Ligue 1 | Le classement FFL de la 1ère journée – FFL

Ligue 1 | Le classement FFL de la 1ère journée - FFL

Last season, we parted ways on one last day of madness. Three months later, we find our Liguaína with goals in (almost) all fields. Making this the most prolific opening day in 45 years. That’s all.

For this new season, we have decided to establish a semi-objective scale so that each club stays on the same ship. Leaving the right to add or subtract points from time to time for game events. And this, at the customer’s expense of course!


. Loss: +1 point
. Own goal: +1 pt
. Goal conceded in added time: +1 pt
. Penalty missed: +1 pt
. Defeat by 3 goal difference or more: +1 pt
. 5 or more conceded goals: +1 pt from the 5th goal
. 5 losing streak: +2 pts
. Unexpected defeat: +2 pts

Penalty fee

. Win: -1pt
. Goal scored in added time: -1 pt
. Victory by 3 or more goals: -1 pt
. 5 or more goals scored: -1 point from the 5th goal
. 5 win streak: -2 pts
. Unexpected victory: -2 pts

Lyon Ajaccio: 2-1

Lyons: – 1

The Lyonnais had the privilege of opening this new season of Ligue 1. And the Gones did not fail to put all the facts of the game that made them a legend back on the menu of the day. The penalty sequence for Lyon marked by Lacazette – Lopes kamikaze exit can only trigger a wave of chills for every football lover.

Something tells us that this season is going to be discouraging.

Ajaccio: +1

There could be no better return to Liguain playing their first match at the Groupama Stadium. Pantaloni’s men thought they could come back for exactly 14 minutes. Time it took for Romain Hamouma to join Anthony Lopes in the shower. It is not so easy to erase ten years spent with the Greens.

Strasbourg Monaco: 1 – 2

Strasbourg: +3

The Alsatians gave us the first domestic air conditioner of the season. Led until minute 90+2, Strasbourg and Habib Diallo thought they could snatch the tie in the closing moments. Before the goal is disallowed for too large a shoe size. It will rarely have been so cold in Alsace on August 7th. Enough game data for us to add two additional points. No problem.

Monaco: -1

ASM continues its crazy streak of ten consecutive games without losing in the league if we take into account the end of last season (9 wins, 1 draw). The last team to beat the Monegasques in Ligue 1 on March 13? Strasbourg. LOL.

Clermont PSG: 0 – 5

Clermont: +3

In the jargon, this is called a manita. In Auvergne, we could simply call it “game against PSG”. Already last year, the Clermontans took the sauce in the Parc des Princes (4-0) before giving them a hostile reception on their return (6-1). Five new goals conceded this time, the average is maintained.

PSG: -3

After the soporific 4-0 inflicted on Nantes during the Trophée des Champions, PSG continue to abuse the FFL in France. We are only in August, and Neymar and Messi have already reached a better level than last season. But don’t be scared, the Parisian cycle continues its course.

Toulouse Nice: 1 – 1

Toulouse: 0

Assist by Branco van den Boomen, goal by Thijs Dallinga. We are likely to see this Dutch connection many times this season. From his return to Ligue 1 we cannot say that the Violets reassure us.

Nice : 0

Driven to Téfécé, the Aiglons were ready to do anything not to lose in Toulouse. Even if it means letting Aaron Ramsey score a goal. This shows the magnitude of the sacrifice when the legend of this fanatic is known.

At a sports level we can only validate the draw with a promoted player to start his season.

Angers Nantes: 0-0

Angry: 0

Nothing better than a Western Derby to start the season. If the poster is purring, the content is a little less so. SCO did what they did best in Ligue 1: take the tie point.

Nice: 0

After the suitcase suffered during the Champions Trophy, the canaries only had one concern: having to look again for a ball at the bottom of their nets. A step to forget this trauma.

Brest Lens: 3 – 2

Lens: -1

We are not going to lie to you, Florian Sotoca starts the season with many penalty points. A hat-trick for the opening match has rarely taken our federation so high.

chest: +1

The Bretons believed in the comeback, but instead they offered us a love of almost feat. Leading 3-0 after 65 minutes, Brest got back to 3-2 and then decided to stop their comeback. We knew of the famous generosity of the people of the North, that of Brittany is not bad either.

LOSC Auxerre: 4 – 1

LOSC: -2

For Paulo Fonseca’s first on the LOSC bench, we can’t say it’s very reassuring. Four goals passed to the AJA, and as many doubts that settle on the FFL side.

Auxerre: +2

We couldn’t have expected a better start to the season from AJA. The Burgundians conceded two goals after two minutes. After leaving Bordeaux for Auxerre, Benoît Costil picks up his good old habits. He walked to 100.

Montpellier-Troyes: 3-2

Montpelier: -1

Who would have thought that we would see four goals in 17 minutes between Montpellier and Troyes? If the Liguaina is not the most beautiful championship in the world, it’s our turn. As far as the MHSC is concerned, Téji Savanier’s crazy paw better calm down quick. Under penalty of losing big points to his team in the FFL ranking.

Troyes: +1

He scores twice again, ultimately losing ten minutes to go. Did you dream about it? Estac did it. It’s only the beginning of the season, and we can’t wait to see what the Rummy gang has in store for us each weekend.

Rennes-Lorient: 0-1

Reindeer: +4

Another derby took place on this first day; that of Brittany. And as expected, logic was not respected. Rennais loses for the first game of the season and Pep Génésio is already trying to calm the situation. Ambient.

“There are 37 days left, if we are already alarmist and defeatist, the season is going to be long…” B. Génésio

Lorient: -3

The season is off to a pretty bad start for the Hakes. In the fight to keep up last year, Régis Le Bris’s men are already making a first false step. All this without any of the Lorient players scoring. An impressive tour de force.

OM Reims: 4 – 1

OM: -3

All the elements were there for a legendary premiere at the Vélodrome. A coach signed in panic buying, a locker room already reassembled after the latter, and an audience reserving their best anger. Welcome to Marseille, dear friends.

But like Neymar at PSG, when some fans want him to be missed so they can boo him better, the guy gives us a master class. Igor Tudor is of this caliber. The mistral has risen considerably over La Canebière since the final whistle.

Rheims: +4

The Stade de Reims was a perfect sparring match for the Marseilles. At the same time, it is difficult to resist Luis Suárez, author of a brace. Bear with me, this is only the first valve of the season for him.

The Ligue 1 FFL standings

1. Reims 4
1. reindeer 4
3.Clermont 3
3. Strasbourg 3
5. Auxerre two
6. Ajaccio 1
6. chest 1
6. Troyes 1
9.Toulouse 0
9. nice 0
9. Angry 0
9. Nice 0
13. Lyons -1
13.Monaco -1
13. Lens -1
13. Montpelier -1
17.Lille -two
18. Marseille -3
18. Lorient -3
18 PSG -3

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