OL – Ajaccio (2-1) : Corentin Tolisso, les prémices d’un retour

OL - Ajaccio (2-1) : Corentin Tolisso, les prémices d’un retour

Corentin Tolisso (credit: David Hernandez)

Facing Ajaccio on matchday one, Corentin Tolisso was able to step onto the pitch at Parc OL for 15 minutes. After a truncated preparation, the midfielder really began the story of his return to OL.

First there were the beginnings when he went out to warm up, then a standing ovation when he entered Friday’s game against Ajaccio (2-1), corentin tolisso he eventually picked up the course of his story with OL where he had left off. In the 75th minute, when replacing Lucas Paqueta, could hear that the public of the Rhône wanted it. Like Alexander Lacazette before him, the fans chanted his name from the heart, happy to (re) see the boy from Tarare in action.

A quarter of an hour therefore, the time to check that the former Munichois had not lost any of his qualities in the duel and his technique. We felt that he was very calm, able to reassure his team-mates in a period when Olympique Lyonnais had to struggle to maintain their one-goal lead. He was one of those who allowed the team to better control the debates at the end of the match. “I was in the stadium on Friday and of course it’s a bit tricky judging for 15 minutes, but you can see I wasn’t apprehensive. exposes us Anthony41 years old, paid follower since 2001. With John Lepenant, turned out to be complementary. When one climbed a little higher, the other fell behind, and vice versa. Then see this medium with Maxence Caqueret plus, it’s clearly kiff. In addition, we saw that he had not lost anything when he had to go to coal, he won at one point. The Corsican flew while not moving.

“was moving”Vincent Tolisso, father of Corentin

This return and this fervour, 5 years after his last match in this shirt (against Nice on May 20, 2017), also affected his family. “It was moving, I got goosebumps when I heard all that cheering. Even he didn’t expect this, to recognize Vincenthis father. But that’s also why he came back, he knows they want him here. Against Ajaccio it didn’t go very far, but last season it was a game that OL would surely have lost. That is also what Corentin and Alex (Lacazette) can contribute. No longer having that fear when things go wrong, that psychological barrier and that panic when the winds are contrary as with Antho’s red (lopes). That culture of winning that they lived in Bayern and Arsenal. At Bayern, even against the smallest, they wanted to run them over.”

Despite everything, the 2018 world champion did not prepare with the others. Therefore, it seems difficult to expect excellent performances from him during the 90 minutes at the moment. “Tolisso’s return had given hope but also many questions. He was confident after his presentation where he said that he had worked well. But this injury continues to bother… We have the impression that we are going to relive what happened at Bayern. I just hope it’s just the negative reaction of his individual preparation because we’ll need him to put some order in the house. Lacazette has already shown in a month why he came back and what he will bring, so now we are waiting to see with Tolisso. parcel Raymond72 years old, a resident of Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon and attended training on Monday with his grandson. On Friday he had 2-3 abrupt interventions so it is clear that he has not lost any aggressiveness and that is already a good sign.

Fans between hopes and expectations about him

Between hopes and expectations, some fans want to see more before fully rejoicing, such asemily23 years old and a member of Lyon 1950. “There are more expectations placed on Tolisso than on Lacazette for me. Both for the second one, we know approximately what to expect, and for the first one, I have the impression that we are really in a bet and I hope that it is a winner. He left five years ago as a confirmed player in Ligue 1 and that he needed to try in Europe and his return is still a mixed feeling. I’m happy to see a former member of the house return and at the same time we look at his last years and tell ourselves that we should hope that he is left behind. He is unlucky because the preparation would have extinguished all that skepticism and in the end only reinforced it, I regret the Majolane. At the moment I prefer not to position myself, I am waiting to see if it manages to follow up. Anyway, that’s all we want here.

With one more week of leg training ahead of Sunday’s trip to Lorient, corentin tolisso pressure will increase throughout the month of August. Like Maxence Caqueret, who should make his return to him, the Rhodanien is kicking with impatience to start a match. It remains to be seen if Peter Bosz will his midfield change from the first day, and if so, by what proportion.

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