Essai 308 SW PureTech essence 110 : faut-il acheter le break premier prix ?

Essai 308 SW PureTech essence 110 : faut-il acheter le break premier prix ?

Very successful in its 180 hp plug-in hybrid and 130 hp diesel versions, the Peugeot 308 SW is still fully recommended in its basic configuration equipped with the less powerful gasoline engine (110 hp) and in a so-called finish (Allure Pack). . Enough space, comfort, a minimum of driving pleasure, correct equipment, a voluntary engine and consuming little, all at a moderate price. Which simply begs the question: why spend more?

Simple but not simplistic

Stretched 27cm compared to the 5-door, or 4.64m in total, the “made in Mulhouse” engine offers the same petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid variants as this one. And needless to take out the €46,450 claimed for the Hybrid 225 version, the entry-level 110bhp PureTech petrol engine already offers a lot. Obviously, who says first price says limited choice, and this engine is only offered in Active Pack finish, the least sexy of the range. It settles for stripped-down front claws, a grille without chrome inserts, ignores the dark-tinted side windows and rear window, and settles for 16-inch wheels. And that doesn’t stop Lioness from overdoing styling effects, like the spoiler that adorns the bezel. Same mole on board, where some will even be happy to find actual buttons to manage the air conditioning, instead of the i-Toggles, these touch shortcuts present from the second trim level, Allure. The environment is cared for and if the inevitable i-Cockpit isn’t every driver’s panacea, the 308 station wagon is in excellent condition to hit the road.

In the Allure Pack version, we are entitled to real controls for the air conditioning, a good point for ergonomics!©Peugeot

silence on board

However, the 110bhp three-cylinder is only offered with a six-speed manual gearbox. It hangs a bit and your order is placed a bit high. In

change, allows you to get the most out of the small 1.2 l, more robust than it seems thanks to its turbo. We’d like it to be more responsive below 1500 rpm and less affected by engine sway around town. But he is completely involved in his road and highway business, where he convinces with his discretion and his availability, knowing that it is enough to go down to 5th to overtake in complete safety. The 6th gear long gear has the advantage of saving both your ears at 130 km/h and your wallet, as this 308 SW is content with 6.5 l/100 km at this rate… that is, less than many plug-in hybrids , such as the Renault Mégane Estate E-Tech (7.3 l). On average, the Peugeot station wagon requires only 6.5 l. Thus, with a reasonable weight (1,330 kg) and careful aerodynamics, a barrage of technologies is not needed to save fuel.

comfort above all

When driving, what immediately appeals is the driving comfort. Contenting itself with 16 inches with a fairly high flank, the 308 SW filters out road flaws better. This Peugeot even proves to be surprisingly comfortable for the solo driver on board, who doesn’t inflict a jump on the rear axle because it stiffened up to take the load. This truck is very nice to drive, the small steering wheel adds to the feeling of liveliness. Even if agility, even more than in the sedan, takes second place in favor of balance. But nobody will blame this 308, which takes advantage of its size to offer a cellar worthy of the name of 380 dm³. And, if you’re not entitled to the lift-up trunk floor (offered by Allure), the tabs for tilting the 40/20/40 seatbacks are there, as is the luggage cover, which rolls up quickly. Owners of the previous 308 SW will retort that they had a larger boot (425 dm³) and more generous rear seats, with at least 3cm more legroom for passengers. This does not prevent this new generation from showing a nice homogeneity in this PureTech 110 variant sold for €27,400, when the PureTech 130, with a smoother engine in the city, but hardly more efficient in absolute terms, claims €1,520 more (€28,920). .

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