La Section Paloise, bien qu’indisciplinée, s’impose devant Biarritz 22 à 0

La Section Paloise, bien qu’indisciplinée, s’impose devant Biarritz 22 à 0

hesitant conquest

First departure of a renewed squad, casualties (Rey, Gorgadze, Manu), lack of preparation with respect to BOPB, several factors must be taken into account. But one thing is clear: the Paloise Section appeared out of sync in the Hautes-Pyrénées. A somewhat hesitant conquest with two abandoned first pitches: stolen ball and then penalized for offside. In the first defensive scrum, a penalty also came to aggravate Pau’s foul column… However, the total was already substantial with three penalties conceded in the first ten minutes to reach nine at half-time.

An indiscipline that was obvious because Pau did not dazzle elsewhere. Beyond the sharp interventions of Eliott Roudil and Luke Whitelock, the impression of power of the ghost Jimmy Maximin, there were also many balls to the ground, as in this against that should have hit the target if Laporte had dominated Daubagna’s pass (10th ).

The Paloise Section faced Biarritz in Saint Lary, in the Hautes-Pyrénées this Friday at 7:00 p.m.


Afterwards, the investment in defense was still enough to lead to the break. If Barrett had failed with a breather in front of the Basque line after a palmer to continue in the extension of a winning ruck (20th), the forwards ended up settling down and on a penalty touch, Youri Delhommel led the maul victoriously to aim on the ground. fiancée (28, 5-0 after the transformation into gout failed by Henry).

For the click, we still had to wait a bit: in the expulsion Hamonou committed a striker.

And the indiscipline persisted even after the 40th minute. Enough to waste clear chances like in the 50th: instead of a try, a penalty for dragging in front of the line. In minute 52, a rush by Daubagna was also annulled in arbitration.

Changes and other impulses

But the massive changes at halftime gave yet another boost, led in particular by Debaes, promoted to number 10.

In this context, between vigilant defense and forwards who had become dominant in the direct conquest, Pau, suddenly calm (4 penalties only in the second half) no longer feared anything. Former BOPB Romain Ruffenach celebrated his arrival in Béarn with a brace: a try after a penalty touch (56th), another jumping behind a ruck after a controlled touch (63rd), the case was closed.

It only remained to embellish it by keeping the line clean and mission accomplished, with the added bonus of a last attempt by Pinto (80th) after an attack by Le Bail. It is an indicator of the state of mind and the ability to run after the Biarrots

Work is still in progress, perfection perhaps even waiting beyond the next friendly match next Friday against Stade Montois. But, as such, it’s not a bad start.

The technical sheet: Pau – Biarritz 22 to 0

Paloise Section 22
First half:
Laporte-Pinto, Roudil, Vatubua, Barrett; Henry, Daubagna; Whitelock, Joseph, Hamonou; Maximin, Cummins; Papidze, Delhommel, Seneca
second half time
Mondinat – Pinto (Barrett 64 then Pinto 78), Gailleton, Vatubua (Roudil 64), Barrett (Laporte 49); Debaes, Daubagna (Le Bail 64); Puech, Hamonou (Whitelock 66), H. Auradou; Capelli, Duchy; Van Dyk (Corato 64, then Parrou 78), Ruffenach, Parrou (Tailhades 70)
Manager: S. Piqueronies
Biarritz Olympiad 0
Lonca-Fariscot, Perraux, Tomané, Barry-Bosch, Couilloud; Herbert, Dyer, O’Callaghan; Tyrell, Motoc; Nutsubidze, Soury, Millar
Entering the game: Sauveterre, Erdocio, Ma’afu, Augry, Germain, Artru, Cadot, Tabidze, Morgan, Martin, Jonas, Renaud, Aurreko, Herron, Speight.
Manager: Matthew Clarkin
At Saint-Lary (Stade Sainte-Marie), Pau beat Biarritz 15-0. Half time: 5-0
Referee: M. Caballero
For Pau 4 attempts Delhommel (28) Ruffenach (56, 63), Pinto (80), 1 Debaes transformation (80), 1 Debaes transformation (80)
Score Development : 5-0 (At halftime), 10-0, 15-0, 20-0 (final score)

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