Vélos électriques ou non, de nouvelles aides voient le jour le 15 août : voici qui est concerné

Les aides pour acheter un vélo sont revalorisés entre le 15 août et le 31 décembre 2022.

Aid to buy a bicycle is increased between August 15 and December 31, 2022. (© Half Point / Adobe Stock)

Before hitting the trails by bike, a problem arises: having a bike. Specifically for the two wheels with electric assistance, quite expensive. However, it is a real challenge to develop the bicycle as a means of transport, an alternative among others to the private car.

It is “encouraging change behaviors towards clean mobility that the Renaissance deputies have tabled an adopted amendment to the finance reform bill.

This, which went almost unnoticed, foresees a revaluation of the bonds for the purchase of a bicycle with electric assistance as well as the conversion bonus. A budget of 5 million euros has been allocated.

Help for the most precarious is born from this Monday, August 15 and until December 31, 2022. Details.

Help with the purchase of an electric bicycle

In the proposed amendment, the Renaissance deputies [majorité présidentielle, Ndlr.] They consider that “there are few purchase support systems outside urban areas, while cycling can be a useful response in medium-sized cities, rural and peri-urban areas”.

Only 4% of the territories with less than 50,000 inhabitants offer purchase assistance, compared to 100% of the 14 territories with more than 500,000 inhabitants (ADEME, 2020).

Deputies of the Renaissance

In this context, parliamentarians have chosen to generalize aid, there is no longer a need for local aid to receive national aid, as has been the case since 2018 and the start of this VAE aid.

A step forward in obtaining this momentum. But in addition, “to favor the unleashing of the purchase of bicycles”, the aid is renewed and It goes from 200 to 300 euros.

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Helping hand for the most vulnerable

“For the 1st and 2nd income deciles [soit environ 13 000 € de revenus annuels, Ndlr]the increase in bonuses can help reduce the rate of effort to buy a bicycle when less privileged households are now clearly underrepresented among the beneficiaries of the regime”, indicates the amendment that was voted.

Thus, several pushes have been decided for the most precarious homes:

  • The VAE discount from €200 to €400 (ie 25% of the average cost of a city VAE);
  • The bonus is exceptionally open to classic bicycles -without electric assistance- at €150 per bicycle (40% of the average cost of a city bicycle);
  • The conversion bonus ranges from €1,500 to €3,000;
  • The “other bicycles” bonus from €1,000 to €2,000 (which would have an average limit of €1,700, 40% of the cost of an electric cargo bike).

Help for people with disabilities

“People with disabilities, without income conditions, can be included in these schemes, in particular the bonus “another bicycle” that covers bicycles adapted for people with disabilities.

Conversion Bonus Extension

The conversion bonus for an electric bike is extended to family members. Understand that while multiple members of a household may use the same vehicle, the car should not be replaced by a single bicycle, but for one bike per person.

That is why the conversion bonus to acquire an electrically assisted bicycle (1,500 euros) will affect all members of a household, in exchange for scrapping a polluting car.

The bonus open to folding bikes

In addition, the “other bike” bonus is extended to folding bikes. A means of transport that promotes intermodality, since it is possible to take it by train, or even in certain subways/trams. The help “another bike” is attached to €1000 within the limit of 40% of the cost of the bicycle.

A trap, however, the measure is not permanent. If it opens on Monday, its end is already scheduled for December 31.

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