MotoGP Silverstone J3 Débriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha/8) : Déception, pneu, cauchemar, Yamaha, chicane, Bagnaia, etc. (Intégralité) – Paddock GP

MotoGP Silverstone J3 Débriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha/8) : Déception, pneu, cauchemar, Yamaha, chicane, Bagnaia, etc. (Intégralité) - Paddock GP

This Sunday, August 7, 2022, fabio quartararo answered questions from journalists at the Silverstone circuit after the last day of the British Grand Prix.

The current MotoGP champion, leader of the current classification and last winner at Silverstone, all the traffic lights seemed to be green for The devil, but the latter leaves England with the disappointment of a meager accumulation of points. Not so much because of Long Lap’s penalty at the start of the race, which he did quite well, but mainly because his rear tire overheated, which made him suffer.

As usualWe report here the words of fabio quartararo without any formatting, even if it is partially translated (using you in English, you in French).

Are you disappointed?
fabio quartararo : “ Yes ! Disappointed, because I thought that the Vuelta Larga was going to penalize me much more, and in the end it didn’t go so badly, but the rear tire was very bad. We can’t bike behind cyclists, it’s just a nightmare. As long as there is only one bike it is fine, but when there are more bikes the rear tire is very hot. It lost in performance, then it deteriorated and you drive in a completely different way than everyone else. For us, overtaking is a nightmare. »

Was the medium rear tire a decision by Michelin or the team?
No, it was our choice. We hadn’t tested the hard rear tire so we made a mistake not testing it. So we made a mistake, and that’s the problem: we didn’t test the hard tire and in these conditions it was very important to use this tire. »

Despite the Long Tour, do you think you could have stayed ahead?
Yes. I think so, because our problem was not the distance, because in the end we lost a second and a half. It wasn’t bad, because if there had only been one bike, we would have lost a second and a half, and it would have been fine. But when you are behind several riders, my rear tire gets very hot and we don’t understand why. Of course that’s why the rear tire gets too hot and you lose performance and then the tire degrades. Hard would have been better, but it’s always easy to talk after the race. »

and the front tire?
The front tire was fine! Although we knew it would be difficult on the soft tire because we normally have jerks on the soft tyre. But on this track, it worked out well for us. »

Today you fought with Ducati, Suzuki, Aprilia and KTM: what do you think of the other bikes?
Maximum speed ! In top speed and acceleration, rear grip: there are a lot of things we don’t have, but I prefer not to talk much about it. The most important thing for us is to stay focused instead of looking at the negative points that we have, since we cannot solve them this year. »

What upcoming circuits do you think are a good fit for Yamaha?
I think we can be fast on all circuits, but there is no track that suits us perfectly. On all the tracks there is a lot of acceleration and long straights. Of course, we didn’t go to Japan last year, we didn’t go to Thailand, and there are long straights there that require a lot of acceleration. We’ll see how it goes. »

Do you think it’s time for Yamaha to change their mentality in their work?
I don’t know. I don’t know how they work, because in the end I only see a few people in the box. The people who actually do the real work, I never see them. I don’t know how they work on these things. Yamaha have hired some Italian engineers, so I hope that helps, but right now I don’t think anyone knows how hard I push the bike, and that makes my life a lot harder. »

You lost some points with Pecco…
Not just a few points over Pecco – if you look at the last two races, we almost lost both races. So of course I see a lot of Pecco in contention for the title, but it’s something we have to get used to, because they have more experience than us, they have more bikes. As soon as we arrive on Friday we are fast, because our bike is very, very similar to that of previous years. And of course, the more races they do, the more they know the bike. Of course they are a bit slower on Friday, but as soon as they do more laps throughout the day they are much quicker than us. »

Will the chicane created in Austria help you?
No, it’s not going to help us because, for me, the corner was a place where I braked very late. But first, let’s see how safe this Chicana will be, because she looks even more dangerous than before. »

How would your race have gone without the Vuelta Larga?
I think better, because I would have had fewer bikes in front. This is the mystery we have: when we have several bikes in front of us, we are in trouble. And there, it did not happen. It didn’t happen, because you never know what to expect. That is to say that when the tire is overheated, once it is the front, another time the rear, and we do not understand why. »

Could you have stayed ahead, without the Vuelta Larga?
I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s easy to talk afterwards… But I don’t know what our result would have been without the Long Lap. »

There, your problem is that you couldn’t overtake?
There we had the rear tire that got hot when we followed the others. We have no chance of overtaking because we have been 10 meters with each acceleration in a straight line. So it’s frustrating, but unfortunately it is. »

Is Pecco your main opponent?
For me, yes, I see more Pecco these days. He is the man who really manages to make a difference. But that’s the way things are, we’ll have to try to do our best for the next few races. »

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