Voyage en avion : les conseils d’un expert pour choisir à coup sûr la meilleure place

Voyage en avion : les conseils d'un expert pour choisir à coup sûr la meilleure place

Comfort, tranquility, pleasant views… Which seats should be privileged when reserving for a quiet flight… and which should be avoided at all costs? Aeronautics specialist Xavier Tytelman gives his advice to the Figaro.

Being by the window during a flight is good, having space and not suffering from engine noise is better. The important thing is the seat: the strategic location in the cabin avoids the inconveniences often found on board an aircraft. What about security, is one place better than another in the event of an incident? The illumination of Xavier Tytelman, aeronautical consultant and founder of a Treatment Center for the Fear of Flying.

What is the most comfortable seat?

During a flight, multiple small inconveniences can spoil your comfort: continuous noise coming from the engines of the aircraft, turbulence and lack of light… Some places allow you to remedy it: “In terms of comfort, the first third of the plane must be privilegeddescribes Xavier Tytelman. “Up front, you hear less engine noise. At the level of the wings, that is to say near the center of gravity of the plane, the turbulence is felt a little less. But in any case, we only lose between 5 and 20 centimeters in case of shaking.he explains. Let’s not forget the traditional seats located at the front of each class and those located in front of the emergency exits that offer more legroom. But beware: they are in high demand.

Which seat offers the best view?

Please note: being by the window is not always synonymous with an ideal view. Adobe Stock / xy

When booking, we always pray to find a free window seat. When this is the case, we tend to jump on the first available one. However, be careful not to get caught:Reserving a seat just above the wing is seeing part of the view ruinedwarns Xavier Tytelman. To remedy this, the aeronautics specialist shares a little-known anecdote: “Each plane has two window seats on each side of the plane through which the wings and engine are most visible. They are indicated by a small triangle-shaped sticker on the wall of the cabin.», reveals. This insignificant mark allows flight personnel to check the correct operation of the engines and the condition of the wings (to avoid any mechanical breakage or unexpected formation of ice). Why are we interested in this landmark? Beyond its safety aspect, it indicates to passengers the seat with the best view, that is, a clear view of the horizon with the wing of the plane in the background and not in full screen. A true modern painting.

Is there a place to avoid at all costs?

On a commercial aircraft, no matter the size, you have many options to choose from. Therefore, it is quite possible to fall into bad places. In the case of a long-haul flight, you will most likely be flying on a twin-aisle aircraft with a middle row of up to four seats. To avoid finding yourself in the middle of several strangers, elbows cut off and deprived of outside light, it is best to avoid this line at all costs and especially the two places in the middle. The same story for the seats located near the toilets: the incessant comings and goings of passengers who want to use them can affect your peace of mind.

Is there a safer place in case of an accident?

Finally, is it possible to get a safer seat than another on board an airplane? Xavier Tytelman ends the myth of the safest place behind: “There is no difference in safety between the seats. In reality, it all depends on the type of incident or accident that an aircraft may experience. But since there are few statistics on this topic, it is difficult to recommend a particular location.he adds. To relax the atmosphere, the author of the book I’m not afraid of flying anymore! It reminds us that statistically, the most dangerous moment during a trip is neither the takeoff nor the landing, but… the taxi ride! So breathe and enjoy the view.

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