Dossier : Comment rendre cette équipe moins inoffensive ? ⋆ – Foot – ASSE – Actualité

Dossier : Comment rendre cette équipe moins inoffensive ? ⋆ - Foot - ASSE - Actualité

The Greens couldn’t do better than recover a point from their match against Nîmes this weekend (1-1). A dazzling observation appeared, the greens dominate, they have possession but they are not dangerous. Offensively, the group lacks players and talent. In the absence of this, he lacks above all for the moment automatisms and combinations to undermine his opponents. Despite mostly favorable possession, Laurent Batlles’ team created very few clear chances.

“It’s an observation that everyone shares” (on the harmless attack) Yvan Neyou uttered in the mixed zone after the match. The attacking trio formed by the Saint-Etienne coaching staff consisted of Ayman Aiki, Jean-Phillipe Krasso and Adil Aouchiche. The first, scorer of the first day, obtained the first ownership of him. At 17, the winger trained at the club has not been unworthy but he cannot lead Saint-Etienne’s attack alone. Well managed Nîmes defense (many times in grip at 2), he did not have the same influence as in Dijon. Krasso, often alone and little touched (30 balls touched), Stéphanois’ striker got and scored his penalty… that’s all! Finally, Aouchiche could have quickly opened the scoring with one of the only good combinations of the match, but it was too late. For the rest, he alternated the good and the less good…

39 Ayman AIKI (asse) – 22 Victor LOBRY (asse) – 17 Jean-Philippe KRASSO (asse) during the Ligue 2 BKT match between Saint Etienne and Nimes at Stade Geoffroy-Guichard on August 6, 2022 in Saint-Etienne , France. (Photo by Philippe Lecoeur/FEP/Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon sport

A blatant lack of intensity.

The game played at 3:00 p.m. in sweltering heat is one of the first explanations for the team’s lack of intensity. Possession has been barren too often. The desire to sting his opponent too timid! One glaring observation is the lack of speed within the workforce. Krasso isn’t a deep player, and neither is Aouchiche. Aiki is more so, but has often been handled well by the Nîmes defense. In short, the team seeks to create differences but clearly lacks creativity, speed, percussion, players capable of eliminating their rivals and therefore generating panic in the opposing defense. The arrival of Painter will help in this direction, but at least 2 players with the “swallower” profile will still be needed.

unsuitable players

Laurent Batlles has chosen to return to 4-3-3. The failure of the first day in Dijon with his 3-6-1 system forced him to change his tone. Adil Aouchiche’s example is flagrant. He was repeatedly replaced by Laurent Batlles who wanted to see him on the line. The former Parisian played as an inside midfielder and did not allow the team to take advantage of the numerical superiority of the full-backs. However, the attacking midfielder is not a lane player and will necessarily play as an eccentric midfielder. Speed ​​and percussion are not his main qualities, a player in a role incompatible with Batlles’ idea of ​​a role…

Another example, Jean Phillipe Krasso. The French-Ivorian striker is not an axis player. He performed better last season playing 2 up front. He doesn’t like being confined to a “scorer” role. He is a player who likes to create, dezone, collect to bring the dangerous ball to the foot. At least that is what he did last season in Corsica and that helped his team to reach league 1. He is the only player capable of occupying this position… this position of 9, a problem that has already been going on for too many seasons. ..

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17 Jean-Philippe KRASSO (asse) during the Ligue 2 BKT match between Saint Etienne and Nimes at Stade Geoffroy-Guichard on August 6, 2022 in Saint-Etienne, France. (Photo by Philippe Lecoeur/FEP/Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon sport

Finally money to recruit?

21M already raised

Recruitment is really essential in this offensive sector. While the club signed 6 players, they did not pay any transfer fees. Recruiting players free or released from their contract, Stéphanois’ hoax does so with his limited means. However, last week the club recorded 2 departures: Bouanga for 5M at Los Angeles FC and Youssouf for 1M at Famalicao. Beyond the 6M recovered, the club is getting rid of two large salaries unbecoming of league 2. With the sale of Lucas Gourna to Salszburg, the club has just signed 21M. The club had promised to sell for 20M this summer to get into the nails imposed by the DNCG. Reducing the club’s budget from 70 million to 30 million is working!

Fofana’s impulse?

Until then, the hope of seeing the hoax invest money remains a sweet dream. However, a boost could come from abroad. Wesley Fofana sold to Leicester for 40M under Puel has a 20% capital gains clause on resale. From there, Chelsea is doing what is necessary to recover the defender trained at the club. The last offer would be 97M. The player who mirrors what he had done at Saint-Etienne is pushing hard to join Thomas Tuchel’s club. For now, if the 97M offer is accepted, ASSE would recover 11.4M from the operation. However, Leicester say they are not sellers, is an even higher offer expected? News that could finally unblock this offensive site!

Chelsea’s Hakim Ziyech (right) battles for the ball with Leicester City’s Wesley Fofana (left) and Leicester City’s Timothy Castagne (centre) during the Premier League match at Stamford Bridge, London. Picture date: Thursday May 19, 2022. – Photo by Icon sport

To conclude, ASSE will have to recruit and find players capable of making a difference. The lack of momentum in attack is also explained by the lack of quality and complementarity between the players. Laurent Batlles wants to find the best chemistry by looking for suitable profiles that are missing from the template. The points lost yesterday against Nîmes show that with a little more “weight” offensively, the team is capable of doing well in this championship. Direct promotion will be complicated, we all know that, but we will have to do what is necessary to avoid a season that ceases to be of interest as of March…

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