CR7, Manchester ne tourne pas rond

CR7, Manchester ne tourne pas rond

Far from the story romanticized when he returned to Manchester United last year, Cristiano Ronaldo now finds himself at a dead end. At 37, the Portuguese wants to leave the Red Devils, with whom he will not play the Champions League this season. Except that the exit door so longed for for weeks does not exist at the moment. Enough to light a new fire in the Mancunian house, immersed in yet another revolution.

“I’m not here for the holidays. I’m here to win again. I feel capable of it, me and my colleagues. The next three or four years are going to be huge.” . These words were spoken by Cristiano Ronaldo almost a year ago during an interview for the club, on September 9, 2021, two days before a successful return where he will nail a brace against Newcastle. Beyond his usual determination to rack up wins and trophies over and over again, CR7 sent a strong message to the crowd at Old Trafford: the long-time spoiled man is back with a desire to lead MU back to the top. Eleven months have passed, a disappointing season has passed (sixth in the Premier League, elimination in the round of 16 of the Champions League) and the speech of the five-time Ballon d’Or has evolved greatly. The world of care bears is over, Cricri no longer hides his desire to leave the north of England and join a team that can meet his needs. Or how to put the club in trouble again at the dawn of a new season, which starts this Sunday with the reception of Brighton (start at 3:00 p.m.), under the sign of one more internal revolution since the start of Sir Alex Ferguson. nearly ten years ago.

Ronaldo-ten Hag: I love you, neither do I

At the heart of Manchester United’s renewal, one man: Erik ten Hag. The former coach of Ajax Amsterdam, sworn in at the end of May, is called to be the one who delivers the Red Devils on the way to success. With or without CR7? Such is the question. Until now, the two men have sent each other flowers mainly through official speeches. “He has done a fantastic job for Ajax and is an experienced coach.announced the Portuguese striker at the end of May on the official website of Manchester United. We are all happy and excited. I wish him the best and I believe that next year together we will win trophies again! » Response of the Dutch strategist, when the rumors of the departure of CR7 already inflamed the football planet: “Cristiano Ronaldo is not for sale, he is in our plans […] I look forward to working with him. » Since then, the cliffhanger has picked up speed. Ronaldo skipped the summer tour and much of the preparation to play a meaningless 45 minutes against Rayo Vallecano last Sunday, before going off at half-time and leaving the stadium without permission. A behavior not to the taste of his coach. “I certainly don’t accept that. This is unacceptable, for everyone.said ten Hag in an interview with Viaplay Sport some days later. We are a team and you must stay until the end. »

Registered divorce? No. ten Hag returns to the niche to defend his player. “I am very happy to have him. We have an excellent goalscorer, he is there and he is part of the team.hammered at a press conference this Friday. Cristiano works very hard. We’ll see if it starts on Sunday. » If so, on what system? With what responsibilities? What expectations? In what position? The vagueness is total about the use of CR7 and his adaptation with his new coach. Meanwhile, the native of Funchal remains silent and continues to wait for a positive result that takes time to point the tip of the nose.

a dead end

The Portuguese’s wish is simple: at 37 years old, he doesn’t want to wait and wants to join a great team classified for C1 at all costs, and shame about the love story with the Theater of Dreams. And it is at this point where the situation becomes more complex. Despite all the efforts of Jorge Mendes, his agent, the latter is rejected by the legitimate destinations for a player with such a record. Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético de Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, ​​​​Naples or even Bayern Munich, nobody wants a player in the twilight of his career, while more exotic destinations (Sporting Portugal, Corinthians, Galatasaray or even a club from Saudi Arabia) are ruled out by the salary of the five-time Ballon d’Or. Even ten Hag would do it, according to information from the Telegram this Friday, asked its leaders to facilitate a transfer “For the good of Manchester United” .

But with less than a month to go until the end of the summer transfer window, staying at MU is the only option for CR7, although he has badly damaged his image as a club icon since the start of the summer. Gary Neville, his former teammate and Sky Sports consultant, told himself ” upset ” of Ronaldo’s behaviour, which he considers unprofessional and not exemplary. So by September 1 at 11:59 p.m., when the transfer market closes in England, the smallest gestures, on and off the pitch, of the C1 goal record holder will be scrutinized from all angles, from this Sunday afternoon.

By Fabien Gelinat

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