Pourquoi l’OM version Tudor va tout casser cette saison

Gros changements dans l’organisation de l’OM !

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Despite the fears and other criticisms of the summer, Igor Tudor’s OM has every reason to succeed this 2022-2023 season. Média Foot Marseille delivers them to you one by one, starting with the most obvious: Because OM!

1/ Because no one expects OM this season

Even before it started, the 2022-2023 season has already experienced a crisis start at the level OM… The unexpected departure of Jorge sampaolilate hiring and tensions with the new coach, igor Do you sleep. In a month, OM He already has a beating heart without even having resumed the competition. He promises… But this scenario is perfect for a team to succeed. Because with this eventful preparation (in the press, in any case), nobody imagines the Marseilles at the head of the billboard. All observers hope that Payet’s gang will trip over the rug and even that Igor Do you sleep be the first to be sent off this season. It must be admitted that, even on the part of the Media Foot Marseille editorial team, skepticism was present a few weeks ago. But the information that has been receding for a few days is increasingly reassuring. If it is true that the areas of tension surrounded the preparation of the group, they allowed to straighten things out with the group. And to assert a coach’s authority that must pass after a Jorge sampaoli as popular as imposing. In Ligue 1, as in the European scene, OM will not be a favourite. The ideal state to shine and surprise everyone!

2/ Because labor makes sense

If the Marseille transfer window took longer than expected, Pablo Longoria wishing to obtain all validations from the DNCG before moving in, OM got a good boost. And if we have to wait for arrivals until August 31, for now what makes sense is a renewal of the squad. The defense project was the most important, with significant outputs and the need to fill gaps. OM did not go into detail with the arrivals of Leg, Mbemba, Touré, Tavares Y clause. A 100% renewed defense to which we must add the players who were already present last season and who, despite everything, showed good things. For the rest, Pablo Longoria secured the midfield with a reinforcement of experience (Jordan Veretout) and bet on two new outstanding strengths in attack: Luis Suárez for his versatility in attack and alexis Sanchez for the big hit of the summer. Consistency at all levels, you have to admit. Igor Tudor benefits from a reinforced defensive squad, the main lack of him. And new strengths in attack, a sector that has experienced failure at various times during the season with Sampaoli. This squad makes sense, is balanced, complete and can cover all the needs of this new 2022-2023 season: shine in Ligue 1 and endure in the Champions League.

3/ Because the recruits have everything to succeed

Rubén Blanco, Samuel Gigot, Isaak Touré, Chancel Mbemba, Jonathan Clauss, Nuno Tavares, Jordan Veretout, Luis Suárez Y alexis Sanchez. If there isn’t much glitz this season, it’s because OM wants efficiency. command word by Igor Do you sleep, who wants to have a solid, hard-working and united group. And each of the recruits of Pablo Longoria meets those specifications (with the exception, perhaps, of Alexis Sánchez, a record different from the others due to the Chilean’s star status). And if each of the new players is there to fill a need in the squad, it should also be noted that they all have the perfect profile to succeed in OM. promising players (Toure, Tavares), soldiers at all times (Leg, Mbemba, Clauss, Veretout, Suarez) and for some, a “vengeful” spirit after a less evident period (Veretout, Sánchez). OM He will take advantage of each particularity of these individuals to give strength to the group. It will be the work of Igor Tudor, who identified all this upstream with Pablo Longoria. If the mayonnaise takes time, you will have to be solid to try to stop this OM… Neither the sexiest nor the most impressive of the decade. But to be successful, a group doesn’t necessarily need a star. Many times it’s the opposite…

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