SolarisKit : il invente un chauffe-eau solaire prismatique autonome, peu couteux et très rapide à monter

SolarisKit : il invente un chauffe-eau solaire prismatique autonome, peu couteux et très rapide à monter

We don’t always know, but almost 50% of the world’s energy is consumed solely to produce heat. There are renewable solutions with high energy efficiency, such as solar collectors for hot water, but certain techniques are not suitable for certain regions of the world. Everything could change thanks to faisal ghani, CEO of SolarisKit, which invented the first self-assembled, flat-pack solar water heater, the SolarKit S400, an innovation that makes heating water easy, environmentally friendly and affordable. This invention could satisfy many needs in Europe, but also throughout the world, and in particular in Africa, where the supply of hot water is a real lack for the populations. Discovery!

Who is SolarisKit?

SolarisKit is a Certified B Corp based in Dundee, Scotland which was founded in 2019 by its CEO faisal ghani. That year, the company was part of the EIT Climate-KIC program in Scotland, in partnership with the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI). When faisal ghani becomes a father, is deprived of sleep and is documented, in particular about the fact that Rwandans must spend 40% of their low income on energy. At the time, he was a scholar at Heriot-Watt and a professor of renewable energy engineering, and he thought that converting sunlight into heat shouldn’t be that complicated; that this would have an economic impact on people’s lives, but also an ecological one for the planet. He explains : “The reason why solar energy has not penetrated the markets of Africa, Central America or Southeast Asia is that the solutions available have been developed mainly for the needs of rich and industrialized countries such as Europe”. In fact, Africa already has a warm and sunny climate. perfectly suited to this type of installationbut the technologies are not adapted to this continent… Too bad for the student I was at that time!

Zambia’s first gravityflow solar water heater. Photo Credit: Hamish, SolarisKit Engineer

What is SolarisKit?

Solar water heaters already exist, but on this continent, they are first difficult to manufacture and then to transport. Excessive temperatures can be dangerous to populations and these water heaters remain fragile. In addition, residents often use plastic connectors to collect hot water and these pipes can be easily destroyed by heat.

The SolarisKit S400 was designed with these challenges in mind. The kit comes in the form of a totally flat pack that can be transported on a cargo bike, for example. He is delivered with assembly instructions and it can be done in about twenty minutes, without knowledge or tools. It is simply connected to the house’s hot water tank through a conventional pump. The solar water heater has also been designed to be safe, heating water up to 70 degrees Celsius, which is hot enough to kill bacteria without damaging pipes.

Clean and affordable energy
Clean and affordable energy. Photo Credit: Hamish, SolarisKit Engineer

What advantages for the SolarisKit?

Unlike current solar collectors, which are designed for Europe and have to be tilted at a certain angle, the SolarisKit is installed on a flat surface or on a flat roof, a very common structure in Africa. “European” solar panels must also respect an orientation towards the equator, a knowledge that the inhabitants of remote villages do not always have… The SolarisKit S400 therefore eliminates the risk of incorrect installation because it can passively follow the sun thanks to its prismatic shape.

A versatile system
A versatile system. Photo Credit: Hamish, SolarisKit Engineer

The other undeniable advantage of the SolarisKit is that it can be placed anywhere, as long as it is flat and sunny! It can also be located far from the houses, since you only have to fill it with water and then wait for the day to have hot water at night, directly accessible through an integrated tap. mister ghani concludes with these words: To me, innovation is about developing something simple and practical that will improve someone’s life or the environment. You take a complicated problem and turn it into a simple solution and I think that’s where the impact lies. A superb innovation, right? More information:

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