MotoGP Silverstone J3 Johann Zarco (Ducati/Ab) : « Là, j’étais dans le Game ! » – Paddock GP

MotoGP Silverstone J3 Johann Zarco (Ducati/Ab) : « Là, j'étais dans le Game ! » - Paddock GP

The saying goes “never two without three”, but the third crash of the British weekend was especially cruel, ending the hopes of the French driver who, however, had been masterful from the beginning. British Grand Prix at Silverstone. A missed opportunity that pushed the Pramac rider from third to fifth place in the championship.

Solid, very solid! Such was the performance of johann zarco on the British circuit after a seemingly beneficial summer break. Leader in FP1 and poleman on the starting grid, the two crashes suffered before the start of the Grand Prix had not damaged either the morale or the physicality of the Pramac driver who started impeccably when the red light went out, even reaching take several steps ahead on the first lap: great job!

A great job that, however, was reduced to nothing on lap 5, when the Ducati GP 22 number 5 went to sleep losing front grip at turn 14.

The Frenchman analyzes the situation focusing on his front tire, a medium, as the winner of the test francesco bagnaiaso what jack millerthird, he had chosen to put it out to tender.

I had no luck today. The high temperature led me to take this medium up front, which was a good tire as Pecco won on it. But for me, it is the cause of my crash, because we always have a little less grip with this compound. I was too worried to take the soft and not finish the race with a good pace. On the other hand, I knew the environment quite well, and therefore I was quite confident and the first few laps were quite good. But I was surprised at Turn 8 and I am clearly disappointed. During testing I approached this corner much faster and stayed on the bike. This time it was impossible. The positive of today is this feeling that I was able to take with me during the race and understand even more this tire that sometimes seems like a difficult choice because for nothing you can be a hero or a zero. It is a little difficult. »

My start was good and I was surprised to be in front at the first corner. No one seriously attacked me, and it was good to lead the race. I thought with the tire things got better with every lap. I was really fast for the first two laps, then I slowed down a bit on the third lap. I had a good feeling and I found my rhythm. But as I was saying, I was surprised because I had already gone through this corner much faster during practice, staying on the bike, and this time it was not like that. possible. »

From the beginning, I attacked to take off. At 59.7 I’m quite happy, and on the second lap I did a little better, but I don’t think I’m getting that far ahead, anyway Miller was following me well. Later, I don’t know if I already had a little gap or not with the others. It’s only three rounds after all! Making a small mistake on the third lap and braking at 2’00.2, I said to myself “okay, now I’ve got my bearings a bit. With the 2’00.2 you don’t attack and I don’t lose space”… yes, there was a way to relax to find the rhythm.
I saw that he couldn’t let go of the boys right away, but I wasn’t worried. »

As usual, Johann Zarco preserves the positive…

It helps me better understand this limit of grip that the front tire sometimes gives or doesn’t give. Pecco is very sensitive on this, I’m a little less, I’m much more sensitive on the rear tire. Everyone chose the hard because it was hot, but it made sense to switch to the medium tire up front in this heat. But there, it really wasn’t about heat, it was more about the track, and given my style, the software would have been better. »

At first, I was sad that I hadn’t taken my chance. It’s hard to put everything in place like that to win. I hope to be in good shape again in Austria. What I have felt this weekend, and especially during the race, helps me to progress on the Ducati and to have even more sensations than I want. »

I’m not going to stop, I’m not going to dismount either. The positive is that I had some interesting feelings in the race. It feels good to reopen good feelings to keep aiming high. You have to develop things and there, I was in the game! »

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