ATHLE.FR | Championnats du monde juniors : Ammirati, l’or de la revanche

ATHLE.FR | Championnats du monde juniors : Ammirati, l’or de la revanche

A year after his failure to qualify in Nairobi, pole vaulter Anthony Ammirati took the best revenge at the Pascual Guerrero stadium in Cali, winning the world title, while beating his personal best (5.75 m), performance synonymous with a new French record. Among the girls, Elise Russis and Luna Goureau offered themselves as finalists, respectively finishing fourth in the pole vault and seventh in the heptathlon.

The medal

Ammirati finally takes the title

Leading U-20 pole vault records this season – at 5.70m – antonio ammirati He was the big favorite for the world title in Cali. However, nothing was won in advance: in 2021 he had reached the Nairobi World Cup with the same status, recently crowned with his European champion title, but he had been taken out of the qualifiers, without crossing a single bar.
This time, the Entente du Pays de Fayence Athlétisme pole vaulter perfectly negotiated the qualifications and, in the final, decided to enter the competition directly at 5.35m. A bar that he surpassed in his first attempt, while seven competitors had already been eliminated. He then went back to 5.45m, 5.55m, then 5.65m, height at which he began to claim the support of the public. At that time, only the Finnish juho alasaari it could still worry him, since he had crossed 5.60 m on his first attempt, thus beating his personal best (5.53 m). After a first failure at 5.65 m, like the Frenchman, the Scandinavian jumped and tried twice 5.70 m. In vain. antonio ammirati then he had the title in his pocket, becoming the third pole bender in France to climb to the highest step of the podium in the Junior World Championship, after Jean Galfione (1990) and Axel Chapelle (2014).
Le Bleuet therefore continued his solo competition, asking for 5.75m, to improve his French junior record from last year (5.72m). A bar crossed with a good margin in the first attempt, which allowed him to rise to fourth place among the best world under-20 of all time behind Armand Duplantis (6.05 m), Maxim Tarasov and Raphael Holzdeppe (5 .80 m all of them). The pole vaulter roared then, while members of the French coaching staff began chanting “Ammirati, Ammirati!” in the stands, like football fans.
He then asked for a 5.83m bar, one centimeter more than the championship record, held by a certain Armand Duplantis. The only athlete still in contention inside the stadium at that time, he unfortunately failed three times. He then applauded, then began a well-deserved tour of the stadium with the tricolor.
I am happy ! It is a good revenge for my winter and the disappointment of Nairobi. I can’t wait to celebrate “, he confided, after the delivery of medals. ” Even if I had arrived here at the top of the balance sheets, anything could happen – the Finn also pushed me to the limit. “He also indicated that he was 5.75 m tall” in the legs for a while “, and that he had lacked juice at 5.83 m.
Happy as nothing, his coach, Philippe d’Encausse, said: ” It is always difficult to win a competition when you are the big favourite: just at this level, it was very good. Also, he broke the French junior record and his opponents were very good. At 5.83 m, he lacked freshness. But I think he can get over 5.80m at the end of the season. In any case, he promises him, and he is a guy full of qualities, who is not taken for who knows who. »
Second French committed in this final, petifar sloan he finished in twelfth place clearing 5.05m, before failing three times in 5.25m. ” When I see that you had to do 5.15m to be a finalist, and 5.45m to get on the podium, I tell myself it’s a shame “, confided after the competition, he who had crossed the 5.40 m at the beginning of July. But the Athletic Trois Tours pole vaulter might also be glad he was able to jump, as he had broken his left hand two days before qualifying after breaking his pole in training.


Goureau, an unexpected seventh place

After having started his heptathlon in the best possible way – three personal bests beaten in four tests, provisional third place – Moon Goureau He started his second day with a bang. However, she did not go as far as expected in length, falling back into the sandbox at 5.42m (+0.2), her personal best of 5.85m, achieved in 2018. javelin, then threw 37.11 m on the third attempt, close to his record. In sixth position before the 800m, she completed her race in 2’34”98, far from her reference time (2’24”53), due to pain in her ischium. Result: seventh place with a total of 5,498 points, a personal best of 171 units.

step of 22 (his rank among those admitted in Cali, NDL) at 7, so how not to be happy? I think I am going to cry! “, he declared at the end of his heptathlon, with his usual energy. In addition to this result in the general classification, which nobody expected, he could also congratulate himself for having beaten -or even broken- three of his records in the individual events, in particular in the 100 m hurdles (13”39, 12th in the world of the U-20 season) and 200m (23”91, time that would have allowed him to reach the semifinals in Cali). ” The second day is always my weak point, so I will have to work on the javelin, the mental in the 800m and the length. “, he concluded.

The most outstanding

Russis, a good 4th place… with a bitter taste

Another highlight of the day for Les Bleus was the women’s pole vault final, in which elise russisrunner-up in the junior world in 2021, and Lea Mauberret we are engaged. Originally scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, the competition was postponed to Thursday due to bad weather. The pole vaulters then waited at the edge of the track for two hours, trying not to get too cold, before finally leaving.
D-day finally came elise russis I had a bit of a scare at 4.10m, crossing this bar on the third try. He then cleared 4.20m on his first attempt, a performance that saw him climb to provisional fourth place. After two failures at 4.30 m, he skipped the third attempt, to try everything at 4.35 m, to risk the podium. In vain. The Stade Sottevillais 76 pole vaulter lay on the canvas for a moment, extremely disappointed to finish at the bottom of the box, especially as she had already broken 4.30m this season. next to her, Lea Mauberret he cleared 3.95m and 4.10m on the second attempt, before failing at 4.20m. Result: 9th place in a competition won with 4.35 m by the American Hana Molleven younger, in front of two Germans.
At the end of the contest, elise russisvery moved, she trusted that her result -although very honorable- was still ” very difficult to digest “, before adding:” We’ll have to bounce back, see what went wrong, but I know I wasn’t consistent enough in my previous stint, as was already the case in qualifying. “. Léa Mauberret, drew a balance “ mixed of its end. ” Proud Having cleared 4.10m, matching her best outdoor performance of the season when returning from injury, she also said she was “disappointed” as she aimed higher. ” But I don’t regret anything, because I went to the end “, conceded the pole vaulter from EA Grenoble 38, who was the first selection in the France team.

The promises

Gandrey advances to the final, record at stake

Just after crossing the finish line of her 400m hurdles semifinal, sonny gandrey he roared, slapping his chest. Second in the race, the one who had started from lane 8 so blindly knew that he had just snatched his ticket to the final, when he had predicted after his series that it would be difficult to win the classification. The icing on the cake: a new personal best, lowered by almost 4 tenths to 50”59 (old record: 50”98), which makes him the sixth best French Under-20 player of all time. ” Very happy “, he explained after his race that he had managed to put more pace between the obstacles, unlike his series, although he said yes” suffered a bit at the end of the race See you in the final on Friday, at 4:45 p.m. local time (11:45 p.m. French time), where he will prominently meet the Jamaican Roshawn Clarkecredited with 49”35 this season.

Mustard trembled but passed

Sixth in Group A with 69.22m, two meters from his record, the javelin thrower Mathys Mustard He was not calm once his qualifying competition was over. ” The performance is correct, but with 40 centimeters more he would have won two places “, he lamented, as he prepared to launch the athletes from group B. Finally, his performance was enough to go through to the final, with an eleventh and therefore penultimate place in the classification. A competition that will take place this Friday at 17:00 local time (midnight French time). The Charleville Mézières Athletics athlete will remarkably find the Ukrainian Arthur Felfner, who has already thrown 84.32m this season. Tonight, Mathys Mustard will try in particular to improve his technique, the one who felt that his shots had not been ” Super clean in the classification.

Anselmini, a masterful series

In a series of 800 m compact, Paul Anselmini He managed to get out of the peloton in the last corner, controlling in the final stretch to finish third in the race in 1:51.69, after releasing his effort in the last 50 meters, thus seeing the direct classification to the semifinals assured. ” We were very “packed”, with everyone in front, so we had to figure out when to accelerate, and according to whom.
“, he said afterwards, happy with his qualification. During the semifinals, scheduled for this Friday at 3:50 p.m. local time (10:50 p.m. French time), she will try to take a place from the great explanation. To do this, the Entente Franconville rider Césame Val d’Oise will be able to rely on the experience gained last year at the World Championships in Nairobi, where he was a finalist.

And also

Kouassi at the gates of the final

Arrival in Cali with the intention of running in 23” all year », serena koussi he managed his 200m heat well, finishing second in 23”46 (+1.1), one tenth off his personal best. But the AC Paris-Joinville athlete unfortunately stopped in the semi-finals, a race in which she finished in third place, in 23”45 (-0.2). ” It was the same race as in series. It’s a shame because in the end I fell behind: it’s because of the stress, I didn’t apply what they taught me. »

Lheveder and the 4x100m relay in the trap

The course of Maiwenn Lheveder stopped in the series, with a sixth place in 24”40 (-0.2). Annoyed after her race -her personal best is 23”77-, the Briton assured that now ” remobilize for relief “.
Although the girls in the 4x100m relay then did a good race, finishing in 45”20, this time it did not allow them to advance to the final. what to disappoint Maiwenn Lheveder, Lauraline Lerus, Shana Lambourde Y Maud Zeffou Poatywho claimed to have “given everything” and made smooth transfers.
Disappointment also for the runners in the men’s 4x100m, Hugo Serra, jeff erius, They leave Ottou Y Gregory Afoy, first credited with a good time of 39”77, despite a chaotic last transfer, before finally being disqualified for a transmission out of zone. With this weather, however, they could have reached the final.

In Cali, Chloé Lauvergnier for
Photos: © Thomas Windestam/FFA

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