Bouillon cube en cuisine : surtout ne pas choisir cette marque !

Bouillon cube

Dangerous broth cubes, be very careful, a bacteria has been detected! Do not consume this broth and bring it back, I remember in progress!

Bouillon cube unlike any you’ve ever read about!

Sensitive souls abstain. If you don’t know how the factories make the bouillon cube, that’s all for now. Thanks to the video above, you might realize that not necessarily so natural They want us to believe. For several years, with the homemade trend, brands compete in originality to create original products.

Also, to flavor certain family recipes, we thought we could count on him. Unfortunately, the association of 60 million consumers has just launched a bomb. Having established the ranking of the best shower gels, his top 4 worst culinary aids should come as a surprise to many. Dear People Act magazine reader, follow the guide and buckle up. We are entering a zone of turbulence!

A ranking like no other

In the spice department, we could spend hours. Indeed, brands want to offer us regularly new products. Supposedly to simplify our lives, they give the dish a taste bonus that it originally lacked. In addition, everything related to bouillon cubes, beef or fish stock is beginning to dominate this booming market.

It seems like a long time ago there was onlya dozen references to choose from. This is why 60 million consumers have decided to give it their grain of sand. The result is not really nice to read! Although several were selected, none obtained the average. This means that manufacturers absolutely have to review their copy if they don’t want their regular customers to turn their backs on them.

Thickeners and colorants seem to dominate the composition of the bouillon cube. And when it comes to salt content, it’s no better. Specialists regularly sound the alarm. The more salt you consume, the more likely you are to develop a serious illness.

Of course, we talk about that less than sugar. However, they believe that a pinch should be enough to satisfy enthusiasts. Therefore, the combination of these two culinary aids does not mix well. How to solve this delicate situation without losing the feathers? People Act magazine takes stock of the situation!

This bouillon cube quartet is scary

Among those tested by the association 60 million consumers, it is he who collects all the votes. In fact, for once, specialists praise the fact that there is no sugar in this bouillon cube. Wishing to congratulate the Knorr brand, they gave it a score of 9.5/20. Unable to average this score, they intend to change mentalities and awaken our consciences. Now, before buying it, we will necessarily look at the list of ingredients.

This chicken bouillon cube contains a lot of salt. As People Act magazine says in its introduction, it is not necessarily a good idea to put too much salt. The newsroom can already imagine the disaster in terms of blood tests. So if you have loved ones with heart disease, definitely forget this reference! Let’s cross our fingers that Auchan takes seriously the opinion of 60 million consumers.

when you go on a diet, Stock cubes are often used. Unfortunately, the Dilecta brand has too many (too many) allergens to take seriously. Despite its low caloric content, testers consider its composition to be a disaster. Until the manufacturers react, you can do without it.

At People Act Magazine, we like to talk about Lidl. In fact, we believe that this discount store helps us do good business all year long. While the German distributor has just released its new food processor, fans will have to leave this bouillon cube on the shelf.

First, it contains an impressive amount of allergens. But on top of that, you have to ask yourself, what is the dreaded palm oil doing inside that dehydrated square? With all the controversy over spreads, we really thought the brands had gotten the message from customers. Let’s hope we don’t have to face these kinds of bad surprises next year. See you soon for new adventures!

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