Ligue 1: pourquoi cette saison 2022-2023 va être si particulière

Ligue 1: pourquoi cette saison 2022-2023 va être si particulière

The new season of Ligue 1 will start this weekend and promises to be unprecedented. The championship will be exceptionally spread over ten months, with a schedule truncated by the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. At the end of the 38 days, four teams will be relegated to Ligue 2.

An extended championship. Ligue 1 will stretch as usual during its 2022-2023 edition, which will kick off this Friday with OL-Ajaccio at Groupama Stadium (9:00 p.m.). The 38 scheduled days will be played exceptionally over ten months, from August 5 to June 3. The blame for a calendar truncated by the 2022 World Cup. For the first time in history, the most prestigious football competition will be played during the winter, in order to avoid the summer heat in Qatar.

Therefore, Ligue 1 will take a month and a half off for the best nations on the planet to compete in the Persian Gulf. The World Cup will start on November 21 with four posters: Senegal-Netherlands, England-Iran, Qatar-Ecuador, United States-Wales. Les Bleus will face Australia, Denmark and Tunisia in the group stage. The tournament will end on December 18 with the final scheduled for Lusail, about fifteen kilometers north of Doha.

Just a week of preparation before the World Cup

Dates that will force the internationals of the French championship to chain matches at a frenetic pace, and even more so for the clubs involved in Europe since the first phases of the European competitions that previously lasted until mid-December will be completed without load. November The 15th day of L1 will be played from November 11 to 13, specifically with Monaco-OM, OL-Nice or PSG-Auxerre. A great week before the start of hostilities in Qatar. Kylian Mbappé, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Aaron Ramsey, Jonathan David or Arkadiusz Milik will only have a few days to change their club shirt for their national team.

On the contrary, the players not affected by the World Cup (the vast majority) will have to keep fit during these six weeks without an official match. Trying not to miss a beat. The clubs have already anticipated this unprecedented long break by adapting their preparation schedule. In order to stay efficient over time.

Fear of getting injured

After the World Cup, Ligue 1 will resume in the middle of the week, on December 27 and 28, with, in particular, PSG-Strasbourg and OM-Toulouse for a day of French boxing, just ten days after the end of Lusail. Surely without several internationals, who should benefit from a rest period, based on their history in the competition. It will also be necessary to closely monitor the form of the stars in crampons during the second part of the championship, since there will be no winter break either. Hoping to avoid fatigue-related injuries, especially as PSG and top-ranked teams will be involved in the European Cup at the same time (Champions League, Europa League or Conference League).

“Clubs don’t have much choice, they have the obligation to start the championship well, even more so for clubs with less margin,” explains Alexandre Marles, former Blues, PSG and OL coach, for RMC. You have to get points very fast. It is more after the World Cup that attracts me. Going to Qatar, playing in a warm atmosphere, that won’t be a problem. They are going to play in the warm weather, it is very It is more the return, finding hard terrain, the cold, more difficulties of preparation and recovery.

Four teams relegated to L2

To add a little spice to this Ligue 1 season like no other, the race to stay looks tougher than ever. This 2022-2023 exercise will be the last with twenty teams involved. At the end of the championship, four clubs will be relegated directly to Ligue 2 next spring (and another two will be promoted from the second division), in order to reduce the table to eighteen teams from the 2023-2024 edition. What to expect fierce clashes between the less than good students, who will have to fight to the end to keep their place in the elite.

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