On a testé… « Cult of the Lamb », quand l’agneau se change en loup gourou

On a testé… « Cult of the Lamb », quand l’agneau se change en loup gourou

When the American publisher Devolver gets involved in a project, we know that there is always something fishy. In this case, with cult of the lamb from the Australian studio Massive Monster, there is a lamb under the church. The sheep in question, saved in extremis slain by a disturbing deity, he agrees to become his apostle in exchange for his own life. He then finds himself in charge of founding a hidden community that will sing his praises all day long in the middle of the forest. However, what was not written in the contract is that administering such a cult requires true stewardship.

additional sect

Because once the first followers are recruited and a new holy statue is installed in the center of the camp, trouble begins. We have to organize the prayer, say the daily sermon, make sure everyone has their own bed, take care of the meals, and even clean up the droppings of our flocks, otherwise they will get sick. Constant micromanagement that tests your faith.

Especially since the resources necessary to feed and shelter this beautiful world do not appear by miracle. There will be some stones and other trees to exploit in the area, but it is in the dungeons that our charismatic lamb will have to dig up gold, materials, blueprints and new followers. It is thus a second part of the game that is revealed: after the management, the action.

Between two dungeon explorations, it is your responsibility to maintain your camp, for example by building new buildings there.

Devotees I’m not sorry

Behind his pretty finery and deceptively innocent smile, our guru appears perfectly capable of wielding sword, ax or dagger to slay any scoundrel who stands in his way.

The level structure will not lose the usual titles like Isaac’s Binding, with rooms arranged in small, simple mazes that rearrange themselves with each exploration. cult of the lamb it also shares a surprisingly similar health system, represented by hearts of different colors and with various effects.

If at first the fights are rhythmic – the animal responds to the finger and the eye when it is necessary to roll or cast spells – unfortunately they become rough and boring throughout the adventure. In fact, the three-quarter view camera, as well as the fake 3D the game uses, tend to make it hard to read the action, especially in close-ups. Nothing unacceptable though, especially since the default difficulty is forgiving.

In addition to bladed weapons, the lamb can use spells, some of which can deal damage from a distance.

there where cult of the lamb demonstrates brilliant demonism is that your camp continues to evolve in real time while you’re away. Then we quickly realize that no monster is as terrifying as a notification informing him that his devotees are starving or, worse yet, that one of them has passed the weapon to the left. Ideal for putting pressure on yourself to finish your quest (even if it means making silly mistakes in a hurry) and rushing home to manage the day-to-day: repairing shops, cooking and picking up droppings.

In the name of the father and the sacrifice

Fortunately, and despite the mental load inherent in commanding this army of followers, the adventure does not remain hampered indefinitely. By dint of prayers and good words, the various progress bars representing the cult’s fervor fill up, the boss’s arsenal expands, new rituals with various costs and effects appear in your repertoire. Gradually unlocked skill trees allow for the construction of toilets, farms, and other cleaning stations so that this spiritual offspring can gradually take over responsibility. This allows you to go on a quest with a little more peace of mind.

As a animal crossing Corrupted, over time, we become attached to these brave beasts. Above all because the artistic direction, at the crossroads of don’t starve Y happy tree friends, is particularly adorable and suits the half-cute, half-ghoulish theme of the title. To the point that we even feel a small pang in our hearts when the inevitable moment arrives to literally sacrifice them, with or without their consent, on the altar of sacrosanct progression.

Sacrificing a follower is a quick and drastic way to speed up your character development.

pixel review

We liked it:

  • the very clean art direction, very cute and perfectly at odds with the gloomy theme;
  • the management that presses exploration;
  • the fights we found dynamic at first.

We liked less:

  • the fights we found rough at the end;
  • lack of variety in environments;
  • Repetitive tasks: cleaning, collecting, fishing, over and over again.

It’s more for you if:

  • you have your BAFA and can manage a group of somewhat idiotic individuals unable to fend for themselves;
  • you love Isaac’s Binding Y don’t starve.

Not for you if:

  • you don’t like camping;
  • you don’t like to see animals suffer (even when they like it).

pixel note:

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