Douleurs musculaires : les causes et les remèdes les plus efficaces.

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Myalgias or muscle pain can manifest in many parts of the body and in multiple ways. In medicine, we very often talk about polymyalgia rheumatica and fibromyalgia. The first is characterized by pain in the head. The second refers mainly to the muscles and soft tissues of our body. What to do in case of muscle pains ? to find a treatmenteffective in the long term, it is first necessary to understand where they come from.

Muscle pain: when your body speaks to you!

The human body has more than 600 muscles. They are groups of fibers in bundles that can contract or shorten. These contractions are at the origin of the movements of our body. As with all of our organs, our muscles can also become a source of pain.

What are the possible causes?

Acute muscle pain usually presents in an appropriate context. Most often, this symptom occurs after trauma or muscle injury. We speak then of muscular tension.

The pain is felt in the back, neck, groin, or calf. It can be accompanied by a sprain when soft tissues are injured: ligaments or tendons. The knees, ankles and wrists are the areas of the body most frequently affected by this type of injury.

Excess muscle work.

Muscle soreness can also occur after overuse of a muscle that hasn’t necessarily gotten used to working. The pains mainly affect people who are too enthusiastic and decide to train on a whim. However, it can also occur after excessive stress on the joint. As a result, one is left with very sore surrounding muscles.

Low back pain or muscle spasms in the back are usually the result of uncontrolled physical exertion. For example, when lifting a heavy object, you may experience severe lower back pain.


there’s also muscle pain without exertion , that is, they were not caused by trauma or overuse. The most common causes are stress and tension. These can cause strong stiffness in the muscles, most often in the neck.

Viral infections.

Viral infections, such as the flu or the common cold, very often present generalized symptoms. Muscle pain is one of them. Most often, the whole body is affected.

What are the remedies?

Rest :

Most acute muscle pain can be treated quite easily. Rest is essential, especially if they are linked to overwork or injury. This also induces a cessation of activity until the pain subsides. Immediately, you can apply an ice pack or ice pack to soothe your pain.


Doctors prescribe pain relievers in particular in case of widespread pain. This medication works effectively by waiting for the muscles to relax and the pain to go away on its own. They can also be products based on essential oilsable to heal bruises.

Treatment of the origin of the pain:

For muscle pain caused by the flu, the disease that is causing it needs to be treated directly. At the same time, pain relievers can provide relief. Once the disease is treated, the muscle aches that were just its symptoms should also go away.

The massages:

In the case of chronic pain, it is possible to try massage. Of course, you should seek the advice of your doctor. Self-massage is not recommended, however, it is best to consult a professional who will be able to effectively treat your muscle pain.

Regular physical exercises:

Certain regular exercises can also be effective depending on the cause. Swimming, walking and the elliptical trainer are very popular. The practice of certain disciplines such as yoga is also recommended for people prone to polymyalgia rheumatica. The same goes for improving sleep quality. It is true that this point may seem like a detail, but it can remedy many ailments, including muscle pain.

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