FC Nantes – LOSC : Nantais et Lillois se quittent bons amis… Revivez ce match bien sympathique en direct

FC Nantes – LOSC : Nantais et Lillois se quittent bons amis... Revivez ce match bien sympathique en direct

Heavy awaits both teams next weekend: Nantes will go to Marseille on Saturday while Lille host PSG on Sunday. In these projections, I wish you good night!

Overall, Lille proved superior to Nantes, especially in the second period as the Mastiffs laid their fangs on a formidable Alban Lafont. Losc take one point away from home, FCN scored their first goal in an official match this season, so let’s just say everyone is pretty happy.

90th+3: +3: We’re headed straight for a draw there. Yes, I am a journalist.

4 minute stop time

90 : Here, Nantes’ first yellow card, for Bernard Girotto (do you have it?)

87 : Small scare for the Nantes. But Girotto’s mimicry in a Lille corner is not sanctioned with a penalty.

85 : Former Rennais Jonas Martin makes his debut with Lille. He replaces Claudio Gomes in the middle.

82: Perfectly served by Simon, Guessand tries to throw Jardim in front of him. Above the Lille crossroads, again.

81 : Even if the Brocéliande forest burns, Merlin stays the course and tries a good shot from 25 meters. Above Leo Jardim’s goal.

78 : As his bald head proves, Ismaily is not a partridge of the year. The 32-year-old left-back arrives from Chakhtar Donetsk. And he is therefore Brazilian, not Egyptian like Mostafa Mohamed, the new totally transparent Nantes striker who has just been replaced by ex-Niza Evann Guessand.

75: LILLOISE EQUATION!!! The Brazilian Ismaily, very fast since he entered the break, marks his left wing, leans on two teammates and then tricks Lafont with a cross shot. The Nantes goalkeeper can’t handle everything either.

73: BAMBOO!!! His shot from him is deflected for a corner, not a Castelletto tackle!

71 : Another great game by Nicolas Pallois. The Nantes defender is not far from being the best non-international French defender. In my humble opinion huh.

69 : Well, the rhythm is well down there. The current break may allow both teams to move forward.

65 : The Nantes seem to have let the Lille storm pass. To have opportunities to take refuge, we will have to wait.

62 : Come on, a little self-promotion. This article dates back to February 2017, when the then Toulouse goalkeeper was just 18 years old.

59 : Kombouaré incorporates the Brazilian Fabio on the right side, much more defensive than Coco, whom he replaces.

58: LAFONT AGAIN!!! Already excellent in Angers, the Nantes captain is exceptional tonight. The goalkeeper trained at TFC once again opposes Cabella, perfectly served in return by Bamba.

56th: Oh Lafont’s arrest with his right arm, on a Cabella mine!!!

53: NANTES SAVED BY THE BAR!!! The head was signed by Benjamin André! Lille grows more and more.

52 : The game has developed much less than 30 meters from Nantes since the restart. But Bayo is not having a good night at all.

50th: Cabella’s free kick perfectly boxed by Lafont. Great contrast between the serenity of the Nantes goalkeeper and that of Lille Jardim this afternoon.

47 : Moses Simón mist entrance Bafodé Diakité. Corner for Nantes.

10:03 pm: The second half starts!

22:01 : The two Lille wingers will leave. Remember that Zedadka and Djalo were warned in the first part, as were Fonte and André. Brazilian Ismaily enters from the left, and ex-Toulousain Diakité from the right.

9:47 p.m.: It’s halftime. Nantes scored their first official goal in a game this season thanks to Moses Simon, who had already found the post. The lead at half-time was not stolen, although Lille would have been able to equalize without the splendid relaxation of Alban Lafont with a header from Jonathan Bamba. A little break, and we’ll meet again in a few minutes.

45th: OH THE GHOST OF LEO JARDIM, the Lille goalkeeper!!! Fortunately for LOSC, Rémy Cabella manages to counter Ludovic Blas’s attempt, because the goal was empty.

44 : Bayo then David tries to disturb Lafont, but ends up in a corner for Lille, well boxed by the Nantes goalkeeper.

39 : Oh, how clever “Papy” Fonte is on the spot! The Portuguese captain of LOSC, almost forty years old, manages to block Moses Simon in extremis, but he launches like the Micheline on the SNCF line between Toulouse and Auch. Good work.

37 : Fourth notice by LOSC!!! Benjamin André makes a late tackle on Chirivella. More than a third of the team with a yellow in not even half, I think we are not far from being unprecedented.

33: WHAT A STEP BY ALBAN LAFONT!!! Jonathan Bamba rises through the air like Pelé against Gordon Banks in the Brazil-England World Cup 70! And like the English goalkeeper, the captain of Nantes signs a parade from another world… Phenomenal.

30 : A small point about Alexsandro, LOSC’s young central defender, who arrived this summer from Chaves, promoted to the Portuguese D1. Sven Botman’s substitute, very clumsy and not the last to put threads, seems a bit annoyed with his feet at the moment (in 5 minutes, he makes me lie like Simon and plants a goal from 20 meters after five steps).


The Ghanaian has definitely been on fire for a few minutes. Merlin’s corner nicely deflected at the near post by Girotto, and Simon, lurking in a static defense, opens the scoring!


Well, go to Moses, whenever you want! Splendid curved shot from the right, on pivot, slightly wide and deflected by Leo Jardim’s left post.

22 : Cool little break, since it’s over 30° in Nantes. That doesn’t stop Paulo Fonseca, the Lille coach, from wearing the white shirt with rare elegance (and without halos under his arms).

twenty : I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying too hard, but Moses Simon still took a set piece (a corner here) no matter what.

18 : Three Lille defenders warned in three minutes! After Zedadka, it is left-back Djalo who gets a yellow for hanging Moutoussamy, then captain Fonte for complaining. The Portuguese was very upset because the Nantes player made a hand on the point.

15: SO BAD!!! Simon blows an old lady fart against the wall. Moses will have to be awakened…

14: Merlin rebels and Zedadka, Lille’s right-back, who receives the first yellow card of the match, stops him harshly. Good free kick for Nantes.

eleven : Po po po, Jonathan David putting Quentin Merlin upside down on his hook. The Canadian from LOSC is in Cannes, 100 days before the World Cup that Caribou will play. Yeah I know, it’s the Canucks but I still write what I want.

10 : The public at La Beaujoire sings in honor of Emiliano Sala, accompanied by the visitor car park. Little better than the threats against poor Strootman and his family…

9 : Oh the stupid corner conceded by Castelletto, the Nantes defender who slips. Without consequence.

7th : Moses Simon hits an incomprehensible candle that endangers his own defense. But the Canaries are doing well.

5th: BAMBA HEAD!!! Right next to the Nantes goal. And yes, it goes from one goal to another in the Talent League.

4th : Great dumpling by Alexsandro, the Lille defender, in a Merlin opening. But it’s catching up fine.

2nd : First ball for Blas that “grigrita” and makes the Nantes crowd roar with pleasure.

1st: Let’s go to La Beaujoire!

20:56 : Players enter the field, visibly in fairly good condition. In any case much better than Moustoir.

8:52 p.m.: We put on a cape

According to Prime Video, the party’s broadcaster, FCN hasn’t beaten LOSC at Beaujoire since 2004. Yes, with Jacques Chirac at the Elysée and Jean-Pierre Raffarin at Matignon.

8:51 pm: The stat that beats

she was taken from The team of the day Nantes have won just one of their last 26 Ligue 1 games against Lille…

8:47 p.m.: The 200 in L1 for Ludovic Blas with Nantes

Perhaps (probably) the last with the Canary Islands for the former Guingampais, acclaimed by Beaujoire during the composition of the teams. Life is caustic, often.

20:43 : Curious to see what this attack by Nantes Simón – Mohamed will give. It will be necessary to whip so that people forget about Kolo Muani, who left this summer for Frankfurt.


Well here. I’m not a fan of the font, but hey…

8:34 p.m.: NANTES COMPO

Ludovic Blas, who could join Lille soon, will start the game with the Canary Islands. For his part, Moussa Sissoko, returned from his long English exile, injured his thigh yesterday in training. Therefore, he is lost.

8:30 pm: HELLO LES GALOPINS!!! So, are we spending these Friday nights taking an interest in Ligue 1? Excellent choice (well, we all want that).

We could talk about ‘Blasico’, since the possible transfer of Nantes Ludovic Blas to Lille has been moving behind the scenes in recent days, to the point of bothering Antoine Kombouaré, the Canaries coach.

After their easy opening win over the promoted Auxerrois (4-1), Losc travels to La Beaujoire this Friday for the opening match of the second day of Ligue 1. The FCN will try to reap their first victory (and score their first goal) in an official match this season, after the Champions Trophy win against PSG (0-4) and then the tie in Angers in L1 (0-0).

>> We meet around 20:30 for this clash between ambitious teams.

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