Perte de poids : ces 5 aliments à privilégier pour perdre ses poignées d’amour !

Perte de poids

Every summer, it’s the same story. You don’t like going to the pool or the beach for fear of showing off your body. You are self-conscious. But this is not inevitable. The body you have today is not the same as tomorrow’s, and even the day after tomorrow. You can take steps to change your body and achieve your goals. It requires work and discipline. And above all, a change in diet. Today we talk about five highly recommended ingredients to lose weight. Say goodbye to the extra kilos once and for all.

Five recommended foods to lose weight

To have a slim waist, turn to red fruits. Especially raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and blackcurrants. These favor the burning of abdominal fat, due to their high content of antioxidants. For health they are recommended as they have true anti-cancer properties and help strengthen our defenses against free radicals, which accelerate aging.

It is said that, eating an apple a day keeps you away from your doctor. Obviously this is false, but that does not mean that the apple is not interesting, quite the opposite. It is a fruit rich in pectin, a substance that helps burn fat better. In addition, it has an appetite suppressant effect. That limits all these times when you eat between meals. An apple for snack and ready.

Eggs are recommended as they have a natural fat burning effect. They contain powerful antioxidants and are rich in protein. They start a metabolic process called thermogenesis, which causes the body to produce heat and burn calories.

To say goodbye to the michelines, turn to turmeric. This spice contains curcumin that limits the accumulation of fat in the abdominal adipose tissue.

Finally, resort to whole grains (oats, rye, barley, spelled, quinoa). They contain a lot of fiber and protein.

There is no weight loss without exercise.

Of course, in addition to food, to lose weight and lose weight you have to do sports. And thanks to a recent Danish study we know how long it is advisable to exercise to lose weight.

The Danish study lasts 13 weeks. The objective is to know the ideal time that a sports session should last if the subjects want to lose weight. Therefore, researchers at the University of Copenhagen studied the behavior of about sixty slightly overweight men. Two groups were formed. The first had to do thirty minutes of sport every day (running, cycling, etc.). Same program for the second group, but the session lasts twice as long: one hour.

After 13 weeks, the result is definitive. People who exercised for thirty minutes lost more weight. The results, which may seem surprising at first glance, were published in the scientific journal Scandanavian Journal of Public Health.

For greater precision, know that the participants in the first group lost an average of 3.6 kilos. Those in the second group lost 2.7 kg.

Do sports at home to have a dream body

It’s possible ! You may not have the time or money to join a gym or gym. But know that playing sports at home and getting results is possible, even without equipment.. However, we would be tempted to advise you to invest in two pieces of equipment: a good quality yoga mat and elastic bands.

Following a regular training, for about thirty minutes a day, you will quickly notice the results… provided you are also strict with your diet. Indeed, and all athletes will tell you, to have a dream body, 70% of the work is on the plate. So do not hesitate to buy the foods that we talked about just above.

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