Ce forfait mobile 20 Go à 5 euros valable à vie est une dinguerie🔥

Ce forfait mobile 20 Go à 5 euros valable à vie est une dinguerie🔥

If you don’t want to put more than 5 euros on your mobile plan, then this good plan is for you: 20 GB at 5 euros, even after the first year, all with 0 commitment and services that are equally valid in France and abroad!

Until August 9, the Cdiscount Móvil 5 GB package is only 5 euros per month. The little extra that makes the difference? Its price is fixed, which means it will not increase, even after a year. A blessing for people who want to save as much as possible on this expense.

For this ultra-competitive rate, you obviously have the usual services, ie unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, plus the 20GB internet envelope to use in France. This affordable mobile plan also includes 10 GB usable from the European Union and the French overseas departments.

I take advantage of this Mobile Cdiscount plan

We remind you in passing that the offer is not binding. Therefore, you are free to terminate at the slightest inconvenience. The triple cut SIM card compatible with all mobile phones on the market has a single price of 10 euros. It will be mailed to you 48 hours after your subscription.

20 GB at 5 euros, the summer mobile plan

With such an interesting offer, the virtual operator Cdiscount Mobile positions itself as a direct challenger to the incumbent operators in the market. It is recalled that the latter uses the Bouygues Telecom network (about 64 million French people on the 4G network) and is therefore able to offer a quality network and coverage that covers almost the entire population.

This package of 20 GB at 5 euros differs from its competitors by the fact that it accompanies you abroad. In a nutshell, this means that the included services are valid both in France and abroad. Thus, you can call and send SMS/MMS from 38 included destinations, of which 30 destinations are in Europe (27 EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and 8 destinations abroad.

If you want to browse the internet, check your email or social media, you also have a dedicated 10G envelope (the 20GB is for use in metropolitan France only). In this way, this package offers real comfort to the user since it allows you to be in contact with your loved ones wherever you are, all for just 5 euros per month.

There is simply no such advantageous offer on the market today. Or those that are more or less similar have a price that increases after the first year. However, Cdiscount doesn’t plan to keep it online for long as it ends on Tuesday, August 9. So you still have a few days to enjoy it.

The other packages of the moment in Cdiscount Mobile

Along with this 20 GB mobile plan, the MNVO also offers three other formulas on its site. The latter start at 4.99 euros for a 40 GB envelope, then we have a proposal at 7.99 euros for 80 GB and for people who consume a lot of Internet data, the 100 GB package is available at €9.99 . Here are their prices in detail:

  • 40GB bundle (+9GB EU & DOM) at €4.99 then €9.99 after one year
  • 80GB bundle (+12GB EU & DOM) at €7.99 then €12.99 after one year
  • 100GB bundle (+12GB EU & DOM) at €9.99 then €12.99 after one year

The included services are strictly the same as the 20 GB package, the only difference is that the prices shown are valid for a period of 12 months. If you’re the type to switch plans quite frequently, looking for the best deal, then one of these formulas may be right for you. If you are looking for a long-term package, it is better to opt for one whose price does not increase.

Note that you can also keep your current number in case you come from another operator. The process takes two minutes and is completely free. All you have to do is communicate your RIO number when you sign up with your new operator (Cdiscount Mobile in this case).

The RIO, or Carrier Identity Statement (RIO) represents your unique telecommunications subscriber identifier. Composed of 12 characters (letters or numbers), you must call 3179 from your mobile phone to obtain it. It is thanks to this code that you can cancel and at the same time keep your number.

As you may have understood, Cdiscount Mobile has the right plan for all users. With or without a duration condition, between 5 and 10 euros per month, all without obligation. You could also take advantage of them as long as they are still available, because after August 9, it will be too late!

To discover the plans of Cdiscount Mobile, it is here:

Discover the Cdiscount Mobile plans

What you need to know about our good plans

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