Blizzard apporte plusieurs précisions concernant Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Blizzard apporte plusieurs précisions concernant Wrath of the Lich King Classic

In a message posted last night on the official forums, Pazorax provided several clarifications on various elements of Wrath of the Lich King Classic ahead of its release next month. If you have been wondering about Raid Locks, Race and Faction Changes, Mounts and Achievements, Group Finder or Arena, here are the answers.

raid lock

The developers have decided that locking will be shared between the Normal and Heroic versions of a raid, but not between the 10-player and 25-player versions. You’ll be able to do the 10-player and 25-player versions of each raid during each lockout period, but you’ll have to choose between Normal and Heroic for raids that offer this ability.

The main concern was the feeling of having to do the same raid several times a week to always stay on top, but this was more the case in Trial of the Crusader than in Naxxramas. The release of Trial of the Crusader allowed for four different builds of the same content to be made each week, each offering better loot than previously available, creating enormous pressure to make all four builds to replace the team of Ulduar. Having the same lockout for the Normal and Heroic versions of Trial of the Crusader greatly reduces this issue by halving the number of weekly sprees.

Additionally, players have indicated that they want to do the 25-player version of a raid with their guild and the 10-player version with other people. Overall, the social upside of having different sized raids available each week is very good and fits in with the developers’ goals for the ecosystem, allowing friendships to form and grow. You could, for example, find yourself in 10-player raids with the same few people from time to time, and end up inviting them to fill an empty slot in your main raid afterwards. Conversely, if you could do the Normal and Heroic builds in the same week, you would be incentivized to push your existing party to chain them together, which doesn’t provide the same positive social experience.

Due to a bug in the Beta, the 10 and 25 player versions of Naxxramas had the same crash, but this will be fixed before release.

The developers are also planning for normal and heroic trinkets (such as the verdict of death) to share a single gear category, so you can’t have both versions of the same trinket equipped at the same time. While it was originally possible to do so, it was not planned and was the reason for the creation of the Unique-equipped category at the time. Before this one was created, developers could only prevent characters from carrying two copies of the same item.

Race and faction changes

Although it won’t be ready for a September release, the developers have changed their minds about it and are working on adding race and faction switching as a paid service in an upcoming patch.

The developers didn’t originally plan for the race and faction changes, as these remove some of the fantasy of having drastically different physical attributes that affect your playstyle, and they were also concerned that players would be looking for the trend of the moment in terms of racial abilities. . . However, being able to play with your friends is the most important thing, and you need to be able to keep your achievements with you when you do. This is a similar case to realm transfers, which are already available as a paid service, so it makes sense to make the same decision regarding race and faction changes.

This furthers the goals of protecting the social experience and will come in an upcoming patch.

Character mounts and achievements

As before, mounts and achievements will be character based and not account based.

This move originally went hand in hand with no faction race changes, as a way for players to retain their feats when creating another character. Having convinced the developers to allow race and faction changes in an upcoming patch, they are focusing their efforts there and preserving the Wrath of the Lich King origin by keeping the mounts and achievements associated with the character that earned them.

group search

The developers continue iterations of the Group Finder tool and do not plan to add a Random Dungeon Finder.

For gamers, this is probably the most active topic of discussion since the announcement, and the developers are following feedback on how to improve this tool and make it better. This is likely to be disappointing news to some, but the team wants to address this before launch so everyone knows what to expect and agrees accordingly.

The developers are hoping that the recent counter-impulse changes, especially in the new realms, will reinvigorate low-level dungeons at launch. They also hope that the Party Finder tool will make it easier for players to form long-term friendships.

Arena 2v2 Achievements and Titles

The developers will offer achievements and titles in 2v2 Arena as in Burning Crusade Classic.

At the time, Wrath of the Lich King 2v2 Arena titles and achievements have been discontinued, but due to player demand these will be retained in classic rage. These had been abandoned due to the difficulty of balancing 2v2. These days, instead of trying to make all classes equal in each category, developers want to preserve existing balance and celebrate the unique playstyle of classes that perform well in them.

Other answers

  • Name changes have always been planned and will be available at launch.
  • The new realms will be available with the pre-expansion patch. Soon more information about dates.
  • Ulduar will function as before. No additional difficulty.
  • Group Finder does not teleport to the dungeon.
  • The developers would like to offer the ability to change the difficulty per boss between now and Trial of the Crusader.

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