L’UNFP taillade le Bordeaux de Gérard Lopez

L'UNFP taillade le Bordeaux de Gérard Lopez

The UNFP has published this morning a scathing press release against Girondins de Bordeaux and the management of its owner Gérard López. The businessman is personally in the crosshairs of the words of the players’ union.

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“When Gérard López plays, it’s the players who drink”

The UNFP press release:

To understand how and why some Bordeaux players are, today, handed over by their president to popular condemnation in the context of falling wages, it is worth going back, briefly, to the various elements that led Girondins to a new dead end. exit. …

Act 1

Without taking into account the possible “occupational accident” after a sports relegation, the leaders had not taken any precautions in the drafting of the players’ contracts. Therefore, there was no mention of a drop in wages if the club ended up in Ligue 2.

act 2

In view of the accounting and financial elements, the National Direction of Management Control decides the administrative degradation of the club to the scapular in National.

Even imagining the Federation frightened at the idea of ​​a possible lawsuit -after the Bordeaux Commercial Court approved the rescue plan presented by the club-, the lightness with which the FFF will disavow the DNCG -of which it does not France usually stops praising the work and praising the merits – question. Because by allowing Girondins to compete in the Ligue 2 professional championship, the credibility of an independent commission that, however, never takes its decisions lightly was called into question…

act 3

The DNCG still manages to impose supervision of the Bordeaux club’s wage bill from which it will not have to repeal.

And it is here where we find a Gérard López, as in himself.

Let’s skip the classic intimidation maneuvers especially when they can, as here, serve science: demonstrate that soccer players are not soluble at high temperatures by training at 3:00 p.m., in the middle of a heat wave, the fired players.

And as if this preferential treatment were not enough, now they are being asked – they had to dare… – to accept a 20% salary reduction, an “offer” that the Bordeaux club also made to some of their teammates…

It is because the Girondin would exceed the limits imposed by the DNCG that the contracts of his three signings have not yet been approved and that they have thus come to ask several of their players for alms, summoned to give up a fifth of their salary, knowing –by least we have to wait…– that they will not be able, in the event of their employees’ refusal, to initiate a dismissal procedure, which cannot be applied to fixed-term contracts.

By wanting at all costs, even at any price, to “save” the soldier López and the historic club he presides over, today locked up by the Luxembourger in a logic of barter, the authorities have evidently not taken into consideration the future condition of the players…

Incredible true?

It is easy to imagine the reaction of the members of the National Management Control Department to a situation that they had foreseen and that they logically wanted to avoid…

And, as is often the case, now it’s about shifting the responsibilities to the players. Because beyond the pressure exerted internally, the media repercussion of the measures advocated by the club has a single objective and testifies to Gérard López’s will that the players, who refuse to lower their salary, bear the reasons for a possible shipwreck. Victims, as much as his club, of the trade system established by its president, indirectly endorsed by the authorities, are now pointed out as guilty.

It’s so easily and completely in the habits of the former head of LOSC.

Because, in Bordeaux as in other places, when Gérard López plays, it is the players who toast.

End of press release.

As a reminder, Paul Baysse, who is part of the famous loft, is on the union’s steering committee like many former players.

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