Lofteurs, renforts, jeunes à Bordeaux, David Guion répond

Lofteurs, renforts, jeunes à Bordeaux, David Guion répond

The Girondins coach responded this Thursday to questions from journalists about the transfer window, the goalkeepers and the management of the youth academy.

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On fan support

David Guion: “He there was great joy after Rodez. The boys wanted to share it with the fans present. There was a brotherhood. A victory is a good time to celebrate and communicate with the public. The players feel the support of the public.

We saw it yesterday with many fans who came to training. I want this osmosis to happen with the fans. We will need him beyond the season.”

Youth management: building trust

“All games are difficult and the goal is to win them. We need confidence and score points in our situation. We must not let doubt creep in among the young players. It is important to give credibility to the work and score points over the weekend.

I have a training background that helps me a lot. In my squad I took a renowned coach who is Denis Zanko. It is he who makes the bridge with the reservation to see if there are still boys who can come to the group. There is a follow-up, we are in individual development.”

There is still a lot of work for these young people.

“We saw that our second half against Rodez was not of good quality. The high level is regularity in performance. We have to explain to them (Editor’s note to young players).

We can’t get in trouble because we stop playing and gradually get out of our game. We must supervise and guide these youth and let them live from time to time.”

Will Barbet and Nsimba ever play for Bordeaux?

“We know that the club works daily to release payroll to strengthen the group. We know we need reinforcements. We hope that by the end of the month we will have guys who come to strengthen the band.

It’s impossible (Editor’s Note Make the season only with young people), you really have to supervise them. This weekend I have an injury, and I’m already in trouble because I don’t have many players.

A season is a long time. They need to see guys that are mature in the locker room. We need our youth and we want to have the training center. But the boys need guidance. You have to make the right mix between young and old. You need that correct dosage. Currently, we have a very young team.

The faster I have my players, the faster I mature the group. I salute the professionalism of Yoann (Barbet) and Vital (Nsimba) who train during the week and wait patiently. They encourage and support the young players.”

About the players in the process of leaving within the group

“You have seen that Junior Onana has returned to Rodez in very good spirits. Albert Élis is back with the group, he is in very good spirits. Ui-jo will be back with the group today or tomorrow. These guys fit in and blend in. No I have discipline or temper problems with them.

Admar (Lopes) works very hard every day. He keeps us informed.”

niort at home

“All games are important and you know that very well. The start of the season is important to establish a climate of confidence, whatever the rival. All games are difficult, they are 3 points.

I already have my own problems to deal with and I don’t worry too much about the opposing team. Niort is looking for a new coach. They will start with the same principles as the assistants. They made a non-game against Bastia with extenuating circumstances. They won at Annecy.

I saw both games. They are used to Ligue 2 fights, they are a strong team in adversity, with athletic values. This makes us a difficult opponent to maneuver on Saturday.

We feel that this is going to be a very homogeneous championship. So you can’t choose your matches. It will be a marathon. We feel that Guingamp and Caen are in a dynamic with game principles in place for 6 months.

Focus Fransergio box-to-box player

“Fransergio always trains hard, he is exemplary. He has a lot of experience and is a very good footballer. He never gave up and always worked hard, his adaptation was not ideal. He is very professional, he shows the way for young people.” , and he feels that he feels good and recognized in the locker room. He needs love around him. He feels appreciated and it is reflected in the field. I hope even more especially that he is more decisive.

Fransergio also has his share of responsibility for not having acted, we discussed it and he took refuge at work. As the dressing room has completely changed, now it is valued and its place is important. He feels it and does it well.

In a match I use the versatility of Fransergio against Rodez. For me he is an 8 capable of boxing, scoring or calming down the game.”

Jonas Lossl is coming

Jonas Lossl is a goalkeeper that the club wants to sign. There’s a good chance we’ll see him on the field.

We know Gaëtan’s (Poussin) love and professionalism for the Girondins. I told him before the championship that we were looking for a goalkeeper with a particular profile. The club found the profile we were looking for. Of course I let him know.”

Reintegrate the lofters: Guion says no

“The idea is to make life good with our current group, it works well and we want to maintain this dynamic. We want to renew the changing room and we want to continue doing it with the reinforcements. It is a shared choice. throughout the club, we want to reinforce with new faces to create a work environment”.

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