“Le TFC a l’air de super bien bosser, je ne vous vois pas descendre” – LesViolets.Com

"Le TFC a l'air de super bien bosser, je ne vous vois pas descendre" - LesViolets.Com

Before the reception of OGC Nice at the Stadium this Sunday (1:00 p.m., first video), the editorial staff of the LesViolets.Com site questioned hotdogGood fan who hosts the show. Club Pancho.

Nice’s transfer window has accelerated significantly since the beginning of August. If we add the return of Lucien Favre to the signings, does this preseason suit you?
The transfer window took a while to settle. At the moment I am satisfied with the additions because they fill in the gaps: Schmeichel to replace Benítez, Viti to gradually take Dante’s place. Ramsey, this is an opportunity. It was free and it’s a gondola finish for Ineos [propriétaire du club, ndlr] : he is Welsh, like the sports director of Ineos. Rares Ilie is a pick of Lucien Favre, a young Romanian with very high potential. We also take Beka Beka. On the other hand, we have not sold to anyone and there is a bottleneck in between. So satisfied overall, but not done yet. There will be two or three arrivals in the offensive sector. The transfer window was delayed due to the internal reorganization between the departure of the sporting director, Julien Fournier, that of Christophe Galtier, the return of Lucien Favre… And Favre, beyond the wonderful memories he left us, is the cornerstone of the project today. He is a great coach, a strategist, and he wants certain profiles. He came back getting some guarantees in the transfer window. His return was an important message sent to us, to the fans and to Ligue 1.

Three years after the arrival of your shareholder, Ineos, what is your initial assessment? Looks like the project is stalling a bit…
The first evaluation is quite average, correct at best. We could have expected better. There is no denying that they put money. There were contracts from the first year, there was Dolberg, Claude-Maurice, Nsoki, for sums that Nice had never asked for before. The first year, which was that of Covid, we finished fifth, somewhat surprising given the level of play, the following year they fired Vieira and Ursea took over the team, and finally we had Galtier for the third year. Let’s say he lacked continuity. We could have continued with Galtier if Campos hadn’t come to PSG. But there was also a break in the Nice dressing room. Sure Galtier contributed sportingly, but in terms of communication and human management it was apparently very complicated internally.
When you have the will to launch a large-scale project, it doesn’t happen overnight. It was the first three years of testing. Ineos wants to create a super training center and give the club European, even world, recognition. When you bring in Ramsey and Schmeichel, you get a sporty punch, but also for your brand image. I am very optimistic for the future. Ineos knows how to win.

Has the club set a clear goal this season?
The objective of the president, Jean-Pierre Rivère, is to be European, to be part of the top 5 and to be regularly in Europe. On the other hand, the day of his presentation to the press, Lucien Favre said “we are top 3 and more if we want”. We know there is ambition and it materializes in this transfer window. We will also have to get through the Conference League play-offs, be solid in Europe and gain European experience, because we are lacking. Even compared to Lille, Rennes or Marseille.

We imagine that Nice needs to start their season successfully at the Stadium, right?
Yes, we want victory. For every game that OGC Nice will play, it will be the winning goal. We are not going for a draw in Toulouse, not wanting to offend you, and we must keep this ambition as long as possible. You also have to assert yourself, and that requires a good start, against a playful team. Then we’ll quickly have a home-and-away matchup in the Conference League. We will have to calm down after a somewhat complicated preparation. Afterwards, the match takes place at 1:00 p.m. in mid-August, in Toulouse. The physical dimension will be extremely important. All five changes are likely to have an impact on the outcome of the match.

A word about Jean-Clair Todibo and Andy Delort, two former members of Tef?
Tobido is frankly the boss. Great, last year he was the co-best defender in Ligue 1. And if I give you my top 3 players last year, it’s Todibo, Delort and Thuram. Todibo was incredibly consistent and gave master classes, especially at the Parc des Princes, where he ate up Mbappé the entire match. I have the impression that Todibo needed a framework, a club that also understands him, because he is a bit crazy. He has a good mentality, he is natural, hyper ambitious for himself and for the club. He is one of the unsaleable players. And if he is going to stay for several more seasons, I think he is the one who will take the bracelet after Dante’s retirement.
Delort was a request from Galtier. And without him, we didn’t catch up with Europe last year. He scored some very important goals, including that hat-trick at Reims on the last day. Subsequently, many fans wonder about his compatibility with Favre’s game. At home and at Montpellier he played two up front. Will he be able to adjust to Favre’s 4-3-3? Personally, I consider it complete enough to be able to adapt. It will start on Sunday, but watch out for the upcoming competition.

How do you see TFC this season?
I’m not going to lie to you, I followed Ligue 2 from afar. But from the outside, it looks like it’s working great. They seem to have dominated Ligue 2, not freaking out too much, sometimes with river goals. And above all, the recruitment is well thought out and not very expensive, with different data-centric methods. That arouses my curiosity, because it is very topical and above all because it bears fruit. There are four races this season but I don’t see you falling, I think there are slightly weaker teams. But it will be super difficult with the four descents.

Any predictions for Sunday’s game? And for the final classification of the two clubs?
I will say 1-0 for Nice. It will probably be an open game, but I don’t see many goals. A small hard 1-0, I take advantage of it.
For the final ranking, I see you between 12th and 16th place. Not in Ligue 2 anyway. And for OGC Nice, I’m clearly going to get wet: unlike the main national media who don’t even see Nice in the top 5, I’m going to say 3the. Because if the graft starts, he can give something very strong.

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