Le match, le jeu déployé, Messi, Ramos, Mbappé, etc, la conf’ complète de Galtier après Clermont/PSG (0-5)

Le match, le jeu déployé, Messi, Ramos, Mbappé, etc, la conf' complète de Galtier après Clermont/PSG (0-5)

It was Christophe Galtier, obviously very satisfied and in top form, who appeared before the press after his team’s 5-0 victory in Clermont. He returned at length to this great success, mentioning in particular the cases of Lionel Messi or Sergio Ramos, but also commented on the absence of Mbappé or even the undesirables of the Parisian team. The young Zaire-Emery also had the right to a word.

We have been used in recent years to see PSG slow down in the second half in games where they were largely leading. That was not the case tonight. Isn’t that the main satisfaction?
“The way we kept the pace up is part of the satisfaction, especially with that desire to get the ball back as quickly as possible, regardless of the ball carrier’s area. There has been a lot of reaction to the loss, and it has been very positive. I insist on this point with my squad, and I talk about it a lot with the players. As for last week’s game against Nantes (4-0) and tonight, it’s very good. »

We have the feeling that your players are having fun together on the pitch. Is this an important ingredient in your opinion?
“Football is a game, by definition, when you play, you have to have fun. But the pleasure can only be present if everyone evolves in unison and strives for each other. First of all, there is the way of attacking, with the individual quality of these great players, which makes the technical sequences very good. Although there was some waste that we shouldn’t have had at times. There is also this desire to all work together during the crucial moments of a match. Periods in which we have to show that we are there, present, and not in relaxation. When you have brought these two elements together: the ability to play together, for each other, and to make efforts and trade-offs for each other, there is a notion of pleasure. It is something that we must work on, develop. Retains in us irrespective of the game, the score. »

A word about Lionel Messi. Beyond his objective, is it in this role that awaits him? Ready to fetch the balls from behind and dish them out.

“Messi has a very sharp tactical sense, very clear”

“Yes, I spoke with Leo during our stay in Japan, but also with the attacking sector to make sure that we can perform all the time. Leo has a very sharp tactical sense, very clear. He has a culture. He sees very quickly where he has to go. The way he defends and positions himself to play against each other shows that he is in an area that he likes. He loves to play with those around him. As soon as Leo smiles, the team smiles too. »

Now back to the last goal, this acrobatic return from Lionel Messi. Despite the years, he continues to surprise us haggling, moving or finding an unexpected gesture. Did his gesture surprise you?
“Surprised, no. I liked the goal. You know, Leo has been playing at the highest level for seventeen years. He had a slightly more difficult season last year. He had to adapt and suffered a drastic life change. All the previous seasons, he was at least 30 goals. From the moment that he has made a complete preparation, that he has his guidance both in life, and within the club and its members, there is no reason for Leo not to have a great season. When he is paired with Kylian, we will have even more attack power. But that’s why I have to find the best animation for our offensive sector to be efficient with each other throughout a match. »

Is the reduction of the group carried out to the detriment of Idrissa Gueye and Mauro Icardi sustainable?
“There is what the labor legislation allows us to do, and also the LFP (Professional Soccer League). That is, during this transfer window, we can split the group in two if we feel the need. This is possible until the end of the transfer window. The players who are in the afternoon sessions know what their situation is. But they are professional players, which we must respect. It is not easy for them. We’ll see if they can find a project that suits them, or if they want to stay. Still, until the end of the transfer window, we can operate this way. »

During your month at the club, has any player scored points and perhaps made you change your mind about them? Pablo Sarabia for example?

“Sarabia is an important player, who gives the right balance to our animation”

“Pablo played a lot due to the suspension of the Kylian Champions Trophy. He had a great playing time for… he was looking for the best offensive animation for this game. The absence of Kylian, who has very minor muscular discomfort, allows Pablo to be present and gain minutes. He is an important player, who gives a fair balance to our animation. He is very clairvoyant and is coming off a very good season. He is a Spanish international who has the ambition to compete in the World Cup. Obviously I’m happy with everything he’s been doing since the 4th of July. »

How is Sergio Ramos, who grabbed his leg after a scare and left before the end?
“Sergio is fine, but he has had some muscular discomfort. We talked about it at the break and it was agreed that he would not play the entire game. He is also very good to Nordi Mukiele, who was able to find his way around the team. It is important that he can play with his teammates, either as a central third or right piston. There is also the importance of having been able to sign Nordi and his versatility. »

When should Mbappé return to the game?
“Kylian consulted with our medical staff yesterday at the end of the session. He had a little notice in the adductors, nothing bad, but we prefer not to take risks. I think he will be present against Montpellier. »

Warren Zaire-Emery has become the youngest player to play for PSG tonight. How do you judge his entry into the game and his daily work under him?

“Warren loves football, his job and he loves the club”

“He is a young man who seems to have a lot of maturity. He loves football, his job and he loves the club. At the start of the season we talked a lot with the club’s sports management to give hope to our young players by telling them that it is possible to play in Paris. PSG training is of quality. It is in this sense, with everything I have seen for a long time, and during our preparation in Japan, that the time has come to give it its first minutes. I think he’ll remember it his whole life, but it’s about time. The game was almost folded. I am very happy for him, I know he is happy too. This is a strong signal given to our formation. »

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