing this article, this attack, unprecedented in its scale, is still ongoing and affects more than 8,000 wallets (crypto purses) for an amount diverted of more than 6 million dollars in SOL cryptocurrencies and other tokens of this block chain. Solana is one of the most important projects in terms of activities and assessment.

Many teams are on the bridge, far beyond the community of Solana, following events hour after hour. At the moment, the investigations remain inconclusive, although the attack comes from 4 identified addresses.

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What to do with the Solana hack?

In fact, the attack materializes by diverting users’ wallets. This trick seems to be mainly aimed at wallets. ghost Y Earring. If the possible vulnerabilities of these wallets were initially mentioned, the Phantom team, however, indicated on its official channel that, in the state of its investigations, no fault detected yet.

A vulnerability was also considered on the side of emblematic platforms of the ecosystem such as Solsea or Magic Eden. This second hypothesis has not yet been confirmed.

Solana hack details remain murky

But, although at the time of writing there are many gray areas, it does not hurt that if you yourselves are users of the Solana network, apply the Following some safety tips.

Caution 1: Repatriate your funds to cold storage

After verifying that your wallet has not been affected by the hack, a transfer of your funds to cold storage could be a good idea. In fact, items going back to the present day, hacking doesn’t seem to affect cold storage (hardware wallet). So if you have a key Ledger, Nserious Where trezor, take a few minutes to repatriate your goods.

Caution 2: Cancel access permissions to your wallets

Think about terminate all access permissions to your browser’s wallet. These last they often remain open after an NFT mint or an interaction with a smart contract. These are perfect ways to access your funds. You will find the tool that allows the lifting of these authorizations in the parameters of your wallet.

Caution 3 – Transfer your funds to a centralized trusted platform

If you don’t have a cold wallet, a workaround might be transfer your tokens to a centralized platform (CEX) What Binance Where FTX. Even if the purists criticize it, delegating the custody and security of your assets to a big-name player for a while will allow you to wait out the storm more calmly.

Caution 4: be careful with social networks

Thieves of all kinds know it perfectly well: moments of stress and worry make their prey more vulnerable. And, if you escape the main trick, make sure you don’t fall prey to those who will try to pass themselves off as a customer service, or a consulting company, to access your funds, thanks to environmental stress. . Excluding official networks and sites, don’t take their word for it, especially on social media and never trust anyone with sensitive information, such as a private key or password, for example.

Illustration below, with an account trying to retrieve the mnemonic passphrase of the least suspicious, pretending to be Phantom Customer Support

Le Journal du Coin will keep you informed of the evolution of the situation throughout the day. In the meantime, be careful not to make emotional decisions.

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