PSG : Galtier encense Mbappé et revient sur ses discussions avec Campos !


Christophe Galtier is a happy man. If he indicated that he had fulfilled a dream by signing for PSG, the 55-year-old coach, still at Le Parisien, spoke of other issues, in particular Kylian Mbappé or his close relationship with Luis Campos.

about Mbappe

“We are all waiting for Kylian’s return, me first. By deciding to stay at PSG, he sent a very strong signal, he showed his desire to succeed and be among the first to win this magnificent trophy with Paris. Kylian is an in-dis – The pen-sable element (he insists on every syllable) of PSG. Last season, he led PSG in an incredible way. He will return to this naturally strong trio. I can’t wait to see what he will give.”

On the extension of Mbappé

“When he extended, I did not know that he would be training PSG. Above all, I was very happy for Ligue 1. As always, I was very pleased to see the arrival of great players like Messi, Neymar, Ramos and others. before them. It is very good for Ligue 1, for PSG. And a few weeks later, he was obviously even happier with his choice (laughs).”

On the obligation to speak French

“I’m going back to my duties because everything I hear annoys me a bit! At the group level, I only speak French. That doesn’t stop me from asking my staff to translate certain things to avoid misunderstandings. But there’s no obligation.” of speaking French in the locker room. There are Argentinians, Portuguese, Spaniards… Why would they speak French among themselves? I worked abroad. When I met a Francophone person, I spoke French to him. These obligations are pure fantasy! I also heard that I forbade phones on the table. That’s not true! I’m just asking you to turn off the ringtones and not answer the table. But anyway I’m not forbidding you to watch a live football game. or to receive an urgent call. In In this case, they make a signal and isolate, there is no problem”.

On established rules

“We also established rules on schedules, on common breakfast and lunch. But there isn’t a policeman to watch your every coming and going. (Thinks) It’s normal. We spend a lot of time together, in hotels or at the Camp des Loges, you just have to establish certain principles to make it enjoyable. The same happens with schedules: everyone has to be on time, otherwise incidents are created that can disturb. Out of respect for people who are on time, I’m on time, that’s the basis.”

If I expected to see a group where everyone does what they want

“Not at all. Last year, even though I was focused on OGC Nice, I heard certain things… But I never thought I’d end up in a brothel, ever! Except here, I realize it’s all extrapolated (Smiles wryly) Yesterday (Monday) for example I found out that Gana Gueye was in Liverpool for his medical examination when he had just finished training with us. All this to say that I am convinced that you cannot have a great season if you do not depend on of a framework defined by the sports management, by the coach but also validated by the players”.

On hierarchies in the workforce

“The only hierarchy that I have established is the choice of the goalkeeper. It’s difficult for Keylor (Navas), but I work like this, I didn’t want any ambiguity. I prefer to pick a number 1, then it’s up to him to be efficient, knowing that he (Donnarumma) is pushed by a very big goalkeeper, with a great record. As for the captaincy, it was clear to me to continue with Marquinhos. For the vice-captains, I think more of a group of reference players, of “leaders” with different profiles, backgrounds and locker room connections. When I have to make decisions about group life or possibly a player who has fallen out of the frame, I first talk to my coaches about it.”

On his response to Campos

“I answer: incredible, I’m in. She didn’t hesitate for a second. I made him repeat the same, to make sure he was talking about PSG. He had just told me about a big project. It was before the last day of the championship, when I was in a decisive game to ensure that OGC Nice finished 5th or better, that I received the alert announcing Luis Campos at Paris Saint-Germain. the project.”

If Campos is a “key” meeting in his career

“I had heard, when I was at Saint-Étienne, that Luis had one eye on me and another on Leo Jardim for the Monaco project. When I made the decision to stop after eight years at Saint-Étienne, I saw his arrival to Lille very carefully. I even remember asking Luis to meet him and show him my true desire to work with him. Would I be in Paris today if Luis wasn’t there? I don’t think so. We got to know each other, to working together… (imitates a roller coaster), as in a couple, in fact, Luis and I complement each other, and when one of the two intervenes in the other’s area of ​​competence, he does so with great respect”.

About the way you work

“Luis defines, with the president, the sports policy that the club wants to implement. I do not intervene there. With Luis and my staff, we quickly worked on the game model, the organization, compared to the players. who was going to stay We thought of the best way to make them play. And then there is all this work that stands out, in particular, the analysis of the players that must make up a squad so that the team is the possible one. When Luis talks to me about Vitinha, I have three or four flashes of him at Porto and he tells me: look, look, he knows how to analyze the virtues of a player with great precision, we talk a lot up there, about this puzzle that I have to do for ourselves , and that’s very difficult. He knows what profiles I want, in what sector, in relation to so much animation and so much organization, he looks for them, unearths them, and I don’t even spend fifteen minutes a day thinking about anything other than don’t be my group, ent coaching and party organization. All around, departures, arrivals, discussions with agents, no! It’s not for me, and that’s what I want.”

In the transfer window

“I keep myself informed every day of the movements that there may be in the squad. When we start a new project, when the players have been around for a long time, we want to renew, bring freshness and novelty. But not knowing who will leave, how things will evolve. The transfer window is so complicated, so difficult that I can’t tell you what will happen. The important thing was to duplicate our pistons with the versatility of Nordi Mukiele. I’m not for doubling all the positions , I prefer to integrate our best young people. Sometimes, having versatility allows us to avoid duplicating positions”.

About the “undesirables”

“Precisely, let’s talk about these players who are called undesirable. Do you notice that designation? We are talking about international players, players who can go to the World Cup. No, they are not undesirable! But there is a desire on the part of the management to change things, to have a renewal. And in that context, we can’t crowd players every time a new coach arrives. In the end, that made sessions with 27, 28 elements. It is difficult to work, difficult for the entire squad, but more so for those who are going to have little game time, believe me, nothing was easy on a human level, but I wanted to be frank and direct and, with Luis, quickly talk to the players to that they had time to turn around, reflect on the situation and not be blamed, a few days before the end of the transfer window, for not having told them anything. Was he right or not? Only time will tell. But I’m sure you can’t work properly with 28 outfield players in training, or with six or seven very unhappy players in a locker room.”

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