EN DIRECT OM: Suivez la présentation d’Alexis Sanchez en live

EN DIRECT OM: Suivez la présentation d'Alexis Sanchez en live

This is the end of this presentation to the press. Place for official photos.

OM’s next game: In Brest, on Sunday evening, August 14 at 8:45 p.m.

On the situation of Caleta-Car

Longoria explains that there should be no club at the end of the contract. “Olympique de Marseille will not have a player at the end of his contract, it is very clear in the club’s policy and we have spoken with the player and his representatives.”

How many players to sell at the end of the transfer window?

Giving a precise figure is complicated, that will be the job at the end of the transfer window. But our goal is 22 players, two players per position.

About the conditions for the second year.

The conditions are that everyone is happy with the situation. Alexis came here to be competitive, to win. That is everyone’s goal. I think the most important thing is that we have Alexis.

About the negotiations

“It’s teamwork and patience. I appreciate your patience because sometimes I can be heavy, days with many phone calls. We were already talking about it a bit last year, but especially in June when Jaier Ribalta entered. a slow process but with a lot of patience between all the people here (Alexis Sanchez and his agent).

We turn now to the questions in Longoria

And it starts with a wink.

about expectations in Marseille

I like the pressure, that things are difficult. It has always been that way in my career. It allowed me to learn how to handle all of that and deal with this pressure.

Cheick Bamba Dieng big fan of Alexis Sanchez

“It is very nice to have a player who looks at you, if I can I would train with him.”

What will be your first steps in Marseille?

First of all, look for a house to be comfortable and happy with my family. If we want to win, we have to be happy, not only me but also my family and my dogs.

What made you choose Marseille?

“It’s a personal challenge for me. I’ve played in Italy, Spain, England and now France.” He also says that Lucien Agoumé, an Inter player, got into his head with OM and that the idea started to gain ground.

At yesterday’s reception at the airport.

“Very surprised and very happy with the reception, I still haven’t managed to get my feet on the ground after this reception.”

Did you choose OM for the Champions League?

“Playing in the Champions League is something very nice. I try to fight for titles everywhere I go. Inter hadn’t won for 11 years when I arrived. It’s a bit the same here. There is a very good squad, very good leaders”. And we’ll do everything we can for that.”

What does he know about Marseille?

“They told me that OM had a great history, the biggest French club. It’s a challenge for me to come and win here, when I come here it’s to win titles.”

What is your ideal position?

“My position is more to the right or to the left behind a striker, but I can also adapt.”

It’s time to talk to Sánchez, let’s talk about his physical level

“Physically I feel good, I trained at Talie, with Inter. There are still some small details to work out, in particular playing the ball a little more and finding the rhythm. I am very happy with what happened yesterday, since this welcome. I hope I can give all of that back to them on the pitch.”

There’s Alexis Sánchez, Pablo Longoria introduces him.

“Thank you for keeping your word and for believing in the project,” begins Pablo Longoria. “We have always said that a project is with players to develop, functional players in different positions, but when we have the possibility” of making a player with so much international experience, 70 European matches, 140 national teams and 19 trophies, that is something we wanted. to do. Alexis Sánchez embodies everything we need, a player who can play in different positions and who allows us to take a level jump, change the dimension of the squad”.

There are only a few minutes left for Sánchez’s presentation

It should be a little quieter than last night at the airport.

Hello and welcome to the presentation of Alexis Sanchez

It is a great blow for the Olympic attack, with a view to the Champions League, but it is also a gamble, because Alexis Sánchez is coming off a difficult stage at Inter Milan. He, too, will have to be part of the Olympic collective, even if it means pushing some well-established stars, but that, his coach Igor Tudor has already begun to do. Start of his presentation at 4:30 p.m., to continue live with comments on RMC Sport.

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