L’équipe de France U18 masculine s’incline d’un souffle face à la Slovénie en quarts de finale de l’EuroBasket – BeBasket

L'équipe de France U18 masculine s'incline d'un souffle face à la Slovénie en quarts de finale de l'EuroBasket - BeBasket

The French U-18 men’s team fell in the quarterfinals of the EuroBasket against Slovenia (57-58) after a game that was played in the last seconds. Having flown over the start of the competition, Lamine Kebe’s men fall from above. They can still qualify for the U-19 World Cup.

  • The French U-18 men’s team fails to score against Slovenia and falls in the last moments (57-58) in the quarterfinals of the EuroBasket U-18. Lamine Kebe’s men therefore stop at the gates of the semi-finals. If in the first part the trap of the Slovenians seemed to fail, in the second the French team showed their sufficiency and ran into a Slovenian team that had the merit of never letting go.

If from the first minutes the debates were balanced (7-7, 4 ‘), the Blueberries gave a slight push to get ahead and passed the Slovenians 10-0, on horseback in the first and second quarters. lead by 10 units (17-7, 12 ‘). Slovenia tried to respond but the French team continued with their momentum, without being more offensive than in previous games, and returned to the locker room with a small advantage (31-16, 20’).

Back on the pitch, the Bleuets were outplayed by Slovenians who turned the ball around well and relied on their fundamentals. In the end, France conceded 10-0 that allowed them to get closer to their rival of the day (31-26, 24′). Throughout the third quarter, the French team could not respond and suffered the Slovenian attacks (10-23 in the quarter and 41-39, 30′). In the last act, tricolors and Slovenians surrendered blow by blow but with thirty seconds to go, the current step of Sidy Cissoko followed by a winning basket from the Slovenian player nal belko, shook France, which was six seconds behind the siren (57-58). Finally the match point ended with a poorly negotiated possession, like the second half of the Bleuets, messy and insufficient with a total of 22 turnovers and a hungry direction behind the goal (3/19).

U-19 World Cup Goal

The France U-18 team will have to get back to work and fast, from qualifying matches, starting on Saturday if it wants to win a place at the U-19 World Cup in Debrecen in 2023. To do that, it will have to win twice and so finish fifth.

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August 4, 2022 at 2:37 am

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