Rappel produit : ces lardons contaminés ne doivent surtout pas être consommés, attention !


The days come and the reminders too. In fact, not a single day goes by without the Rappel Conso website. start a recovery procedure in different products. Recently, it was the bacon bits that worried the authorities.

Withdrawal of a new product

The French present on the Rappel Conso Twitter account are increasingly concerned. And for good reason, the latter launches at least one reminder per day about a product on sale in the supermarket.

And the least we can say is that all items may be subject to a recall procedure. Children’s toys, foodstuffs or textiles, all households should feel concerned.

It is now a popular salad item that is being recalled. In fact, they are chicken matches. Reheated, these can also be used as bacon bits for another dish.

Sold by the Arabe brand in various supermarkets in France, this product is subject to recall. And for good reason, the listeria may have contaminated these matches. Marketed from August 2 to 9, they should not be consumed.

This is GTIN 3760238430433 and lot L2207005. As indicated by our colleagues at Rappel Conso, if you have purchased this product, you must return the product to the point of sale. Where to contact consumer service.

Chicken parties are the subject of a procedure.

Once informed, the corresponding store will issue a refund. Either you want more informationyou can also contact consumer service at

The Rappel Conso site also reveals what you risk if you consume these chicken matches. “People who have consumed the product and who have a fever, isolated or accompanied by headaches and pain, should at all costs consult their doctor”.

“And this, notifying you of this consumption. Since severe forms with neurological complications and sometimes maternal or fetal harm can also occur in pregnant women..

Rappel Conso also added: “Pregnant women, as well as immunosuppressed people and older people should be especially alert to these symptoms.”.

Finally, the government website revealed: “Listeriosis is a disease that can be serious. And whose incubation period can reach up to eight weeks “.

Therefore, it is necessary to be very vigilant if you have consumed this product. If you experience the symptoms listed above, contact your doctor as soon as possible trying.

A deadline for reimbursement

You also have until September 1 to wait for a refund from the supermarket. A few hours ago, Rappel Conso also launched a new procedure for Douce France chicken wings.

But also for 150 g nitrite-free lard of the “La vie claire” brand. Or many cheeses. One thing is certain, the French find it increasingly difficult to have a blind faith in industries.

And for good reason, product recalls are often too late. For example, for chicken parties, Rappel Conso sounded the alarm on August 10.

However, the deadline for this product was last August 9. Therefore, most households have surely consumed these chicken matches. One thing is certain, which is why industries do not pay enough attention to creating products.

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