Conso – La banque en ligne de son frère bloque tous les prélèvements et est injoignable : le coup de sang d'une Loirétaine

La banque en ligne de son frère bloque tous les prélèvements et est injoignable : le coup de sang d

“I no longer know what saint to dedicate myself to, except perhaps Mr. Julien Courbet”.

From her pavilion in Chécy, Nelly, 78, is desperate to one day be able to make her brother understand her brother’s admittedly delicate situation, but not so complicated to integrate. With 20 euros withdrawn several times a month since May, The “misunderstanding” amounted to 1,000 euros in bank charges on August 4. “And there’s no way they’ll listen to you!”

To understand, we rewind four months earlier.

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“Very difficult to reach”

On March 22, 2022, the brother of this resident of Chécy, 66 years old, was placed under “safeguard” by court order. The procedure is a prerequisite to an eventual placement in guardianship or conservatorship, decided by the guardianship judge.

“My brother had a difficult divorce that he experienced very badly, he had a debt of several thousand euros… so he agreed of his own free will, at the beginning of the year, to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.” Therefore, the safeguard procedure is decided at the end of this hospitalization, and the courts appoint an agent, through whom Loiret will now have to go through all the acts of everyday life.

4,000 euros in the account but payment is not accepted

Problem: Boursorama, Nelly’s brother’s bank, apparently never understood how the system worked. “As soon as the backup procedure was announced, they removed the overdraft authorization that my brother had. Then then they blocked all withdrawals from his account starting in May. There is absolutely no payment that has been accepted for three months. Some are obviously essential: medical insurance, electricity supplier, telephone operator, insurance, or even just for shopping!

Nelly’s brother, however, receives his retirement well (2,200 euros per month). And the account is financed: there was just over 4,000 euros on it to August 4.

“But in addition to having blocked all direct debits, Boursorama retains a penalty of 20 euros each time one of them is denied. The amount of these penalties now amounts to 1,000 euros.

Difficult to defuse the situation: “They are very difficult to reach, apart from Elliott, their virtual little one. When I call, they tell me that I can’t access my brother’s accounts. He can’t either, since he is under judicial guardianship. As for his representative… either he doesn’t reach them either – which he explained to us – or he doesn’t do what’s necessary! When we point it out to him, he tells us that my brother is not the only file he has to deal with. But I, my brother, have to eat every day!”

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“Where would he be? On the street?”

Nelly’s feelings are divided between anger and despair. “This situation puts us all in a very difficult situation. I help my brother as I can, I paid his last rent, but at 78 years old it is not easy”.

“If I wasn’t there, where would he be? On the street? We had no choice but to enroll him in Restos du Coeur. He decided to sell his electric bike, his trailer, to get some money back. But he also sold his wedding ring and his signet ring.

Loiretaine’s anger is partly directed at online banks: “At first, we find it great, we usually have less bank fees. But where, for traditional banks, we have personal advisors, with online banks, we have nothing. You shouldn’t have the slightest problem with them!”

They “don’t play the game”

If Nelly’s brother’s representative did not want to express herself in detail, she nonetheless acknowledges “that some banking organizations, including online banks, do not play the game of access to bank data, notwithstanding the provisions of the law”.

“This is to the detriment of adults, in handling their administrative and financial files, not to mention psychological impacts of such a situation”.

contacted by The Republic of the Center Saturday August 6, boursorama did not respond at first. But following our requests, the company announced, this Monday, August 8, to have reset all direct debits from the bank account Nelly’s brother; they have returned the 1,000 euros bank charges; have made a commercial gesture of 200 euros.

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