LOSC : premières nuances de Fonseca

LOSC : premières nuances de Fonseca

Arriving in LOSC at the end of June, Paulo Fonseca got off to a perfect start in Ligue 1 and saw his men scatter much of their tactical markers against AJ Auxerre. If we are to gauge the extent of his first outing given the weakness of the opposition, the evolution of Lille’s game plan needs to be closely watched throughout the season.

He first came out of his lair, at the end of June, to promise a soccer ball to anyone who would listen.” attack, dominance, based on possession of the ball and a team that takes the initiative» . ” It doesn’t matter if we play for PSG or another club, we want to be ambitious, make our fans proud and we will always have the same mentality. I am sure that we will build a strong team, with a strong identity. He even insisted on adding, letting it be understood at various times in his presentation to the press that he had his project perfectly prepared, he who had not been seen wearing a coach’s jacket since his departure from Roma in June. 2021. Then, throughout the month of July, we heard the different LOSC runners talk about their new collaboration with the one on whom all eyes have been on for a few weeks: Paulo Fonseca, 49 years old, his beautiful face, your nice words and your desire to bring back the racing car of the north, champion of France in the spring of 2021, colors in the game. Try to provide discipline, a very playful philosophy, take risks when the ball comes out, press, recoverthen revealed Benjamin André in the columns of the voice of the northduring the preparation camp of Lille in Marbella. We try to stop, he is quite picky. We do a lot of video sessions, tactical work in the field. (…) In the last three years we were more of a counter-attack team, with quick attacks, trying to score the fewest goals. There is a real risk of assuming what the coach wants to do.“At the end of this discovery phase, the trailer promised sparks to the Pierre-Mauroy faithful from matchday one of Ligue 1, against AJ Auxerre, last Sunday. The promise has been fulfilled.

If it is clear that you have to take advantage of every start of the season with a large measuring spoon, something that the Lille fans know perfectly well, they have never forgotten having seen Marcelo Bielsa’s LOSC crush Ranieri’s Nantes (3-0) on August 6, 2017 against this same LOSC, then recovered by Christophe Galtier, he saved his skin in Ligue 1 thanks to a brace by Lebo Mothiba against Dijon (2-1) nine months later, the first copy looked very good returned by the Lille Fonseca version.

“During the last three years, we have been a fast-attacking, fast-attacking team that tried to concede as few goals as possible. There is a real risk of assuming what the coach wants to do. » benjamin andre

Better, more than the wide scoreboard (4-1) and the scenario, we have already seen a good number of strong tactical markers from the Portuguese coach, who had not hidden the ingredients that he would inject into his next project during a masterclass recently given in Coach’s voice . Thus, the former Shakhtar coach wanted to reinstate a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 after having decided to change to a 3-4-2-1 from the end of his first season until the end of it . his adventure in Rome. The truth is that beyond questions of structure, Paulo Fonseca’s teams have always been articulated around relatively common ideas: a strong double pivot, an engine for organizing maneuvers with the ball, attacking full-backs, interior full-backs and capable centre-backs. to move forward without fear. and under pressure to advance a set where each player must have.” the courage to take on the gameand the ability to react quickly to lock the opponent into loss. Or, everything we have already seen against the Auxerrois who quickly stuck out his tongue, which Jean-Marc Furlan, with his cap on backwards, did not hesitate to concede: “When in front of you you have individual and collective values ​​like that, somewhere, you keep your mouth shut because the adversary is up there.»

Good points at the dry cleaners, two light bulbs between the lines.

Fonseca, who never changes his socks after a victory, is only at the beginning of his work, still waiting for reinforcements, has not yet been able to integrate certain recruits (Ismaily, Martín, perhaps soon Blas), but in particular he has already seen his team shine. troop for its ability to penetrate on numerous occasions between the first and second defensive lines of its prey thanks to various mechanisms, identifiable from the first seconds of the encounter:
– the establishment of a systematic numerical superiority against the first line of opposing pressure, which was done by asking Tiago Djaló to come and form a line of three with Alexsandro and José Fonte
– the installation of a double pivot -here Angel Gomes and Benjamin André- in charge of attracting the opposing midfielders to open a space to exploit behind their backs
– the installation of two players (this time Bamba and Zedadka) in the outer corridors to instill threat and stress in the opposing heads and allow to open the enemy block inside
– the deployment of two other elements inside to take advantage of the free space and a fixed forward (Bayo), one step higher, to push back the defensive line and prevent the opposing central defenders from pursuing

In his master class inCoach’s voicePaulo Fonseca had rightly mentioned on several occasions this area where he held his LOSC.

Fifteen seconds into the game and you can already see the numerical superiority of Lille after the restart, the double pivot, Cabella’s movement in the left midspace, David’s in the right midspace and Zedadka’s rise in the right. Lobby.

After several exchanges to settle the opposing block, Alexsandro alerts Bamba on the left wing: LOSC will be able to quickly take advantage of the numerical superiority of their offensive line over Auxerre’s defensive line (5 against 4)…

…Cabella is alerted for the first time inside, behind Pereira’s back, while Bayo drives the Jubal-Jeanvier couple back…

…projecting into his corridor, Zedadka draws Autret in while Bernard is already too far away from David…

…Cabella can then find his Canadian teammate…

… who, with a perfect delivery, places Benjamin André in front of the goal. In the end, perfect goal and 1-0.

Throughout this premiere, or rather during the first 65 minutes of the first leg, we saw LOSC wandering around and playing with Auxerre’s defensive organization, on the ground or in the air, Ángel Gomes, brilliant in a role that is however unknown to him , without hesitation, for example, to take out his telescope as in the movement of the fourth base. Benjamin André and José Fonte were also quite good in this record. We will also remember a good medium-length film by Léo Jardim (23me) in a first half that marked the beginning of one of the best movements of LOSC.

A first symbolic sequence of the game of attraction between the double pivot of LOSC and that of AJA, which will allow Benjamin André to touch Rémy Cabella here.

A second, a few minutes later, this time with David as his target. We can also note the essential role of Bayo in controlling the output of exchanges…

…which he can then spread on Bamba in the hallway.

In other sequences, we have also been able to see the good compensation of LOSC: Cabella arrives here to be a recovery solution for Alexsandro and then takes the place of Gomes, who will immediately anticipate and launch himself at the back of M’Changama…

… before being found by the former Montpellier player.

Another will be quickly identifiable as soon as an inside player has been touched…

… the will to find, launched, the lateral player. In this little game, Zedadka was often alerted and even scored the fourth goal.

At ease with the ball (65% possession until the fourth goal for 89% of final passes – on the first day, only PSG, OL and Rennes tried more) with a Jonathan David unleashed who found some of his reflexes in an interior Prominence close to his years in Belgium where he can exploit his entire palette, the LOSC was also interesting without and, beyond the enormous investment of the Gomes-André duo, the northerners also scored their second and third goals after successful pressure after having cornered to the AJA in a small space.

Start of the third goal, with a technical error by Brayann Pereira, which will allow LOSC to organize itself and lead Auxerre to error…

…four seconds later, Cabella is able to find David alone against Costil.

Another sequence symbol of the well-oriented pressure of LOSC, which blocks the recovery of Auxerre…

… and four seconds later, Zedadka will be able to sneak a ball to Bayo, on which Jubal will intervene.

On rare occasions, we could also notice the reversal of the offenses, particularly Cabella -like here- and Bayo.

“When people come to watch a match, they must see beautiful things. Even me, as a fan, if I decide to go to the stadium and I don’t see a good game, it’s like going to a concert and I don’t like what I see: I’m leaving. » paulo fonseca

Logically cautious given the time and the weakness of the rival, but happy -and quite excited with the final whistle of the season- by the reaction of his new players, Paulo Fonseca, supported in the North by two young brains (Tiago Leal and Jorge Maciel ), knows that he will live, from Friday afternoon, a new rehearsal on the grass of Nantes, a team at ease in what the Portuguese coach fears most: transitions.“They have strong and fast players and you have to be prepared for when you lose the ball.the technician explained on Thursday, before going to buy furniture with his wife at Ikea and Conforama.With your line of five, it will also be more difficult to find the right space. As I said after Auxerre, we have to improve, keep working. We did some good things, but every game is different. We are only at the beginning of the championship. »But also at the start of a new adventure that we will have to follow carefully, just to test its limits, especially against a team that will test the ability of Lille’s returnees under pressure. We will also have to be attentive to the evolution of the socks of a Fonseca who will see his LOSC go to the barbecue from his next reception, against PSG. Given this, he reiterated on Friday morning, inThe teamhis desire for sequins: “I think we have an obligation as coaches. The game is a show, it is entertainment. When people come to watch a match, they must see beautiful things. Even me, as a fan, if I decide to go to the stadium and I don’t see a good game, it’s like going to a concert and I don’t like what I see: I’m leaving. What we want to see is what gives us pleasure. I want to win but not only.» Definitely intriguing.

By Maxime Bandit

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