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The Chamois Niortais have the stamp of Ligue 2 as possible. For the 10th season in a row, and aside from a dazzling 5th place finish in 2014, they gracefully vegetate in the soft underbelly of the antechamber without making waves. One could even say, in a certain anonymity. But all that was before the exceptional weekend of August 6.

Summer atmosphere in Deux-Sèvres

First information for those who have crouched too close to the radiator in geography: despite the Chamois appellation, Niort is not in Savoy at all, but in Deux-Sèvres, where there are no mountains. And therefore not Chamois. After that, the big event of the preseason was the signing of Charles Kaboré. Suffice it to say that, until now, the club lived its peaceful little life in the shadow of the media. But that was before the day of glory: Saturday, August 6, 2022.

It all started out pretty good though. Bastia reception at 7:00 p.m. 24°. Sun with a little wind that feels good. All the ingredients for a quiet weekend. The local team was quietly preparing for their game, when suddenly, 3 hours from kick-off, 5,850 kilometers away, a tweet sent will change everything.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo announces its choice for the new coach: it will be Sébastien Desabre. A former Ugandan coach, he toured many clubs in Africa, probably playing for the final team. Oh yeah, one little thing too. He has been coach of Chamois Niortais for 2 years.

A legendary match start for Chamois Niortais

As much to tell you, the preparation for the match is a bit interrupted all of a sudden. There is no doubt that the players got the news quickly, and that the coach’s speech in the locker room must have gone in one ear and out the other. But the players are professionals. Once in the meadow, it is about going to look for the 3 points.

Yes, we know, we can’t see the video here.

Well, not at all. A minute into the game, Dylan Tavares takes advantage of a defense that was already in trouble to adjust the goalkeeper. 0-1.
Second minute, Moataz Zemzemi loses a beautiful ball 25 meters from his goal. Frank Magri doesn’t need to be asked. 0-2.

And continue. 0-4 in the 25th minute. Suffice it to say that Regis Brouard’s Bastiais (former Niort coach on the other hand) is on a health tour. The match will no longer be of any interest, with a reduction in the score anyway. Once the 0 points that Chamois took, now is the time for the management of the coach with a very simple question: but what the hell is this?

A superb release, worthy of the greatest.

Thus, as soon as the game was over, Chamois Niortais took out the weapon of the big clubs: the press release.

The Chamois Niortais Football Club has never been in contact with FECOFA about its coach Sébastien Desabre and reiterates its desire to keep him beyond his current contract.

Furthermore, the Chamois Niortais Football Club reserves the right to take any action against the Congolese Football Federation following the particularly inopportune publication of this “official” announcement on the day of its first home match of the 2022.2023 Ligue 2 BKT season.

Biting, dry and with the possibility of reassuring everyone. Except that, at a press conference, that is not really the feeling that Sébastien Desabre gives to the assembly.

We have to talk about tonight’s game. I am completely transparent with Mr. Hanouna. (Note from the club’s sports director) and with the club. I will communicate about this soon enough.

Suffice it to say that we have known more convincingly than to say that nothing happens. Also, 24 hours later, a new press release from Chamois Niortais. And it is directly placed very well to enter the Top 3 of the most beautiful press releases of this season.

A 20-word sentence to say it was over. We imagine that the communication department is not going to make a farewell video.

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