EN DIRECT – Supercoupe d’Europe, J-1 : Benzema est bien déterminé à ajouter un nouveau trophée à sa collection

EN DIRECT - Supercoupe d'Europe, J-1 : Benzema est bien déterminé à ajouter un nouveau trophée à sa collection

Final of the Real press conference

That’s all for today. See you at RMC Sport on Wednesday to follow the match between Real Madrid and Frankfurt.

A question about Finnish football for Ancelotti

The technician responds with few generalities (and brio in his communication).

“It’s my first time in Helsinki. It’s a very nice place, a bit like Canada. Finnish football has had good results in recent years. We’re going to play in a historic stadium. We’re happy to be there. There will be a lot of fans Real and a lot of Frankfurt fans and fans will be in black and white. You would think the whole stadium will be for Real.”

Ancelotti on the best season

“Without a doubt, it is the best season of my career. My players did it. It was a combination of quality, experience, enthusiasm and a bit of youth. We beat great teams and achieved great things”.

Benzema on the good season ahead

“It was the best season of my career because there were the trophies. This is a new challenge and I want to do better on the pitch. I am mentally prepared to do better.”

Modric and Benzema on what they would like to have for each other

Benzema: “The football he plays is everything I like. He knows how to play with one or two touches. I can like the outside of his foot.”

Modric: “I would like to have everything from Karim. I didn’t know him well when I arrived but I saw all his talent when I trained with him. What I would like from him, his goals. Score so many goals.” “

Benzema on Real and his role as captain

“I came young. I wanted to win the Champions. I am very happy to be the first captain, I am proud of my work. But what changes is being the first captain. scoring goals and providing assists to help the team”.

Ancelotti on his eleven in the Super Cup

“The champions of the Champions League can play in the Super Cup, although it is true that other players also deserve to play. But the two who are next to me have a chance to play.”

Modric on the importance of the trophy at the start of the season

“We want to start the season in the best possible way. We lost the Super Cup last time. We want to win and we will do everything we can to win and start the season in the best possible way.”

Ancelotti on Frankfurt and German football

“There is a big responsibility on Bayern’s side. What happened in Germany, also happened elsewhere. Achieving a balance between the teams is difficult.”

Impossible to replace Benzema today according to Ancelotti

Benzema: “I don’t know if we need another striker, we have to ask the coach. We have a lot of players capable of playing up front”.

Ancelotti: “We have many attackers with Karim, Mariano, Rodrygo, Vinicius. If the best striker in the world is missing at the moment T. It is impossible to replace Karim Benzema at the moment in the number 9 position.”

Ancelotti in the best squad this season

“We have signed players who have improved the physical capacity of the team. We have to create that chemistry between the youngsters and the veterans. That chemistry was decisive for the squad last season. With Rudiger and Tchouaméni, he is going to contribute a lot on a physical level.”

Modric on his playing time before the World Cup

“I’ve always said it was special. The important thing is what we show on the field and in the game. I feel good on the field. Carlo knows that I want to play and that I like to play. good position to help the team. The World Cup is in the middle of the season but that doesn’t change anything. You have to be prepared, train well and be prepared for when the Mister asks us to.”

Ancelotti on his condition and Benzema on Ronaldo’s departure from Real Madrid

Ancelotti: “It’s always special to win. If we’re in a position to win, I’ll be happy. But statistics aren’t that important to me, I want to enjoy myself with my players.”

Benzema: “It’s different since Ronaldo left. I’ve scored more since he left. We had a different system and we had fun on and off the pitch. I knew I could give more and when he left I knew it was my time to bring more”.

Benzema on the Ballon d’Or or the collective titles

“Every year I want to win trophies and that’s important. I’ve always said that the team wins the trophies. The individual awards come later, the most important thing is to win trophies with the ‘team’.”

Benzema and Modric for a better season

Benzema: “I always say that we are no longer very young but we are working at all levels, on and off the pitch. We want to maintain a high level. The squad has improved compared to last season”.

Modric: “As Karim said, you always have to work hard. We have a very good quality squad. We have prepared ourselves to have a good season. We will give everything to have a good season.”

Ancelotti on the dream of a story with titles

“We will see if it is possible, we will fight for all the competitions and all the teams. It will be difficult but we will do our best to compete in all competitions. I have confidence in my team, in all my squad. We have improved Compared to last season, we will give everything we have.”

Ancelotti on Frankfurt and the Super Cup

“It’s a normal game. We came to win. We saw their game against Bayern and that doesn’t hide their run in the Europa League. They’re a dynamic team with speed. We’ll have to fight to win. We’re very confident. We want to win this Super Cup”.

Benzema on being the best player in the world

“I’m not like that to say I’m the best or not. Every year I give my best for this club, it’s the best club in the world. I try to raise the level every year. There are other people to say if I’m the best in the world. world but I won’t tell.

Modric and Benzema on the importance of the European Super Cup

Benzema: “It’s very difficult to win, it’s good for us. Every game is a war and it’s an important game for us. We’ll try to win this game. We’re European champions and we’ll give everything to try and bring the trophy back to Madrid”.

Modric: “It’s been a difficult road to win the Champions League. On Wednesday we can win the first trophy of our season. We’ll give it our all. We’re ready and we hope to show it on Wednesday.”

Let’s go for the Real Madrid press conference

Carlo Ancelotti is flanked by Luka Modric and Karim Benzema.

Benzema and Modric present at a conference

Carlo Ancelotti will be accompanied by Luka Modric and Karim Benzema during this Real Madrid press conference. Another ten minutes before the start of the media appointment.

It’s the end of the German conference!

See you in 20 minutes for the Real, scheduled for 6:15 p.m.

As a goalkeeper, how do you prepare to face players like Benzema?

Trapp: “It’s a way to show our strengths, our qualities. Everybody knows this team, I didn’t have to do any specific preparation. My job is still the same, stop as many shots as possible. There will be a lot of Quality in the field tomorrow, with Benzema, Vinicius… They have special players”.

On Benzema’s threat up front

Glasner: “When we play against Real Madrid and a player like Karim Benzema, we have to defend especially well. He moves incredibly well and has an enormous finishing quality.”

On the support of the Frankfurt public, very prominent last season in the Europa League

Trapp: “The support of the fans is an important part of our club. This support in the Europa League has helped us enormously. Of course, we also want to give them something in return.”

Kostic leaves for Juve

The Eintracht coach has also confirmed that his winger Filip Kostic will not be in the squad tomorrow, and he will have to quickly commit to Juventus.

On the interest of competing in this European Super Cup

Trapp: “This match means a lot to us, because it is the reward for our efforts. We can measure ourselves against perhaps the best team in Europe and show what we are capable of. We are happy because we deserved it”.

Santos Borré: “Tomorrow is a great game for us. It’s a final. We have the chance to continue making history and win a trophy. We have to take advantage of these moments”.

How to play against Real?

Borré Santos: “We have to be focused. We have to be strong. We have to defend compactly and systematically use our own transition moments. Then we will have a chance.”

Real too strong for Frankfurt?

Glasner: “Last season we saw that there is always an opportunity. And we want to take advantage of that opportunity tomorrow as well. We will face an exceptionally good team, but we know what we are capable of.”

First question about the opposition posed to the Royal

Glasner: “We are all very excited about this game. It is the prize for our victory in the Europa League last year to be able to play against Real. We face this meeting with great joy and without any fear”.

Let’s go for the Frankfurt conference

Former Parisian Kevin Trapp, Rafael Santos Borré and coach Oliver Glasner will be interviewed by European media.

The two pre-match press conferences can be followed with us here

17:15 for Eintracht Frankfurt, which should not take longer, and 18:15 for Real Madrid. Us keep in contact.

The Real Madrid group with the debutants

For this match, Carlo Ancelotti will be able to count on a group made up of 25 players. The recruits Antonio Rudiger, Aurélien Tchouaméni are present. Like the French Eduardo Camavinga, Ferland Mendy and Karim Benzema.

Kostic does not retain in the Frankfurt group

While waiting for his departure to Juventus, Filip Kostic will not make the trip with his teammates, as announced by the German club. “We are currently in partnership with another club (…) In this context, we have decided to play the match against Real Madrid without Filip,” sporting director Markus Krosche specified.

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