Démission collective à la Fédération française de handball, les clubs féminins inquiets

Démission collective à la Fédération française de handball, les clubs féminins inquiets

Why this collective resignation?

On July 23, the president of the National Management Control Commission (CNCG) of the French Handball Federation, Florence Moraglia, resigns. According to the regulations, this entails that of the other 14 members of the CNCG. On Wednesday, Francis Serex, member, former president and co-founder of this commission, active in the FFHB for forty years, made public, among our colleagues at West of Francea letter addressed to the president of the Federation, Philippe Bana, in which he expresses a “deep despair” and he says to himself “Sorry for the lack of respect and trust towards (its) commitment and that of all members of the CNCG […] ».

In question, the non-validation, by the executive office of the FFHB, of the candidacy of Cécile Mantel, former lawyer of the Federation, as a member of the CNCG, following the refusal of Alain Koubi, former treasurer of the FFHB (and present on Jean-Pierre Feuillan’s list during the last elections, at the end of 2020). “I haven’t turned anyone away in thirty years, and we have volunteers we know wellSerex regrets. Cécile Mantel is very competent, she knows the Federation archives very well. » According to Francis Serex and Florence Moraglia, an employee of the Federation would have put pressure on this candidacy to be rejected.

Second point of contention: Rémy Lévy, former president of Montpellier and current vice president of the Federation in charge of legal and professional sport, would have intervened to save Bourg-de-Péage, 9th in the Butagaz League this season, in financial difficulties. “Political power intervened during the investigation of a file”Serex protests. Lévy denies any contact with the club’s new shareholder. “At the end of 2021 – beginning of 2022, the club asked me, as legal manager, about the validity of the agreement that unites the association and the professional company, he explains. It was misspelled and had not been sent to the Prefecture on time, which blocked grants from local authorities. I just gave my opinion, and I don’t know the buyer of the club. »

Why are professional women’s clubs concerned?

The CNCG monthly reviews the accounting and management (payroll, etc.) of nearly 30 professional clubs, which compete in Women’s First and Second Division Championships, and of certain men’s clubs of the 1st National, in addition to amateur clubs (about 200). Its members also had a more informal role of advising and alerting clubs and players, in particular about contracts. The CNCG had also contributed, by providing statistical data, to the birth of the women’s handball collective agreement (Dihane).

Hence the concern of the three unions that represent players (AJPH), coaches (7 teachers) and women’s professional clubs (UCPHF), which have opened up to the president of the Federation. How to guarantee service continuity and equity without CNCG? Contacted, Philippe Bana did not respond to our requests.

But Rémy Lévy, appointed interim president of the commission by the board of directors wishes to reassure: “All authorizations (to participate in the championships)

sticks had been delivered, everything was in order and completed under the signature of Mrs. Moraglia, including the validation of the Bourg-de-Péage commitment. We only have to manage the day to day, in case of signing a player, check the payroll limit for example. And the bulk of the work will return at the end of the year, after the validation of the budgets. »

The creation of a regional women’s league in question? In their letter, the three unions proposed that women’s professional clubs, in the absence of the CNCG, be controlled by the CNACG, the commission of the NHL, the men’s league. ” Impossible, Rémy Lévy answers. Legally, the LFH is an entity of the Federation. The CNACG cannot deal with women’s clubs for two or three months, it makes no sense. »

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